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13 Ways to Spend Less on a Fresh New Kitchen

It’s very easy to spend thousands of dollars on a new kitchen. Widely considered as the heart of a home, you will understandably want it to look and feel just right. Unfortunately, the costs of a refurb can easily spiral out of control.

Tupdated kitchenhe good news is that there are some great ways to end up with the kitchen of your dreams without going over your budget. If you’re looking for cost-cutting ways to update and refresh one of the most important rooms in your home, then these tips could save you a fortune.

1.       Avoid Fitted Kitchens

Most people are under the impression that the more you spend on a kitchen, the better and more long-lasting it will be. This is not always the case. Very often, buying a complete fitted kitchen is going to be the most expensive way of updating your kitchen space.

2.       Go Laminate

go laminate

Nothing will add to the cost quite like having to have it redone every few years. Some material will need constant care and costly attention, but laminate is durable, long-lasting, and easy to keep clean. Wood, granite, and even MDF all look good, but laminate comes in a variety of themes and styles, so it should always be at the top of the list if your budget is tight.

3.       Watch the Sales

Kitchen sales are one of the best things about January, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for the best bargains. Of course, in the age of the internet, you might find that you can get yourself some serious savings by looking at auction sites like eBay, or creative selling sites like Etsy. You’ll need to make sure that what you’re buying is what you end up with, so always check seller reviews. For more tips see here.

4.       Refresh


Rather than going for a complete overhaul, simply replace what needs attention. If your kitchen sides are perfectly fine, but your cabinets are looking a little worn, then you’ll save a huge amount of money by just replacing those cupboards and leaving everything else as is. You could go even further, and keep the cupboards as they are and replace the worn, chipped, or stained cupboard doors.

5.       Go Ex-Display

A great way of spending less on your new kitchen is to buy an ex-display model. This isn’t like buying something second-hand. Most ex-display kitchens have never been used, and you won’t be paying brand new prices either. You might need to pay for the services of a professional kitchen fitter, but this is going to be much less than the cost of a fully fitted kitchen.

6.       And the Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink

This is a focal point of your kitchen, so you’re going to want to get your sink right. Stainless steel sinks are by far the cheapest and most durable option, although composite sinks will always be the option for those that really want to get the longest use from their sink. Avoid ceramic sinks unless they are something that you really need, because they are very prone to scratches and chips, so you may end up paying for repairs or replacements on a regular basis.

7.       The Flooring

laminate kitchen floor

Wooden floors might look great, but they aren’t the best option for the kitchen, and they are very expensive as well. If you’re keeping an eye on your budget, then you’re going to be better off choosing laminate or vinyl floor coverings. Not only can they mimic even the most expensive materials (the marble-look is a popular choice), they are also tough, easy to clean, and perfect for every kitchen.

8.       Keep Appliances Where They Are

If you’re going for a full refurb on your kitchen, then you’re probably already looking at the best places to move your fridge and cooker. It’s always going to save you money if you leave them where they are. All of the fittings and pipes are going to be expensive to relocate, and you will save yourself a big chunk of your budget if you keep the big changes to a minimum.

9.       Go For Shelves

go for shelves

If you’re looking at completely replacing your kitchen cupboards because they are unsalvageable, then you probably haven’t thought much beyond the types of cabinet that you’ll be getting to replace them. Shelves can be a much cheaper option than buying full-sized kitchen cabinets and cupboards, and they can make your kitchen feel more rustic and organised too.

10.    Simpler Walls

If you’re thinking about a full kitchen renovation because you’re tired of the same old look, you can save yourself a lot of time and money by making one simple change: change the walls. You could pick a fresh new colour and spend a single day giving your kitchen a whole new look, without any further costs. Or, you could pick one wall and get a stylish themed wallpaper so that you have an attractive and eye-catching space. Use shelves to store appropriately themed accessories and cooking equipment, and you could end up feeling like you’re in a whole new kitchen.

11.    Top Taps

Whether you were planning to change your sink or not, you can give it an entirely new look simply by changing the taps. Copper taps are particularly popular at the moment, and they can add a real sense of class to any kitchen. Have a look at the sheer range of tap designs, styles, and materials available, and you could end saving on the cost of a complete sink replacement.

12.    Get Great Lighting

Lighting is the most dramatic way you can transform your kitchen. Many homeowners still have a single light fixtures in their kitchen. They haven’t figured out how modern lighting can brighten up the entire kitchen design. You definitely should consider all the different basic lighting types for a kitchen renovation. They are important in many different ways. And they will add beauty to your new kitchen design.  

13.    Get Hanging


If space is a concern, then you can empty your cupboards for a little extra storage by hanging up your pots and pans. Not only does this give you more cupboard space, but it can also add a more period feel to a kitchen, as well as making it far easier to get the frying pan that you need when you need it. This is a great way of giving your kitchen a new look without going all out on a refurb.

You want your kitchen to look and feel right, as well as being easy to work in. A complete kitchen refurbishment is possible, but by making smaller, more cost-effective changes, you could get the feel of a brand new kitchen without the expense.

Annie ButtonBio: “Annie Button is a Portsmouth based writer and recent graduate. Annie likes to share her experiences and knowledge through her blog posts and has written for various online and print publications. When she’s not writing Annie enjoys relaxing with a good book”. 

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