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15 Wall Art Ideas for Your Children’s Bedroom

There are countless options when it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom. If your child is young, choose a theme that will inspire them. For parents with slightly older children, create a space based on their interests and desires. One way to transform your kids’ living space is by adding a piece of vibrant wall art. From educational prints to custom canvases, there are tons of charming choices for sprucing up your child’s bedroom walls. If you are looking for the best wall art just check this website.

Map of the World

Combine fun with education by hanging a colorful map of the world. Choose a piece with evident landmarks, borders, or native animals. Spend hours pointing out regional facts and features with your child. They will love the vibrant illustrations, and the canvas will also serve as a learning tool. Make sure to choose a large canvas so the details on the colorful map are clear. 

Moody Fantasy

Your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be covered in light, bright, pastels. In fact, adding splashes of moody tones like dark blue and amethyst can create a stunning space that is visually stimulating. Hang a fantasy-themed print with a galaxy backdrop for an unexpected whimsical look. Pair this print with medium to dark cool tones, and lots of dynamic details. 

Under the Sea

Teach your child about the miraculous wonders of the deep blue sea. Whether you live on the coast or you simply want to add a splash of ocean magic, consider a print with a variety of sea creatures. An ocean-inspired illustration is both calming and creative. Pull from the blue-ish tones and decorate their room in marine hues. 

For Horse-Lovers

Lots of children are captivated by horses, which makes them the perfect animal to use as décor inspo. Add neutral tones like beige, tan, and grey to mimic the look of a rustic stable. Choose a print with a variety of different horse breeds. Horse-inspired accessories act as an elegant base for a nursery or child’s bedroom.  


Inspire your child with a print that highlights a sunny quote. Show your kids how much you love them with a piece of art that verbalizes your love. Choose a phrase like, “You are my sunshine,” to put an instant smile on their face every morning. Use bright, joyful colors like sunny yellow and sky blue throughout their room. 


Motivate your child to reach the highest heights with a print that says, “You can do this!” Give them the strength to follow their dreams and go forward without fear. Opt for a pennant-style piece of wall art that promotes positivity and hard work. “Be brave” is a stunning, simple phrase that will let your child know that they are capable of anything they put their mind to. 

No-Scare Monsters

Make monsters seem less scary with an illustration of happy little creatures! A cute piece of wall art with silly looking beasts will make your child laugh instead of fear the monsters under their bed. Plus, happy monsters are undeniably adorable! Choose a pastel print with an illustration that makes monsters look friendly and harmless. 

Classic Illustration

Take a literary-inspired approach with a classic illustration. Make your child’s wall look like the inside of a vintage picture book by hanging a black and white sketch. This unpolished style is ideal for hip parents who want to create a truly trendy look. Implement this retro look and let the sketch serve as the focal point of your space. 

Coloring Canvas

For a piece of wall art that doubles as a rainy day activity, consider a coloring canvas. This unique art project is similar to a giant coloring book that you can display forever! With black outlines and a colorless surface, this canvas is ready to fill in with the paint colors of your choice. This is the perfect pastime for you and your child to do together. 

Fantasy Theme 

If your child is obsessed with fairytales, select a photorealistic print of a faraway castle. Let your child daydream about stunning chateaus on picturesque mountains. Use this fantastical print as the base for an ethereal interior. Get inspired by soft, fluffy clouds and imaginative architecture. 

Outer Space

 Teach your kids about outer space with a print of the solar system. Make sure to choose an illustration with the planets clearly labeled. Point out the celestial bodies before bedtime, and get your child excited about science and astronomy. In addition to looking beautiful, a print of the solar system serves an educational purpose.

Landmark Map

For another learning tool, consider a map of the United States 

(or your home country). With major landmarks and state borders, this map will give your child hours of stimulation and education. Opt for a print with bright colors and big words to capture your child’s attention. Pair the print with vibrant shades of pink, blue, and yellow for a welcome change to the traditional primary color scheme. 

Tropical Trends

Give your toddler a taste of the tropics with an adorable toucan print! There is no animal more vibrant and captivating than an exotic bird. Decorate with palm-style houseplants and leafy details. Use fun colors inspired by the diverse rainforest, and don’t be afraid to go big with your tropical wall art. 


Steal inspo from a classic children’s novel like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This wacky and weird book by Lewis Carroll will fuel your child’s imagination and fill their room with zany delights. If your kids aren’t old enough to read the book, they can always watch the animated Disney classic! From the white rabbit to the queen of hearts, there’s no story quite as magical as Alice in Wonderland. 


Minimalism in children’s bedrooms is a growing trend. This clean look entails only decorating with the necessities. Get rid of excess and clutter and keep your space looking bright and refreshing. Choose a simple print with a pop of color to complement this sleek and chic look. A graphic print is the ideal piece for a minimalist interior that still looks lighthearted and fun. 

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