Best Home Lighting 2020 – You Should Not Miss

Lighting is something which makes your house look more attractive and appealing. While renovating your house you may have filled your house with best home appliances, but never miss the glossy part – Perfect lighting.

So you want some cool lights but are you wondering which style to pick? Don’t worry Fine Home Lighting and is all about best lighting for your home. We will help you sort out your confusion so that you can buy lamps with confidence.

Pick Antique Lights


Antique house styling never goes out of fashion which is why we think that adding some chandelier and table lamps can completely redesign your bedroom or living room.


If you love royal styling which time stamps old European touch then this is an excellent chandelier that can enhance the look of your ceiling. It consists of 3 glowing lights sealed inside a candle glass.

The lights are beautifully crafted with shining crystals and gold leaf design on the metal. The royalty is shouting out loud as it is hand-made in Italy. The final touch is given with strong and powerful gold touches on the strong iron finish.


No table is complete without a gorgeous table lamp which will complement the gorgeous acedo chandelier. Solid brass construction makes it durable and can last for decades under regular condition. ACTON Lamp is the perfect two arm lamp that no one should miss. The antique touch has been maintained as the finished product is handmade, adding a more classic look.

Try Modern Table Lamps


Modern design is now in trend and there is nothing wrong if you don’t want to buy antique style interior home appliances. If you are an avid reader then having a bedside table lamp is a great buy.

Our Abbey Modern Crystal Lamp by Chelsea House is an excellent bedside table lamp that has perfect luminous. If you like reading before going to bed then Abbey Crystal Lamp will let you finish your read. It is stabilized on a nickel finish metal stand with crystal finish that stands out even if it is not lit. The 100 Watt 3 way bulb is covered under Off-White Linen Lampshade which constricts the light and distributes it evenly around its surrounding.

Abrose Twisted Table Lamp by Uttermost is another stylish table lamp worth buying. The bulb base stands on a single metal bar which is covered by the twisted cover. It features aged look with mottled rust brown finish. The entire lamp is stabilized on a charcoal gray concrete foot. It houses 150-watt bulb covered by a light beige linen drum shade.

Floor Lamps are Gorgeous


Floor lamps are similar to table lamps but with longer legs which remove the need of a table. So it has long legs and can reach a decent height when placed on the floor directly. Such long leg lamps are perfect to decorate your living room and study.

Our Adelardo Rust Bronze Floor Lamp by Uttermost is what you need. It suits and blends with every interior style. It has a hand forged iron base that keep it stable on any flat surface. The overall leg finish is distressed which gives it the antique look but with a modern finish. Top of this floor lamps has a rectangular shape which has beige linen lampshade. It covers 150-watt 3-way bulb which is going to illuminate your house.


*       *     *     *     * Tamworth 5 Light Silver Champagne Chandelier

Chandeliers have been in use from centuries and still, it is one of the most in-demand interior home appliances. Beautiful chandeliers help improve overall aura of your room or living room.

Our ANDREA CHANDELIER is the perfect blend of modern design and antique lamps. As the design is completely modern, but the bronze finish with hanging crystals makes it look antique.

Andrea Gold Crystal Chandelier has 6 lights which are kept inside a candle structure glass frame. The antique gilded finish and added crystals enhance it visual appeal. The complete finish is handmade in Italy.

Ceiling Lights


Ceiling lights are another way to decorate your interior as they can complement the color of your walls. However, apart from fixed lights, you can always pick pendant lighting that looks way more attractive and appealing.

Our Aarush 5 Light Glass Cluster Pendant by Uttermost is one such glass cluster pendant which hangs down from the ceiling. They are often used in modern kitchen design and also typically placed above the dining table.

The reversed glass which covers the bulb has golf ball dots that not only improve lighting breakout but also give it strength. The unit is hanged with the help of bronze rod which is rubbed with warm oil for better texture and shine.

Some interior designers go for square or rectangular shape big pendant lights such as Albiano Rectangle 2 Light Bronze Pendant by Uttermost. The size of the pendant will be big and mostly in quadrilateral (4-sides). Black and purple overtone on the outer walls will help it blend with most of the color. It contains two good bulbs and we highly recommend it to use it above a dining table or vegetable cutting area in the kitchen.

Don’t Forget About Wall Sconces


Sconce is a type of light fixture that only needs the support of a wall. It can be fixed to the wall with the help of a support rod and some bolts. You might remember them from old construction but eventually, sconce has found its way back in the course of modern interior design.

If you want modern lightning then ASHFORD SCONCE will be the perfect choice for you. It has a solid crystal arm that connects the base with the lamp. The blend between the nickel finish metal and crystal makes it appealing to eyes and can go with any wall color. White fabric lampshade covers the 60-watt candelabra bulb.

So what if modern is not enough and need something classic and luxurious? then BALTO SCONCE has both the touch of modern lighting essence and royal luxurious style. It’s a two-arm sconce lamp which is connected through a single pole that settles down on the base. Elegant design and golden finish make it attractive.

The antique brass frame which split from the center gives it the unique style that can go well in any place. Just imagine placing them just above both sides of your bed or having them installed at the entry of your house. They are going to increase the overall essence of style in your home. Its Off-White Fabric Lampshade covers 2 bulbs which stand on a white crystal pole.


Designing a house interior is an art and picking the right lighting is one of the major factors that influence the overall appeal. So install these lamps in your house and even with a moderate color tone paintings, they will make your ceiling and walls pop out in style.


Let us help you find your best style!

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