13 Ways of Making the Most Out of Small Bedrooms

A bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary. But it may not feel such if your bedroom is small in size.

But hey, don’t fret! Planning your bedroom to make it more spacious can be a tiresome yet a very rewarding task. So put your thinking cap on, and let’s discover some tips and tricks to make your small bedroom look bigger.


#1. Make The Bedroom Colorful

Bright colors can make rooms appear larger than they are. This is due to the fact that dark colors absorb more light and create more contrast resulting in making the room appear small and stuffy. However, a bright color reflects light more, this makes the room look larger.

#2. Pay Attention to Flooring

Along with a bright color scheme, it is important to keep a sense of continuity of the colors in the room. This means that having breaks in the colors of your room due to a pattern or an oddly shaped small carpet may make your room seem small and stuffy.


A way to avoid this is to have wall-to-wall carpeting, which adds a sense of comfort and warmth from the carpet. It also makes the room appear more open. This illusion is created as there are no breaks in the color of the carpet, which drags the eyes of the viewer on, embedding a sense of continuity.

However, most people avoid carpeting their bedrooms because it can get difficult to keep the carpet clean, especially if you have pets in your home. Make sure to keep your room clean using the right carpet cleaners.


Rugs are usually risky territory when it comes to small bedrooms because these are the ‘pauses’ in the color that should be avoided in small rooms. However, it does not mean they cannot be used at all.

As a rule of thumb, use large rugs in small rooms. This will allow the same effect as wall-to-wall carpeting but on a smaller scale.

#3. Utilize Your Walls


A small bedroom means you might have less floor space to keep your belongings because a majority of the space gets occupied by the bed. However, that doesn’t mean you are limited to it!

There are many ways to utilize your wall space. For example, you could install floating shelves to decorate with books and knickknacks. You could also think about wall cabinets for your clothes instead of occupying floor space with wardrobes.

This also helps in making your bedroom more airy as there are fewer items cluttering the floor space, preventing it from becoming cramped. And it also gives you more room to move around.

#4. Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall!

Mirrors are arguably one of the most important aspects of décor in smaller bedrooms. They reflect light, making your space brighter and emitting the illusion of a bigger room.

The trick with mirrors is to place large ones tactfully around the room. The optimum location to place them in is opposite to windows so that direct sunlight can be reflected from them, illuminating the room. This trick will also come in handy in rooms that are placed in poorly lit areas of the house as it optimizes light.

#5. Practice Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t just an idea, it’s a lifestyle. The idea of this lifestyle is to strip down to just your necessities. This lifestyle can come in handy in your small bedroom because, to be frank, you will not have space for the things that do not matter.

The minimalist lifestyle will make your room appear bigger. That’s because keeping a few items, as opposed to a cluttered and congested room, will leave more room to move around. A good rule of thumb is to de-clutter is to get rid of anything you have not used in a year.

#6. Add Illusions of Height

Use furniture and wallpapers to give off the impression of height or length instead of width. A good way to impose this effect is by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves. Alternately, vertically striped or patterned wallpaper can be used too as they accentuate length.

#7. Placement of Furniture

Strategically place your furniture in your room. This does not mean shoving everything to the side and leaving a tiny bit of walk space in the middle.

You may set your bed up in the corner of your room which would leave the rest of your room vacant. Furthermore, you can continue decorating around the bed.

#8. Bedding Can Add Space

The way your bed is placed can make the bedroom seem larger.

Different sizes and types of beds will change the effect of space in your room. Beds with bed-posts and headboards of contrasting colors to the walls can make your room seem smaller due to the inconsistency in color.

However, small minimalist beds, especially with bright or white covers, will give off the impression of a larger room.

#9. Make Room for Natural Light


An important part of improving overall décor is light and how to maximize natural lights in homes. Just like bright colors, natural light creates a sense of depth instead of contrast and contours in your bedroom. A way to achieve this is by using sheet drapes as it will let the light freely in.

#10. Optimize the Indoor Lighting

It is evident that lighting is crucial to making a room more spacious. Therefore, spreading light throughout the bedroom will make it seem a lot larger.

This can be done by utilizing single light bulbs instead of chandeliers. As beautiful as chandeliers are, they concentrate the light in one small area and in the process, defeating the purpose of your décor plan.

#11. Secret Compartments

This trick may very well be your best friend! A huge key to highlighting space in small bedrooms is by quite literally, increasing the space.

By keeping fewer items out and creating a clutter, you should utilize any nook and cranny available to put your belongings in. For example, foldable units that literally go into the wall can be used for your clothing.

Similarly, if your bed has a compartment underneath it, use it to your benefit. Concealed and minimalistic – that’s the key!

#12. Color Coding items

The color coding trick might seem like a hassle but it will take you a long way. Many of us have items such as shoes or book-lined shelves in our homes in a variety of colors.

In order to bring this mess of colors, which are not agreeable in cramped areas, into a structure, you could coordinate them by color. That way, it will not interfere with the room’s color scheme.

#13. Legs Are Handy


It is wiser to choose furniture such as a bed or nightstand that have legs instead of blocky closed off ones. This leaves space under it giving it the impression of openness and makes the furniture look minuscule compared to their actual size.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of a small bedroom lies in the fact that you can do so many things to make it seem cozy yet spacious. The ways prescribed in this post can help you make your small bedroom look much larger.

Remember, the bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary – so why not make it one?

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