5 Creative Wall Art Print Ideas to Give Your Home Décor A Personalized Touch

You might be tired of seeing that same old décor from ages in your living room or bedroom to give you a humdrum feel. There are a number of comments that you might be getting or thoughts that might be badgering your mind when you see the décor of your house, such as,

  • The walls look so empty!
  • There is a stagnant look of the room
  • The living room looks so lifeless!
  • Kids don’t like their room
  • How to show my love for art?
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And many more thoughts are even coming in your mind while reading this as well. So, I am here to give you a few ideas to use wall art prints or image to canvas and give a personalized feel. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the costly art-works or so-called interior marvels and art-pieces.

You can simply use your pictures also to decorate your home and adore them all day long. And even give your guests a chance to compliment your home decor skills. And to help you with that I am here to suggest you some awesome tricks to use your photos and elevate the mood of your room.

1. Make a photo wall in your bedroom

There can be nothing more interesting than saving one wall of your bedroom for your memories. Have a theme or just randomly place your favorite snaps by getting the image to canvas and cherish your memories whenever you look at them.


You can either get a canvas photo collage that stores all your memories in one frame. Or you can clad the entire wall with a number of images that show the journey of your story.


One more idea is that you can get your best picture printed in a big canvas and put it in the center of the wall.

2. A feature wall to click those perfect pictures

Are you the one who is always up for taking those perfect portraits to keep your social media game strong? Well, then I have got a perfect idea to get you the best picture every single time. Stack one of your walls with a beautiful wall art print that matches the color of your wall and complements your home décor as well.


You can even put a series of canvases that will enhance your pictures too and even you can put up new ones depending on your changing moods.

How about a huge print of your favorite artist, actor, theme, band, etc. that you love? Thus, you can show off your choice in the pictures as well.

3. Adding a fun element to the kid’s room

Kids love their room to be vibrant, colorful and full of fun elements. I suggest you can be a lot more creative when it comes to kids as there is so much you can experiment with. You can start by putting up a nice, cute picture of your kid in the room.


Another exciting idea is to make a virtual zoo by getting images of various animals on the walls of their room. How about a picture of their favorite animal?

I know the wheels of your mind are already churning, but there is one last idea that I would like to give you. Yes, you can clad the walls with their loved cartoon characters to make them happier.

4. Your living room needs a life

This thought comes to everyone’s mind at some point in time. The reason is that the living room is a place where you spend the maximum time and it is the place to entertain your guests too. You can add life to your living room in a number of ways and I would like to add some suggestions for you.

Add a panoramic canvas that will fill up that empty living room wall and give a feel to your living room. But you need to choose the canvas wisely depending on the feel that you want to give to your room.


Make a beautiful pattern with small canvases decked in the right fashion and create an artistic look.

5. Show your love for art with wall art canvas

Are you an art lover? What is waiting for then? Just browse through your favorite art pieces, get them printed on the wall art canvas and bam you are ready to flaunt your love for art.

I am sure there might be a favorite artist whom you adore the most. You can make a wall of all the best art piece of that artist and live a fan moment every day.


If you are an artist yourself then go for that one art-work that has inspired you the most in polishing your work more. This will serve the purpose of decorating your house, as well as getting a bit of inspiration every time you have a look at it.

So, now all you need to do is, get your creative shoes on and start your mission to provide your walls a life by adding the wall art canvases and collages on the wall.

I am sure you are excited to upgrade your home décor with these creative ideas to use wall art prints, canvas photo collage and more. There is no need for you to be an interior designer to add in the beauty of your home décor. Just follow your instinct and show-off your likes to get that “wow” factor to your home.

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