5 Decorative Lamp Styles To Upgrade Any Room

Choosing a decorative lamp style for the rooms in your home can be challenging when faced with such an array of options. Many lamps are suited to specific purposes, so understanding how to choose a lamp with a specific function in mind is essential. For example, if you’re seeking to light a whole room then an up-lighting floor lamp will be superior to a table lamp. Questions of design often come down to personal taste, but you will need a lamp that is in keeping with the themes of your interior design: is your home ruthlessly modernist or luxuriantly elegant? Fabrics, shades and shapes are all essential to consider.

This article assesses five of the most popular decorative lamp styles, covering a range of rooms and purposes. No matter where you need a lamp, with our help you’re going to be making a bright choice.

Arc Lamps

An arc lamp is a slender and elegant floor lamp, which means it’s portable and can be positioned to provide the perfect ambience of lighting to your room. The long arcing arm of this lamp, with the bulb at the end, can stretch away from its base so with an arc lamp you can light up your sofa or table from above whilst the body of the lamp stays out of the way.

Of all the decorative lamp styles, arc lamps have an especially beautiful look to them and fit perfectly into the main living spaces of your home – never out of place in your lounge or your snug. “Due to their dimensions they often sit in a delicate balance and can be easily knocked over,” says Toni Hill, decor expert at Write My Paper and State Of Writing. “It’s best to tuck them into the corner of a room, and if you have young kids or a hectic household this may not be the lamp for you!”

Tripod Lamps

Tripod lamps are a popular style of decorative lamp due to their architectural style and robust base. This is a floor lamp in the vein of the arc lamp as above, but their three-legged base is designed to provide great stability to the tall lamp. These lamps fit well into living spaces and bedrooms and can cast light into the farthest corners of these rooms.

What you gain in stability, however, you lose in space. The base of a tripod lamp takes up considerable space, and for that reason they may not be suited to cluttered homes or small apartments. Nevertheless, the functional, almost industrial style of the tripod lamp looks great in a modern home.

Buffet Lamps

The buffet lamp is a version of a table lamp – so typically it’ll be portable and effective at providing lighting to a portion of a room, rather than flooding the whole room with light. Whilst traditional table lamps are often designed as reading lights that you can nestle an armchair under and curl up with a book, this decorate lamp style is – you guessed it – designed to downlight a buffet, illuminating the array of food.

But you don’t need to be serving a buffet to enjoy the ambience of a buffet lamp. Their height compared to a regular table lamp makes them stand out and add style and elegance to any room. It’s a good lamp for your office or dining room, offering plenty of light without getting in the way.

Swinging Arm Lamps

This functional decorative lamp style is adjustable and flexible to suit the needs of any work or home space. The arm of this lamp can be swung and is often hinged, allowing you a great degree of versatility when lighting a space. This style of lamp is prevalent on desks but it also works great as a reading lamp in a cosy nook of your home.

David Robinson, writer at PaperFellows and Boomessays explains that “the lighting provided by a swinging arm lamp is concentrated on one spot, allowing you to focus on your work or your book. These lamps won’t light a whole room but work fantastically well in smaller spaces.”

Torchiere Floor Lamps

This is a popular decorative style of floor lamp found in many homes. The bulb is cradled in an elegantly designed basin – often stained or frosted glass – and this structure projects light up so that a torchiere floor lamp is guaranteed to provide a good amount of light to any space. Indeed, the torchiere lamp is often used as the sole source of light in a room, meaning you can ditch those ugly ceiling lights in favour of the sweeping elegant light emanating from this decorative lamp.

The danger of these lamps is that they are poised in a fine balance and easily knocked over – especially risky as the shade is usually made of glass. The Tiffany-style torchiere lamps come with a significant cost, so you’ll cringe if it ends up in pieces! They are, however, an especially elegant lamp and add a touch of class to any room.

Whether you’re shopping for a decorative lamp for the kitchen or the bedroom, this list will help you find the lamp for you. And remember, it’s not just about the purpose of the lamp, but practical considerations about who lives in your home will be just as important. With kids or pets careering around, try a sturdier lamp. Use our tips to pick the perfect lamp in a flash.

Katherine Rundell is a writer at Do My Assignment and Academized services. She is an interior designer and tends towards functional, modern styles. Katherine is also a blogger at Essayroo.com.

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