Glam Up Your Living Room

13 Items Which Will Glam Up Your Living Room

Glamorous style has been taking over many homes around the world. People enjoy luxury items and they are ready to spend a bit more money in order to feel like a celebrity in their own home.

If you have also been considering glamming up your living room, it doesnʻt necessarily mean you will have to spend a lot of money on this little project of yours. A couple of carefully chosen items or just a bit of refurbishing or renovation will make all the difference in the world.

mirrored furniture

1. Mirrored furniture

A touch of glamour can be easily achieved if you infuse reflective surfaces into the living room. Mirrored furniture is definitely an unexpected move because everybody is accustomed to mirrors. It will add depth to the room and make it shinier. Mirrored vases and tables can also add to the multi-layered look of sophistication.

2. Gallery wall

This creates a big impression on everybody who enters your living room. Donʻt put photos and painting all around the room but choose one wall to make it a gallery spot of the room. Cover it completely with art or your favorite photos and you’ll get an instant mix of modern and antique style.

3. Chandelier

Chandeliers donʻt have to be used only in the dining room. A shimmering chandelier with crystals or the one decorated with candelabras will create a dramatic effect in the room. If you install a light dimmer, you can adjust the ambiance of the room.

4. A bright velvet sofa

A big velvet sofa in some rich colour will instantly create the impression glamour. It is actually the key element to go to when you want a glamorous living room. Just make sure that the rest of the room isnʻt as flashy as this piece of furniture; otherwise, you wonʻt get the contrast you need.

5. Metallic accents

You can turn to warm, yellow gold metallic decorative items like cushions and vases to lift up the room. Or you can go for silver metallic accents if it fits better with the dominant color of the room.

6. Sculptural elements

Aged Copper Leaf Swirl Wall Sculpture
Modern living-room interior with fireplace. 3d render.

Aged Copper Leaf Swirl Wall Sculpture

If you manage to find unique decorative pieces that represent your style, it will definitely glam up space. You can try with geometric accents and interesting sculptures – whatever seems fun or attractive to you. Quirkiness is also a part of the glamour, so donʻt be afraid to go there!

7. Massage chair

Massage has always been related to luxury and pure enjoyment, so why not be able to have a wonderful massage in your own living room? This glam detail will certainly help you relax whenever you want. Picking the right massage chair can be a handful task because of their usually unappealing style. Companies like Relax For Life have them in different designs. When opting for the massage chair, make sure you take into account the proportion of your living room and the position of other furniture, so you can create balance between the elements.

Modern Moroccan Rug

8. The right rug


Rugs are frequently left out when it comes to decorating a room. Still, a glam living room could be highly affected by the right rug. When choosing a rug, you can look for one with vivid colours or crazy patterns. You can go the other way by buying a rug made of luxurious materials. Of course, keep in mind the furniture when looking for a rug.

9. Wall mirror

Reflection in a room is always cool, but you can take it to another level if you find a unique mirror that will easily attract a viewerʻs eye. Try to find a mirror with an unusual frame, like a sunburst frame or a frame covered with faux fur in a vivid color or with colorful beads.


10. Bar cart

Nothing says Hollywood Regency like having a bar cart in the living room, especially if you fill it with luxury or rare drinks. If you also add beautiful barware to it, you will have a real glam item in your room.

11. Plaster walls

You can do wonders with just one wall in your living room. A detailed plastered wall is enough to create a glamorous effect, no matter how ordinary the rest of the items and the furnishing are. Actually, itʻs best approach if you let everything else be simple so that the wall and its architectural details can really shine.

12. White glamour

white room design

Glamour can be achieved with only one color. Usually, itʻs a neutral color, preferably white. A white room is luxurious on its own, especially if you add reflective surfaces and metallic details in it. Also, have in mind that there are different shades of white, so pay attention to the light exposure in the room. Warmer tones go with the rooms that have a lot of natural light, and cooler shades are better for darker rooms.

13. Self-adhesive wall murals

Wall murals are a quick path to glamour. They are easy to install, and you can change the position of these walls anytime without any residue left behind. When choosing the wall mural for your living room, try to include elements and colors of the furnishing in the mural so that it all comes together. This is both an affordable and stylish solution.

Final comment

Everybody deserves to have a glam living room. If you use just a couple of details to make it happen, it will be easier for you to change the style or simply to change certain details when you feel like it. In the meantime – be glamorous!

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