15 Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Spacious and Beautiful

Nothing quite beats the feeling of getting back home from work and kicking back for the remainder of the day. But if you happen to sleep or work in a small bedroom, it can often feel very cramped. Although small bedrooms can have their fair share of advantages, there is no denying that a small bedroom can feel a little too cramped.

And since buying or renting a big new house may not be the most accessible option, here are a few hacks that will help make your room a lot more spacious and more beautiful. Besides who doesn’t want their bedroom to look like it was ripped straight from the pages of a home décor magazine? With that said, here are 15 ways that you can effectively make your bedroom a lot prettier and a lot more spacious.

Ways to Make Your House Look Better

Even if your bedroom is not huge, you can still make the most of it. With the help of these ideas and hacks, it will feel a lot more spacious and look a lot more beautiful. There is a lot you can do to make your bedroom look better, from changing the placement of your furniture to buying different types of fixtures. So, without any further ado, here are 15 ideas to make your house look better.

1. Don’t Cover Your Windows



Covering your windows with heavy drapes or curtains is an incredibly popular choice among nearly every self decorator.

blue-rug-japanese-windows-eclectic-industrial-bedroom-1And while this is without a doubt an amazing look for any house, they can take up too much unintended space. Even if they are relatively smaller and lighter than their counterparts, they can still take up a little too much space.

A good solution to this is keeping your windows ~ curtain free, letting large amounts of natural light into your room. Now this natural light will provide two very distinct benefits. One it lights up the room better than any other source of light can, and it provides a great mood and ambiance. Second, it can also make the room look larger with the help of a few other things (more on this later). 

2. Using Lighter Colors On The Walls And Ceilings



Speaking of ways to make a room look bigger, having lighter colors throughout your room helps in making it look a lot bigger. The darker colors, while making your room look a lot cozier, also absorb light more rather than reflecting it. On the other hand, lighter colors do a much better job of reflecting light around your bedroom making it look a lot more spacious.

Lighter colors are also a lot easier on the eyes than darker colors. It is true that dark colors can look good in moderation but at the same time they can make a room look more aggressive. Darker colors can look incredibly beautiful in much larger areas that have a more space to spare without making the room feel suffocating.

3. Color Coordinate Shelves



This is not so much a space hack as much as it is a beauty hack. Color coordinating your shelves can bring a splash of color into your room. Whether it is cutlery, books, or other accessories, you should design them in color coordinating shelves. A contrasting color will add a massive splash of color into your room, and will also make your room look a lot more organized.

Organizing your shelves is also an important part of keeping your room spacious, as a cluttered room can make your room look a lot smaller than it really is.

4. Changing Up Your Shelves



Speaking of shelves, not only can you change up how you organize the items on your shelves, but switching up the placement of the shelves themselves can make a difference. Are shelves on your wall too close to your head?  Well, why not shift them closer to the ceiling. The best part about having a smaller room and a lower ceiling is that shelves on the top of your room are easy to reach.

You can also change up the design of your shelves to make them more appealing as opposed to the traditional square shelves. This can really add a unique look to your room, so be sure to get creative with those shelves.

5. Getting Rid Of The Clutter



Making a small room look bigger starts with ditching some of the clutter. From excess furniture to other objects that you may have in your room, move out anything that is not an absolute necessity. The adage less is more, has never been truer in the case of small rooms. So if you have more clutter in your room, it is taking up a lot more space, which is making your room feel claustrophobic.

Now, de-cluttering will take some time, as you may have to dedicate an entire day to this menial activity. But taking out items like flowers, plants, or decorative accessories, can really start to clear up the room. Besides, a minimalist design often looks very good in a small room.

6. Use Multipurpose Furniture and Items



Decorating your room with multipurpose furniture is one of the best ways to go to save space. Use objects like an ottoman sofa that doubles as a storage container, or a steamer trunk that can double down as a coffee table, or a coffee table that can pop-up into a storage container or a work desk.

Multi functional furniture can be a lifesaver in your small room, but it can also look a lot better than individual pieces of furniture. Some may even go very well with different furniture sets that you may have in your room.

7. Don’t Use Traditional Holders And Fixtures



Lighting is incredibly important to smaller rooms because the wrong lighting can make them seem smaller. However, when the natural light ends you will have to depend on bulbs and fixtures for needed light. But many light fixtures pool light into a specific area, which means it will not reach all parts of the room. So rather than using specific fixtures, you can make use of a variety of smaller lamps positioned into specific areas of your room in order to better spread light around your room evenly.

