5 Chicago interior design trends you must check out

During these challenging times, we’re all spending more time in our homes. We are starting to look at our surroundings and think about making it more appealing, comfortable, and functional. If you want to bring some freshness to your Chicago home’s look, you will be on the right track with our tips. Check out the following interior design trends we chose for you and get inspired!

#1 Get more colors to your home

Even though Chicago citizens love to decorate their homes with neutrals and pastels, we are beginning to see more interest in rooms with livelier colors. Jewel tones are popular like never before. The deep blue color is common in newly decorated Chicago homes. We can see a lot of blue shades in recently renovated homes, from baby blue to dark midnight blue.

Painting the walls and furnishing is one of the first things to do when moving to a new home. If you’re having a relocation in mind and a significant renovation coming along, we advise consulting professionals for the best results. Your time is your most valuable asset, so focus on what you do best and let professionals deal with their area of expertise. When moving away to/from/around Chicago, you can schedule a consultation at and choose one or more services they offer. Having help with packing, storing items, and transitioning your whole life to another place will let you remain focused on your plans on renovations and decorations for your new home.

A bright living room full of lively colored furniture
Blue color is currently the most popular one to decorate your home with

#2 Funky lighting 

When you find the right type of lighting for each room, it will not only be great decoration, but it will also influence your everyday habits and comfort. Chicago residents dare to move forward to more contemporary lighting to achieve the eclectic interiors often embraced these days. Choosing the light for a neutral room can be very inspiring, just like accessorizing your purely black outfit. Basic colors are a fantastic foundation for all kinds of jewelry and accents. You can choose something simple, plain, dramatic, funky, fancy… If you have a beautiful neutral room, don’t be afraid to spice it up with a unique light fixture, such as a posh lamp, crystal lamp, or even crystal chandeliers. Hand-blown glass lamps can also be one mesmerizing detail that will add a special note to your room.

Lighting is the right way to create a cool space that will feel really chic and modern, so don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative in your new Chicago home. When relocating to your ideal home, be sure to pack items you don’t want to damage carefully. These are items like the previously mentioned fragile lamps, but also canvas, wall art, other art pieces, valuable collections, etc.

Living room with blue wall, blue couch, and a lot of lights
Don’t be afraid to experiment with lights in your Chicago home

#3 Texture is an evergreen interior design trend

Textures will never go out of style, not in Chicago nor anywhere on the planet. It’s one of the decoration methods that please all ages. Now it’s again in the spotlight. You can find beautiful textures to cover your ceilings, floors, and walls. You can go for bricks, wood or natural stone. While bricks can give a “colder” impression to our rooms, wood and brown colored stones (from beige to caramel-colored ones to dark browns) bring us that “warmer” feel and look. A stone-clad wall behind a TV or a fireplace never goes out of fashion. With proper ambient LED lighting, it really creates one unique, magical feel. 

 A stone-clad wall with a TV and fireplace inside a beautiful room with brown color furniture, showcasing some of Chicago interior design trends
A stone-clad wall behind a TV or a fireplace is always a good choice and one of staple Chicago interior design trends

#4 3D wall panels

Blank walls deliver only a dull and boring look, while wall paneling can make your home look brighter and more spacious. Three-dimensional wall panels are a recent decoration concept that receives more and more attention, as it has become more affordable, appealing, and easy to install. It can make your rooms look impressive by amplifying the beauty of your space in a simple but elegant manner. Also, it will add an aura of sophistication.

3D wall panels are in great demand in Chicago these days, as one of the fantastic new interior design trends. They have an excellent ability to add to the décor of any space. It’s an effortless way to make your room warm and welcoming. They protect the walls, and they also provide good insulation – both thermal and acoustic. Their maintenance is easy, they are not too expensive, and they have proven to be very durable. 

You can find them in many varieties based on the core material used in their manufacturing, such as PE foam, vinyl, wood, leather or fabric padded, PVC, etc.

#5 Smart technology in your home interior

We live in a whole new era of smart devices. Did you know that by using smart technology systems in your home, you can automate, customize, and remotely control things like:

  • Lighting
  • Window blinds and curtains
  • Sound systems
  • Air temperature, humidity, scents
  • Appliances
  • Safety and security systems

…And many, many more. All the latest interior design trends reflect progress in technology. What is more, new-age modern devices and appliances are now becoming prominent pieces of our home’s interior. They serve form as well as function. With various brands competing in designing the best-looking humidifiers, smart mirrors, routers, and all other devices, it’s never been easier to enrich your home’s appearance with smart solutions. 

Smart home technology incorporated in the latest Chicago interior design trends
All the latest interior design trends in Chicago reflect progress in technology

Final thoughts

Don’t be afraid to experiment with these interior design trends to your heart’s delight. Your home’s comfort should always be your priority, so choose something that works for you, rather than just blindly following trends – they change very often. Use our suggestions as inspiration while staying true to your style.

Author bio:

Amanda Jefferson is an interior designer based in Chicago with eight years of experience. Her area of expertise is the incorporation of smart home solutions into our homes. Amanda likes meditating and enjoys long walks in nature.

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