5 Steps to Imbue Your Home with Hollywood Glamour

Elegant chic is the first phrase that comes to mind when you mention Hollywood glamour, and it should be your guiding star when you’re envisioning your own home imbued with this style. With too many different decor directions one can take, this one is as timeless as it gets.

You want a living room so smashingly stunning that the Great Gatsby himself would feel at home stepping inside your place. You want your bathroom so flawlessly sparkly that you’d feel comfortable moving into your bathtub for a week. The famous Hollywood Regency look is as much about the feel as it is about the look – so make sure you’re ready to invest energy into creating the right atmosphere as well.

Now, before you start buying crystal chandeliers and luxe royal blue sofas, let’s go over a few crucial details that will determine precisely how you can add this timeless design and use it to transform your own home. Here are the five ways to achieve that while also ensuring a unique, authentic look,


Pick an opulent color scheme

When you think Hollywood, simplicity is hardly your first association. And yet, when it comes to color schemes this design approach appreciates the most, that is precisely what you should aim for: a simple, tri-tone look with a sophisticated base. Let’s start with your foundation or the hues that will serve as the key undertone of your entire home. Many home-owners pick something on the grey scale since any dark, deep gray color can serve as the ideal, sophisticated basis that goes wonderfully with all accents your heart may desire.

Black and white would be another, Cruella-like way to go, but you can soften the contrast with a third, more vivid hue. Charmingly elegant golden tones are perfect in this respect, while tranquil ivory is reserved for your bedroom. Turquoise is another accent to consider, although darker, more royal tones will also provide you with a truly regal feel.


Go with glam-worthy lighting

You cannot expect the classy gloss of your finishing touch to be the only source of illumination, so, you need a prominent chandelier for your living area, with added lighting sources strategically placed around your home. Massive windows letting in plenty of natural light should be enough for your daytime lounging, but evenings do require a more refined selection of unimposing wall scones, or even floor lamps for those long nights by the fire.

Remember that the added lights can serve as the most striking features of any room, while they can simultaneously complement the Hollywood glamour appeal with subtle brilliance, or even expand a space when placed in the right corner of the room.


Devote your time to your grooming area

A pivotal part of your home that needs a touch of Hollywood elegance is your bathroom. This is a room where a sense of simplicity paired with elegance should dominate, with pure white or soothing gray as your main color of choice. However, furnishing your bathroom with the right pieces is equally essential. For starters, breaking the typical pattern of an ordinary home means adding modern freestanding baths as the epitome of elegance, and as the focal point of your grooming space.

Let those 20s and 30s roar through your lovely bathroom with the right choice of sparkly finishes, such as golden or silver edges around your mirror area, or replacing your ordinary beauty elements with glass holders and bottles. While there’s no room for any plastic in a Hollywood-infused bathroom, rest assured that touch of the crystal is certainly a bold choice. Finally, if the outcome feels too cold, a warm rug of a quirky shape will do the trick.


Texture and fabric for your boudoir

Warmth, relaxation, and serenity are the key descriptors for any modern bedroom. However, one decorated in the spirit of Hollywood also requires relentless attention to detail and a focus on all your senses. To imbue softness and warmth, go for textured fabrics such as velvet (perfect particularly due to its glossy finish), especially for the curtains for your expansive bedroom windows.

Silk and satin are ideal for bedding, once again giving unparalleled shimmer of a polished, comfortable room. Using various materials that have that subdued luster instead of overly-reflective surfaces we’d gladly use for a bathroom or a kitchen helps bring balance to your glamorous home, and the bedroom is the best place for achieving such harmony.


Add curves and bold shapes throughout

Contemporary homes and typically modern decor directions almost exclusively rely on sharp edges and clean cuts in their choice of form. Hollywood Regency, however, is much bolder with using softer curves and unexpected lines all throughout the home to achieve a smoother, more refined look and feel. It also lets you infuse your rooms with a more playful note, one that will reflect your character, and not result in yet another template design.

To make sure you do not go overboard with shapes, find a select few that are in line with your preferences, and use them in your overall approach. That will give a sense of unity and flow through your home design. Look into shapely desks for your study, curvy carpets, or even something with plenty of uneven angles to mimic the multi-layered crystal gleam of your chandelier. Curves and circular forms will add a tender touch to a sharp room, while these edgy forms will add excitement.


Hollywood-inspired glamour is by far one of the boldest decor approaches for a modern household. Use these tips, and you will succeed in creating a harmonious atmosphere with the most timeless elements of this striking, luxurious style.

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