5 Design Ideas for a Neat and Stylish Bathroom

Designing a brand new bathroom or redesigning an old one is not a small feat. Above all, you want a functional and practical bathroom. Then, you can think about the style and layout that matches your taste. Without any ado, let’s dive into some creative ideas for a neat and stylish bathroom.

1. Every Bathroom Should be Relaxing


Bathrooms are for hygiene and bodily functions, that’s clear to everybody. Still, many bathrooms are not very comfortable or relaxing. You need peace and space for the previously mentioned activities. Make sure that your bathroom layout is decluttered. Don’t install bathtubs, shelves, or anything else that takes up too much space, if it isn’t necessary. 

Also, try not to make the toilet your bathroom’s centrepiece. Sure, you should dedicate enough space to it, and use a comfortable toilet, but the bathroom shouldn’t revolve around it. Try to make the tub or shower the central part of the bathroom (not literally in the centre), and place other objects around the edges. Always measure the sizes of everything in your bathroom and make sure that it fits. You don’t need a huge bathtub, why not use a shower instead? Also, think about the size and height of the sink, the tile sizes, etc.

2. Mind the Lighting

Many people completely disregard the lighting in a bathroom. You can make a bathroom properly lit fairly easily. If you can, place a tiny window in your bathroom. Regardless of you have a window or not, make sure that the room is well-lit. You can achieve that with proper placement and mirrors. This will ensure that the light isn’t casting a shadow. 

Having a mirror or several mirrors in the centre of a bathroom is always a good idea. The mirrors are usually above the sink, which makes sense. However, some people prefer placing the sink in the corner of a bathroom, which isn’t a good spot for a mirror. If you have a small bathroom, you want a mirror in the centre, and even use a stretched one, so more than one person can use it, and it will make your bathroom appear more spacious. 

3. Tile Choice


The choice of tiles in the bathroom is very important. They need to be in-between, neither rough nor smooth. You don’t want them to be slippery, which is the case with smooth tiles. On the other hand, rough tiles are harder to maintain. Now that we’ve got technicalities out of the way, let’s talk style. Tiles are a key ingredient to a stylish bathroom. 

Make sure that everything matches. So, if you’re going for a serious, luxurious look, pick plain white or black tiles. You can also pick different textures and patterns appealing to your taste. Try to match the colours of the tiles with the rest of the bathroom. Sometimes, a vintage look is not bad at all. If you have old tiles, and nothing is wrong with them, consider keeping them for the retro finish.

4. Waterproofing


If you want a neat bathroom, you must waterproof it properly. Water is the biggest hazard in the bathroom. It can destroy the paint, the tiles, or anything else if you don’t mind it. So, make sure to get an expert to waterproof your bathroom to prevent any possible damage. Also, hire professional electricians and plumbers to make sure that all utilities are safe and correctly installed. If you want to prevent any water damage, you need to be smart about drying and have multiple exits for any moisture.

5. Invest Smart

We already mentioned some important investments you need to make in the previous section. If you want to have a stylish and elegant bathroom, you need some pieces to be luxurious. What better piece than the toilet? We mentioned already how it’s important to be comfortable and relaxed in your bathroom activities.

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Finally, you can see that it’s important to have a functioning, but also a stylish bathroom. Having just one of these things doesn’t cut it. Be careful about spacing, lighting, waterproofing, and utilities, and finally, add a splash of colour and style to your bathroom.

Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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