20 High-Quality Modern Living Bedroom Decoration Ideas For Kids

An attractive bedroom is important and gives you comfort when you rest. A bedroom is your private space, and you spend most of the time sleeping there. Therefore, to get quality sleep, improving the appearance of your room is a good investment.

The idea of decorating the bedroom for kids is lovely since it helps to create a strong sense of attachment to their rooms. When the kid loves her bedroom, it becomes easy for her to sleep comfortably. Sleeping is good for everyone, and it helps the young ones grow.


Decorating The Bedroom

With excellent designs, the aspect of space is not necessary since you can make the room attractive with your creative decorations. As such, this guide gives you some high-quality ideas for kids that can help them decorate their bedrooms. The designs are specifically inspirational for girls.

Bedroom Layout

Orderliness in your room is the best way of decorating it. It is vital to arrange the property in your room neatly. The bed, for example, should stand in the middle of the room, and you can place seats along the walls. When there are two beds in the room, make sure that they are against the walls facing each other.

Color Schemes

Colors appeal to the eyes of anyone who enters your bedroom. Therefore, you should carefully choose the colors that are attractive in your room. Should you prefer dark colors, make sure that they correspond well with other bright colors. You must also make sure that the color of the ceiling and the walls match well with different items in your room.



Different patterns can also help to improve the appearance of your room in various ways. You must select items that should have matching profiles to make your bedroom attractive. For example, you can choose matching patterns on the pillows and the seat cushions in your bedroom.  

Matching Pillows With Sheets

If you want to make your bedroom attractive, you should make an effort to get bed linen that is beautiful. You should choose items that are striking and attractive. The bedding material catches the eye of any person who enters the room so you must get the best linen.

Use Two Beds Instead of Double Bed

For two people, two single beds against the walls facing each other are ideal. You should make sure that these beds have corresponding linen and colors to create an excellent balance.  It is also essential to make sure that the beds are of the same quality.

Matching Lampshade Colors and Bed Linen

Matching colors between the lined on the bed and lampshades on either side of the bed create an attractive appearance of the room. Lampshades on the bedside stand also help improve the appearance of the bedroom. You can choose the color you want for lampshades.

Yellow Vintage Lamps

Yellow vintage lamps provide bright and attractive color in the bedroom. These lamps are different from conventional table lamps since they are original.

Use Purple Color

Purple color on the walls is attractive, and it should go along with other pieces of furniture like closets in the room. You can also choose an outstanding headrest with the same colors.

Cover The Walls With Matching Linen

If you want to be creative, you can go an extra mile and cover the walls with matching upholstery colors in the room. Upholstery on the walls is another way of decorating the place since it includes the hard surface of the walls.



Many girls like the pink color, and it is lovely to use it for decorating your room. The color is ideal for bed linen and curtains in your bedroom. Cushions on the comfortable seat in the room should also consist of pink color.

Stylish Purple

Make everything in the room purple. The color is striking, and you can make sure that the walls are also dark. However, you need to know that purple color combines well with other bright colors that are attractive.

Use Playful Colors

Blue on the walls along with black and white linen help create a striking appearance on the wall. If you are good in colors, you can use careful mix them to come up with impressive features that are attractive.

Hang Portraits on the wall

These can be paintings or photos. The advantage of using pictures is that they are attractive and original. Different forms of art communicate various things, and they also improve the appearance of the room.

A Bed That Features Canopy

A bed that features a canopy with matching colors also helps decorate your room. A canopy is a beautiful way of decorating your room since it consists of a side and top covers. It acts as a shade even though there is a roof above. Also, good mattress for canopy style beds read more.

Stuffed Animals

You can also use as many stuffed animals as you like to decorate your bedroom. Girls are fond of dolls and different forms of stuffed animals and this help to improve the appearance of their bedrooms. Stuffed animals come in varying sizes, and they enhance the appearance of the bedroom.

Use Vintage Designs

Vintage designs significantly improve the appearance of the room. For example, an old iron bed and a vintage map on the wall create a beautiful impression in the room. Vintage items create a striking appearance in your room since they are unique. They differ from other things that are common and readily available in various shops.


Use Elegant Style

The other method of decorating your bedroom is to choose priced and beautiful items for your bedroom. Such things help improve the appearance of the room. For example, leather seats and other designer accessories in your room play a pivotal role in decorating the room. Quality things in your bedroom are naturally beautiful.

Bold Pink With Canopy Curtains

Bold pink in the girl’s room matches well with canopy curtains. The pink color is bright, and it produces a refreshing sight in the place. You can also choose curtains and bed linen with patches of pink to match with the primary color in the room.

Colorful Stripes

Colorful stripes in the bedroom are also handsome especially if they are on corresponding items. For example, you can choose a carpet with lines that match the stripes on the curtains. You can also choose a bed cover with strips, and it should also go along with a striped seat in the bedroom.

Use Artificial Flowers to Decorate the Room

Artificial flowers are also good to use for decorative purposes in the bedroom. Flowers are suitable for girls’ bedrooms, and they can choose different types of flowers that suit their needs. If you want to decorate your room with flowers, you can select vases with an assortment of decorative flowers and place them on the dresser. 


Beautiful Pictures on The Walls

You can also make your bedroom attractive by using beautiful pictures on the walls. You can choose different pictures that appeal to your tastes and hang them on the walls. Picture frames are ideal for this particular purpose since they are also smart. You should avoid sticking the pictures directly on the walls since this can cause a mess.


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