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12 Quick and Easy Home Renovation Hacks To Save You Money

Home renovations can be a stressful and expensive undertaking. Unless you’re naturally handy, it’s not a good idea to go the “cheap” route and just DIY a home renovation. But there are plenty of tips and tricks for even the most construction-challenged to save money and create a new look for your home, without spending a lot of money or calling a contractor. Check out these tips to update your home on a budget, without the hassle.

1. Do Some Landscaping


You don’t need to hire an expensive landscaper to improve your front lawn. Regular mowing and weeding can help keep the outdoors back. Try starting your own vegetable garden, and choose flowers and plants that will bloom throughout the year. Who knows, you might discover a green thumb, and turn your backyard into the perfect getaway spot! A well-kept, enjoyable garden adds more living space to your home and is a great selling point.

2. Update Light Fixtures


Whether you’re looking to increase resale value on your home, or just looking to add some personality into your beloved family home, the right lighting will do the trick. Update your lights and make sure the light shines precisely where you need it. The kitchen should be well-lit for all work areas, so this might be an excellent place to add some lighting. If you’ve got the extra cash to spread around, spend it on smart lighting bulbs while you’re at it, so you can always get exactly what you want out of your lighting. Whichever arrangement you choose for your furniture, your lighting will easily adjust.

3. Deep Clean


Before starting any renovation project, DIY or professional, get down to a good scrub. Having the floors professionally cleaned can add a huge wow factor, whether you have carpet or hardwood. You’d be shocked at how grimy those floors actually get! Don’t worry about scrubbing the walls unless you’re not planning to paint over them. But get the place professionally cleaned so you can have an accurate assessment of the work you want to do, and what you can manage.

4. Add Some Colour


Updating the color of your walls can really add to your space, on a tight budget. Go for a modern shade like slate grey, or warmer browns to stay neutral. If you’ve got wallpaper, get rid of it altogether. Add an accent wall in bedrooms or open-plan living spaces to add a pop of color and personality to the area. Or better yet, add some colorful framed wall art. Whichever way you do it, adding some new color to your walls is a great way to create a new look for less.

5. Replace Your Front Door


The front door is the first impression for many. Update yours for some curb appeal, and add a trendy pop of color to your exteriors. Be aware that the cost of a new door can range from $400 to a whopping $4,000, so shop around, and don’t settle for something you don’t love! Make sure that it’s weather-stripped, and professionally installed. Not only will it look great, but it’ll also save you plenty of money on your energy costs.

6. Replace Your Shower Head

Speaking of conserving your energy, bathrooms are among the most expensive and time-consuming renovation projects. But you can quickly and easily update both the look and the feel of your shower just by replacing your showerhead. Whether you’re looking for something for comfort, style, or just to save energy, you can find exactly what you need, and quickly and simply install for what will absolutely feel like a full bathroom reno’s worth of relaxation!

7. Re-Grout Your Tiles


For another quick bathroom fix, try re-grouting your bathroom tiles. Give the grout a good, hard scraping, and replace it with a new color to give your bathroom an upgrade, without worrying about a plumber!

8. Add A Kitchen Backsplash

We all love stainless steel, but it’s not exactly inspiring, is it? A stylish kitchen backsplash is a great way to add some color or visual interest in a monochromatic kitchen. And you can do it yourself without a whole lot of effort! There are several ways to create the perfect kitchen backsplash. Vinyl stickers are an easy, cheap way to give yourself a new look. So are peel-and-stick tiles. Or you can take the existing backsplash, if you have one, and repaint it with tile paint. Either way, it’s a great place to get creative in the kitchen!

9. Update Your Cabinets

Another quick kitchen fix that will keep your home renovation bills down in one of the most expensive rooms in the house. So maybe you want new cabinets, but there’s no room in the budget? No problem! Paint or re-stain existing cabinets for an entirely new look in your kitchen, without messy or expensive installs! If you’re really looking to push that new look, you can always replace just the cabinet doors, and keep the existing cabinetry intact, to save money.

10. Consider Crown Moulding And Trims

When it comes to interiors, nothing dates your home faster than a dark wood trimming. Consider painting over it in white if you’re able. Or, for a fast and easy install, use a medium-density fiberboard molding for your windows and trim.

11. Do Something Interesting With Those Bare Walls


Have you got big, bare walls? Do something about it! Create a family picture wall with family portraits, to create a focal point that’s a lot more pleasing to the eye than a big blank space! Or spiff it up with wall decals or a tapestry or patterned wallpaper to make an impact. Installing some shelving on bare walls at varying heights can give you a visual point of interest that doubles as storage space. Or use the blank space for your entertainment center, and set up a home theatre system that will make the neighbors jealous!

12. Get Some Storage Solutions To Keep Everything Organized


Staying organized is as important in your life as it is in your renovation. Turn your front room into a storage space without all the clutter. Install cubbyholes and a bench seat with storage underneath. Installing coat hooks is fast and easy, and keeping everything in an organized space will stop the mess from gravitating all over the house, and ruining your new look!

We all need something new sometimes. But taking on a home renovation to give your home a new look can be expensive and time-consuming, to say the least. Make it easier on yourself by finding ways to create an impressive look with a little change, like swapping cabinet doors instead of installing new cabinets, and repainting tile grout, instead of re-tiling the bathroom. All it takes is a little creativity, and you can find small changes that make a huge difference.


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