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11 Stylish Ideas to Light up your Deck

Lighting isn’t limited to the interior of your house but should rather extend to your outdoor living space. Aside from maintaining the functionality and appeal of your deck or patio through deck repair, board replacement or frequent refinishing, it is essential to accentuate smart ideas to light up your outdoor haven. Your deck can be your oasis right at the comfort of your home. You can either relax while lounging on a couch and hammock therein or enjoy a dinner party with friends and family under a nighttime sky. So, adding some stylish lighting to your deck will surely create wonders and boost the charm of your outdoor living space. Not to mention that it brings practical safety and security even after the sun goes down. Let’s illuminate and upgrade the beauty of your deck with these incredible lighting ideas that you can start today!

Recessed Deck Lighting

If you’re looking to highlight the size of your outdoor space and bring accent to deck features, recessed lighting can be a great option. It can be integrated seamlessly and works perfectly for decks with overhead protection as they don’t require frequent cleaning. Also, recessed lighting is an ideal choice if you want your fixtures to appear seemingly invisible.

Under Rail Deck Lighting

Adding under rail lighting provides a complementary glow to your deck features. Though deck railings are an important feature of your outdoor space, this might sometimes go unnoticed. Using LED-powered or solar lights as under rail lighting will not only guide you even after dark but will also accentuate the overall appeal of your deck. It is also a smart way to bring its charm to the next level.

Movable Lighting

Putting an oversize, movable floor lamp in your deck is an excellent option if you want lighting that can be used in any corners of your outdoor space. Larger floor lamps can illuminate the entire deck, but it would be recommendable to choose a weatherproof material, so you can still use it in any weather conditions.

Under Deck Lighting

Under deck lightings are most suitable for a deck that is technically a balcony. Lighting can perfectly complement your ceiling fans. Plus, they can make your outdoor space more functional and appealing. It creates a great hang-out space with friends or colleagues as well.

String Lights

Hanging lights on your pergola or string lights create a delightful, festive atmosphere on your entire deck. Installing these types of lights are not just perfect during Christmas or holiday seasons. It adds beauty to the architectural elements of your outdoor living space all year-round, making it more attractive and inviting. Set them up in various colors to leave a “wow” effect and incredible impression to your guests.

Spotlights over your Deck

If you wish to enjoy a great dinner or barbecue party at night, a spotlight over a covered deck area is an ideal option. It provides direct light where you need it most. Also, it adds ambiance while having a perfect bonding with your loved ones and friends.

Solar Lights

Setting up a solar light can be a convenient way of providing safety yet adding appeal to your deck. It doesn’t require any installation or wiring, so it is less expensive and can be installed anywhere on your outdoor living spaces such as walkways, stairs or deck posts. In cases of emergency, well-placed solar lighting is all you might ever need.

In-floor Lighting

Another sparkling way to raise the charm of your outdoor space is through in-floor lighting. There is a wide option of low-voltage lights that can be used to light your deck floors. You can place in-floor lighting near the steps or corners to highlight the style of your deck.

Under-table Lighting

Light up your cooking area or outdoor grilling station using under-table lighting. This lighting option is perfect for an outdoor kitchen. Install the light underneath the working space so you can see what you’re doing while preparing some snacks or recipes for the whole family. Bring it to the next level by incorporating various colors for an inviting look.


Are you looking for a quick, portable and less expensive option to bright up your deck space? Try using lanterns. Lanterns are usually solar bulbs or battery-operated so that you can install them anywhere on your outdoor space. Since it is portable, you don’t need to spend too much on installation and wires. It is a budget-friendly alternative yet increases the illuminating appearance of your outdoor oasis.

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Deck Stair Lights

Lights are not just for aesthetics. These added features provide practical safety and security as well. To ensure a safe passage especially at night, you might consider installing lights in stairways and steps. A well-designed deck stair lighting is an excellent choice to illuminate your front or back yards. You can also have a world of options such as battery-operated or LED lights where you can set up anywhere using double-sided tapes or screws.

Final Thoughts

A perfect outdoor living space should bring an inviting atmosphere and provide security to your family and guests. And that is what lighting can give. To enjoy a great space to hang out with your loved ones and colleagues, you should have a well-placed and well-designed lighting on your deck. So, the next time you are planning to embark on a DIY or home improvement project, make sure to add deck lighting on top of your list.

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