Now these lamps may take up a little more space than fixtures, but they will add beauty and an amazing ambiance to your room. So if you have the space to spare, get a few smaller lamps to give your room a lot more elegance and ambiance.

8. Go Minimalist and Use Glass Furniture



Sometimes your essential furniture such as a bed, nightstand, tables, or even bookshelves can take up too much space. A good solution to this problem is to get minimalist furniture that not only frees up a lot of physical space, but also frees up a lot of visual space.



Minimalist furniture takes less space than its counterparts do. Glass furniture on the other hand, makes a smaller room feel a lot more open while still providing a surface to keep your belongings. Best part is that furniture of this type are in style right now, so not only will you save on space, you will actually be following furniture trends.

9. Use Furniture With Legs



Now this may seem odd, but boxy furniture especially couches and chairs that do not show the space beneath them, can appear to take up a lot of visual space. While the physical space that the furniture takes up is still relatively the same, showing the space beneath will appear not to take up nearly as much visual space. The extra visual space that this type of furniture provides makes it a great choice for smaller rooms.



Furniture with legs can give the illusion of your room having a lot more space than it actually does.

10. Painting or Using Wallpaper On The Ceiling



The ceiling of your small room can sometimes feel like it is falling down, or closing in on you. A good way to avoid this is to use accent lights, wallpaper or paint that really draws the eyes upwards. This effect creates an illusion that the ceiling is actually a lot higher than it is actually is. A good way that you can do this is by using a bright color of paint or bright wallpaper that will help the light in the room to bounce off it.

You can also further enhance this effect by installing a small molding beneath the ceiling around the room. This really brings the room into a much broader perspective, and you can add lights in the space between the molding and the ceiling to give the room some much-needed ambiance.

11. Add Stripes



Adding stripes is another way to make your room look more spacious, without having to add or remove anything. Both vertical and horizontal stripes create the illusion of space in their own respective ways. Vertical stripes make the room feel a lot higher than it really is. Whereas horizontal stripes make the room feel wider than it really is.

One way you can get these stripes is by painting them on your wall, installing wall paper, or by using striped rugs in your room. Rugs and mats inside your room can be a very effective way of giving the illusion of more space inside a room.

12. Framing your Bed



Make your dusty old bed feel brand new again with the addition of a spectacular bed-head. Bed-heads are a great way to add style to an ordinary bed, because it can really elevate the look of your bed. This can enhance the color scheme that you are going for or add to the beautiful bedroom set that you already have, the bed head can come in a variety of colors and shapes.



You can choose a bed-head made completely of wood or ivory, or you can choose a fabric one that matches the colors of your room or provides nice contrasts. Either way, there is no shortage of ways to make your bedroom more appealing. And for an added touch of style the bedroom chandelier raises the bar even more.

13. Use Rugs To Separate The Room



You can also use rugs to make the room feel bigger, and they do not have to be stripes or patterns to make the room feel larger. You can also create the feeling of spaciousness, by putting rugs under specific pieces of furniture. Especially effective in studio apartments, the use of rugs creates a feeling that there is more space in a smaller area. And by matching the colors of your rugs to the furniture, you can have yourself quite the beautiful and airy arrangement.

14. Create a Single Focal Point



Now decorating your room under a budget is always a very tricky task. So instead of getting various pieces of furniture that are all extravagant in their aesthetic, you should instead focus on a single object in the room. Sure, you would want everything in your room to stand out, but when everything is special, nothing really is. Besides, with too many focal points in a single room, they all fight for the attention of the viewer, and instead take away from the grander picture.

15. Move Furniture Away From the Wall



A common tactic among people who live in smaller houses is that they pull their furniture away from the wall and add other pieces of furniture behind them to make the room seem bigger. And for the most part, this works very well. Pushing your furniture into the wall can make everything feel just that much more cramped.



Even the slightest of space between the wall and your furniture can just make it feel bigger than it actually is. 


In conclusion, do not be afraid to get creative with how you arrange your furniture. Mixing and matching colors, rearranging the furniture, and new paint are not just great ways to give your house a new makeover, but a great way to make it feel like it is bigger and more spacious than it actually is.


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