5 “Global” Home Design Trends

Decorating is a little bit imagination and a little bit inspiration. Searching wide and far for interior design inspiration may be the exact thing that will inspire more creativity for your home design project.

Whether you’re thinking of ideas for a future reno, or maybe you are just looking to simplify updates to your homes interior, or perhaps you are in the process of a complete redesign, here’s what’s trending around the world of interior design.



Open Plan Kitchens are not particularly new in the United States, and they are having somewhat of a surge in popularity overseas in many European markets.  How we think about kitchens and the raw materials we use, and the overall affect that design will have on our lives.

Spaces tend to be much smaller in Europe, but more and more they are opening their kitchens up to their living rooms and their dining rooms — leaving no more walls dividing the two rooms. The kitchen used to be viewed as a practical utility area of the home where the food was prepared and it was not really meant to be seen, now we like showing off our kitchens as a stylish and welcoming part of the homes design.


Today, here in the United States and in other areas of the world we all want to socialize, gather and share quality time with our friends and family. And open kitchen designs can accomplish that by partially separating the connecting room with see-through panels or half-walls. Merging the living room with the kitchen often inspires creative solutions like designs with more elegant cabinetry etc.., that will complement today’s style of the living rooms.


In earlier years, the grand homes in England would design their homes with an upstairs/downstairs mentality, so there was usually a service staff downstairs busy preparing food in the kitchen. They would have gatherings of pre-dinner drinks in the drawing room prior to moving into the dining room for dinner, and then after that they would gather in another area like the billiards room for instance.


These days kitchens are appropriately designed on the ground floor of most homes, with larger, wide open kitchens/dining rooms, with beautiful pendant lights and chandeliers coordinating between the two areas, which have become the standard. This permits the host to be prepare dinner in her beautiful kitchen while also being able to socialize with guests who are gathering in the diningroom.


These kitchen/dining room designs often venture onto the terrace or out in to a garden, so we are seeing homeowners get a better use of their space out of these open designs. Becoming the center of contemporary style and living; the dinner table is not just used to eat dinner, but it is also utilized for playing games, kids homework, reading the newspaper, and so on.


Multi purpose furniture solutions are also popular. And work from home families, we’re seeing more multi purpose tables and dining tables with hidden electric outlets and USB ports, so families can have workspaces during the day and dinner at night.


Decluttering with clever storage ideas are popular, especially in Europe where living spaces tend to be somewhat smaller.

Under the bed is also a popular place for extra storage, with corner shelving on each end of the bedroom or in false ceilings, or maybe a storage bench sits at the foot of the bed to provide better storage. Some more creative storage solutions can even take the form of custom cabinetry and invisible panels with storage space behind it, which is growing in popularity.

Timeworn Materials


Designing a safe and comfortable home is of the utmost importance here as well as around the world. The upholstery fabric of choice is still velvet, which is very evident when we attend furniture trade shows from High Point. N.C. to Paris, and interior designs are soft with plush upholstery and fabrics are becoming more popular.


There is a resurgence back to more rustic materials, with a higher heirloom quality to the interiors, featuring designers — whose goods bear the marks of their hand signatures and those small imperfections that add a designer element to the peice. There’s definitely a rise in designer products. Consumers want to know the authenticity or confirmation of the quality of the peices they acquire.


Materials such as onyx, bronze, and marble have naturally aged surfaces and can be considered upper end. These materials are trending because homeowners recognize the quality craftsmanship that goes into these precious materials; this attention to fine detail is what people pay for. Materials that are warm, tangible,  and considerably more appealing than laminates, plastics, and so on.

Another important part of any good remodel or redesign is your lighting plan. You should choose a nice combination of coordinating ceiling lights, chandeliers, living room table lamps, and there are endless styles of wood floor lamps to choose from that go well with these trending styles.

Scandanavian wood is not just for the flooring but a is also a popular style in furniture, which is trending as well.

Wood is popular nearly everywhere in home design, even for bathrooms where in the past it was difficult to imagine having a bathroom floor that is wood.


Mindfulness In Design

Marble is  a standard classic material that’s also resurging in popularity. The production of marble has become so advanced and skilled which is a great fit in more affluent contemporary homes.”


Widespread concerns about spirituality and wellness promotes new found self-care procedures for the bathroom as well as the bathroom. We’re seeing a focus on experiences for the senses such as color, scent, and sound—previously only  found in spas—now are an everyday appeal for the home. Smart technology systems allow for a more advanced sensory atmosphere in the home and also use colors for chromatherapy.

The rise of health, mindfullness and wellness as a  trend is an influencing factor for millennials especially. Plants in the home are no longer just for the window sill or terrace, now they’re everywhere, such as in the shower, bathtub, or hanging overhead.

Having a garden is a good way to be more mindful and healthier. Plants give the home a warmer cozy feel, and they also reduce stress levels and provide a calmer environment.


Another stress reducer is creating a spa like experience in your home. We see the spa trend more and more in private homes as well as on yachts, and now having a masseuse come to your home or boat is easier than ever. 

Another self-care decor trend is having a dressing room, which can be a great place to lay out clothes, comfortably display your favorite  items, while taking your time getting  dressed. It’s a nice and relaxing experience instead of just another task to do before whatever a busy life has in store.


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