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10 Room Decorating Tips For Anyone On A Shoestring Budget

Whether you like it or not, anyone has the potential to have a beautiful home as long as they want one. If you are on a tight budget, there are simple yet outstanding ways you can create an inviting and stylish home for your family.

First things first, if you want a beautiful home, you must learn to keep it clean and organized. From there, you can begin with the fun part – that is decorating which of course doesn’t have to be expensive as there are great ways you can add charm to your room without breaking the bank. If you’ve been reluctant to give your home a new lease on life because you are afraid you can’t afford it, here are 10 tips to decorate your room on a low budget.

1. Add some strung lights

decorate with string lights

Adding lanterns or string lights is an amazing way you can give your room a new touch without breaking the bank. They can make your room appealing while brightening up your space. If you want your visitors rave at how beautiful your room is, hang string lights sparingly around furniture, walls, and fixtures to give a cozy and warm look. If you want to add a personal touch to your room, hang these lights along with your best photos using clothes pins, your room will look sophisticated.

2. Create a gallery wall

gallery wall

If your room has a plain wall, the best way you can add elegance and make it look expensive, by creating a gallery wall. Depending on your personal preferences, there are all sorts of wall art ideas on the Internet such as framed wall decor of quotes, sayings, and images that will add a touch of class to your room. Check them out as they come in different frames and sizes. From there, you can mix and match them with other framed accessories and hang them on the wall.

3. Get rid of unsightly items

minimalist living room


Before stressing yourself out on what you can afford to buy in order to give your room a new feel, think about what you can get rid of. Those damaged, worn and outdated items in your home could be giving your room a disservice, and removing them could create a clean slate. Take your time and consider any non-essential items and let go of them and this will give your room a fresh feel.

4. Rearrange your furniture


Did you know that you can change the feel and look of your room just by rearranging your furniture? Well, this is a great way to re-decorate your room without spending a dime. For example, if the back of your futon couch is the first thing you spot when you enter your living room, it means that your favorite furniture may just be blocking traffic. Try and move it to the opposite wall to improve traffic, create a new focal point and make your room more inviting. Also, look in other rooms and see whether there is furniture you can rearrange to add an additional touch of class to your home.

5. Customize things

Buying new items for your room is always exciting but if you are on a tight budget, you can give your room a new feel by customizing what you already have. For instance, paint the edge of your end table in gold, add some iron-on trim to your curtain panels, wallpaper the interior of your bookcase or spruce up your coffee table with a new arrangement of already existing decor. As simple as they sound, they will make your room more beautiful and welcoming.

6. Choose the correct lighting for your room

Uttermost Ferro Cast Iron Table LampFerro Cast Iron Table Lamp by Uttermost

Having the correct lighting in your room is yet another great way to change the mood of your scheme without draining your wallet. For instance, you can purchase a fresh shade for your lamp, replace mismatching table lamps with more stylish ones and place each on either side of the bed or sofa. This will definitely give your room a cohesive style that you and your family will love.

7. Transform your window

Did you know that you can update your windows by creating a focal point in your room without breaking the bank? Without a doubt, windows are great in any room and updating them automatically brings a touch of class to your home. For instance, you can make your own fabulous curtains or buy a roll up shade or roman blind that will make your windows and your entire room look classy and expensive. Alternatively, you can add window film with a design that will add flavor and will also give you and your family the privacy you deserve without necessarily blocking out the light.

8. Use paint to give your room a new look



The use of paint is a great way to transform your room in a matter of hours without spending a lot. New paint can make dingy or faded walls look fresh and exciting again or perhaps change the color of the walls completely for a different look. The good news is that a gallon of high-quality paint is cost effective and you can combine different colors to give your room an interesting effect according to your design preferences.

9. Decorate with pillows

Pillows are very common and if you have several in your home, you can use them to cheer up your living room or bedroom. Basically, pillows are cost-effective and versatile, given that that you can effortlessly change their covers anytime you want to instantly change the décor of your room. If you want to give a new feel to your room constantly, use pillows in their different colors and patterns and trust me, your room will look fresh and expensive.

10. Add light with mirrors

Jeremiah Round Wood Mirror


Hanging mirrors on the wall of your room is one of the best tricks you can apply to make space appear larger and more stylish. Besides, mirrors are a cheaper alternative to works of art. If you place your mirror opposite a window, it will bounce light around your room thereby adding shimmer to the walls and making space feel airier. Interestingly, you can mix and match different styles of mirrors to bring personality and elegance to even the smallest of spaces in your room.

Bottom line

It’s the desire of every person to live in a beautiful home and if you don’t have money for expensive chic decorations, you can still apply budget-friendly décor ideas to give your room a touch of class. All you need is to invest a small amount of money, take your time, use your creativity, and discover greater ways to beautify what you already have. If you don’t know what to do, the above 10 tips to decorate your room in a low budget will get you started.

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