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10 Tips to Style a Small Dining Space

Want to design an enticing dining space but don’t have much room to play with?

Well, worry not, for there are plenty of ways you can arrange your limited space to both enhance its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Check out these 10 tips for the inspiration you need to design the dining room of your dreams – regardless of how tiny the space.

  1. Make It Round

Round tables are ideal for small spaces because they allow the diner to easily slide in and shuffle around. Aesthetically speaking, they also appear smaller than rectangular tables, which creates the illusion of extra space.

ips to Style a Small Dining Space

A pedestal style round table will optimise leg room, while armless chairs make it easier to move around. To complete the look, consider hanging or painting a circular pattern on the adjacent wall to add a bit of symmetry to the space.

  1. Think Of A Funky Theme

If your dining space is tucked away into the corner of a room, a fun way to create a visual boundary is to incorporate a specific theme.

colour palette

If you’d like to opt for a traditional European theme, for example, then you could put in a thick wooden table and decorate the walls with paintings from the era. Likewise, a Sci-Fi space could come complete with fun imagery such as model space ships and Star Trek memorabilia.

  1. Make it Multipurpose

With the average home getting smaller and smaller each year, many of us no longer have the luxury of being able to afford a dedicated dining space. With that in mind, it’s essential to think of creative solutions for integrating your dining space with another facet of your home.

windows Tips to Style a Small Dining Space

One standard solution is to incorporate it with your primary storage space. A low-level bench is great for storing all kinds of things, and the lid can be covered with cushions to create extra seating on demand. As a bonus, this frees up space on the walls which allows you to hang a few funky artworks to complete the look.

  1. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors work wonders at creating the illusion of extra space, and the effect is no less profound when implemented in a small dining room. Opt for a larger mirror that mimics the shape of your dining table to achieve a symmetrical design.

Uttermost Prisca Large Wall Mirror

Prisca Square Wood Wall Mirror by Uttermost – 65″

  1. Work With Your Windows

Natural sunlight is far more pleasant to dine under than artificial lights, so there’s no reason you can’t set up your dining table right next to a window. That way, you’ll occupy a space that might have otherwise gone unused, and you’ll get to gaze out over your garden each day.

Of course, too much sunlight is never a good thing, so be sure to install a set of blinds that you can quickly open and retract.

  1. Choose A Unified Color Palette

Sticking with one single color palette makes a small space feel less overbearing and cluttered. In addition, the background appears further away which makes the room feel larger than it really is.

Now, notice how we’ve said one single palette rather than one colour; so we don’t mean everything has to be the exact same shade. In fact, opting for varying or even contrasting shades of the same color will add a tremendous amount of visual interest to your space and won’t make it feel cluttered.

  1. Add A Splash Of Colour

Conversely, adding vibrant colors to your dining room can take attention away from the fact that you don’t have a whole lot of space. One way to set the mood is by using a funky wallpaper as the background. From there, you can match your other colours and designs to align with a distinct overall theme. Trying complementing a floral wallpaper with real flowers of the same type, or perhaps a similar floral table cloth or cushion.


Just be careful not to go overboard because too many colours and patterns will make your small space feel crowded.

  1. Get The Lighting Right

Strategically placed lighting can go a long way towards expanding the perceived size of your small dining space. Put a few vertical lamps or table lamps in the corner of the room. This lighting method creates a soothing effect that enlarges the perceived space because it reflects light onto the two adjacent walls, in turn drawing the eye across the room.

Uttermost Dining Pendants

Hanging pendant lamps also add a little style to your dining space without occupying any additional room.

  1. Make It Minimalist

A minimalist dining room is ideal for a tiny space because this “less-is-more” concept seeks to remove excess clutter. Linear furniture such as a bench-like dining table and chairs with spindle legs create extra space, while an absence of decorative elements makes the room feel more spacious.

  1. Go Backless

Backless and armless stools and chairs not only allow you more freedom of mobility, but they can also be neatly tucked away under the table after use. Another sweet space-saving trick is to grab an extendable dining table so that you can host a dinner party when you need to and fold it up once the guests have gone home.

ound Table Tips to Style a Small Dining Space

As you can see, just because you have only a little room to work with, it doesn’t mean you can’t design an eye-catching dining space. Keep the above tips in mind to make the most of your available space and create a dining room that you’ll cherish for years to come. 

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