5 Ideas on How to Decorate Your Bathroom with Wood

Unlike before, today homeowners are embracing the use of wood in decorating their bathrooms. Thanks to the advent of technology, nowadays, wood comes well protected to prevent it from being damaged by humidity and splashing water from our showers.

Besides, innovations for the best wood treatments are still surfacing every day. Professionals argue that pre-finished hardwood floors and polyurethane coatings are more resilient from getting damaged by water than past years.


But this doesn’t mean that you should become careless with the wood in your bathroom. You need to take proper care of the wood found in your bathroom and you should be cautious while dealing with a wet floor. But you shouldn’t be afraid of using wood in your bathroom. Truth be told, wood is trendy and luxurious.


Wood provides an esthetic appeal for your bathroom or home interior, more than any other material. You have a bathroom and are wondering how to decorate it with wood. Luckily, in this article, you shall get enlightened on how to use wood to make your bathroom more attractive. But before that, let’s look at the reasons why you would want to use wood to decorate your bathroom (read more about bathroom decoration here: https://my-home-zen-spa.com/bathroom/).

Fantastic Reasons to Use Wood for Bathroom Decoration

       I.           Warmth

Wood is renowned for its warm texture when touched.

     II.           Aesthetics

The wood’s surface comes unrepeatable and unique. Its imperfections, color difference, holes of various sizes and designs, and grains make the wood offer a perfect surface. It is appealing to the eyes.

   III.           Scent

The wood smell stimulates your nose and helps in making you relaxed and refreshed. It also helps in absorbing odors, making your bathroom smell fresh.

   IV.           Exclusiveness

Wood comes from various tree species. It is the reason wooden surfaces come with unbeatable elegance.

     V.           Modifiable

Luckily, you can modify various wood species to become more robust and more durable through impregnation technology. Until recently, varnishes got used as wood preservatives. But because they didn’t work so well, more solutions got invented over the years. It is the reason today you can use wood in your bathroom. Most of these solutions are wax and oil-based, giving your bathroom wood finish a beautiful finish. The wood is also easy to clean and enjoys long-lasting protection from these solutions.

   VI.           Various Wood Types

Wood comes in multiple types that suit different parts of your bathroom. For example, you should avoid using soft resinous wood near the shower on your bathroom floor. With the many wood types available around the world, some species cope well in humid or wet conditions. Impressively, such wood also matches your bathroom’s interior décor and taste. The bamboo, teak, and oak are a great choice of wood to use in your bathroom.


The benefits derived from decorating a bathroom with wood may lure you into wanting to use wood to improve your bathroom’s appearance and status. But you may get stuck on how to do it. Fortunately, we carried intense research on the best ways one can decorate a bathroom using wood. We were able to come up with the best five ideas on how wood can get used in improving a bathroom’s look. Here are the opinions;

How to Improve a Bathroom’s Look Using Wood.

1.      On the Bathroom Floor

Using wood on a bathroom floor makes the room feel warm. Unfortunately, you can’t put just any wood material on your bathroom floor. As an enthusiastic homeowner, make sure to choose the right type wood for your bathroom floor. The kind of wood you choose will depend on your budget and preference, but whatever you go for, it must be ideal for a bathroom floor.


If your budget is tight, consider cheaper wood options but only if they are suitable  for bathroom flooring. For example, you can use reclaimed wood. It is affordable and excellent for bathroom floors. Bamboo is also great to install on floors in humid bathrooms (see examples on pinterest). It is essential to apply appropriate polyurethane layers during installation for the kind of wood you choose for your bathroom floor. This provides protection against humidity and water.

2.      Around Tubs and Sinks

It may not be wise to choose a wooden basin or tub, but incorporating wood around your sinks and tubs may work out fine. Manufacturers have perfected the art of decorating bathrooms using wood around the sinks and tubs. They use top-high technologies for preserving wood. But still, you need to be aware of the kind of wood you choose to place around your sink or tub. Hardwoods are recommended as best to use.

If you still need a wooden washbowl, it should get made with well-protected hardwood. Tubs and basins made with recycled wood or plywood end up absorbing too much water. After a short time, they become useless. When choosing what wooden tub or hand basin to go with, but pay attention to the manufacturer and only go for a product from a reputable dealer.

The wooden sink or tub, or the wood to place around them should come with protective and proper finishing. For example, wax oil or quartz. Consider installing a wooden counter-top with a dark wooden washbowl and tub for an attractive appearance. Always be sure to keep your wooden sink, tub, and surrounding wood clean and dry.

3.      Freestanding Units

Fortunately, wood is very versatile and portrays its beauty in many ways. It is not a must to use wood on your bathroom floors, or walls to look great. You can opt to place it in a freestanding unit. For example, a wooden buffet table with drawers and shelves can look divine.

Alternatively, you can place a wooden piece in a strategic corner with enough space under it. Then place beautiful baskets for storing things under the piece while you utilize its top for accenting your other items.

Also, next to your bathtub, you can add in a small wooden stool.

The size will help save space as it brings out a sense of nature. Also, its wooden accent will help warm the space. Your bathroom will also look great, and you’ll have a useful accessory to use while in the bathroom.

4.      Use Light Wood for the Frames

For your bathroom’s frames out of reach from water, use lighter wood to improve your bathroom’s attractive appearance. For example, for your door and cabinet frames. You can also use light wood on your bathroom shelves’ base.

Try to be creative in incorporating wood in your structures throughout the bathroom. The light wood will tie in with your bathroom’s brightness, making it look gorgeous.

5.      Mix It Up

Wood comes in many various types. Try mixing them up in multiple places in your bathroom. For example, you can mix in a dark-toned shelf with light wood vanity. If your bathroom is small, the wood can be lighter and will be dominant. Then use the darker wood types as a way of reducing the excess light in the space.

For instance, you can install a dark wooden walnut display cabinet directly on to your bathroom wall. Such a piece of furniture is not only unique but also will look lovely in any bathroom. Try thinking out side of the box when looking for the wooden items to use in decorating your bathroom.



As mentioned above, you can now comfortably use wood to decorate your bathroom. Fortunately, wood comes in many various types, and you get to choose what wood to use depending on its availability, suitability, preference, and budget. With improved technology, almost any kind of wood can be used to enhance the appearance of any bathroom. It only needs to be well protected from being damaged by humidity or water. Also, most wood used in bathrooms today last longer and give an attractive appeal to the bathroom. If you want to decorate your bathroom using wood and have no clue as to what to do, use the ideas described above as your starting point.



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