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5 Unique Ways To Organize Your Kitchen To Get More Space

There can be nothing more disturbing than having to work in a messy, untidy and disorganized kitchen. For every home cook, the kitchen is a sanctuary and must be kept neat at all times.

 The kitchen is a sanctuary and must be kept neat at all times

But we do understand how hard it might get sometimes to keep it organized. The problem of not being able to find something when you need it in the kitchen or having little space to work in is very relatable.

The kitchen holds so much stuff that it easily gets messy and crowded and eventually very difficult to cook in comfortably. Hence, it is evident that you try your utmost to keep the kitchen prearranged.

Great tips just for you so that your kitchen can look its best and you can work efficiently

The idea might seem a little overwhelming to tidy up the kitchen and maintain that but we have got some great tips just for you so that your kitchen can look its best and you can work efficiently there.

Below we have listed five easily achievable kitchen organization techniques and tips that will not only help you to have a tidier kitchen but also enhance the look of it. So, without any further delay let’s get into the article.

Organize the drawers using lidded containers

Organize the drawers using lidded containers

This is a great and efficient way of keeping your kitchen drawers organized plus makes it a ton easier to find the tiny things. The junk drawers in the kitchen tend to get very overcrowded and messy easily and it becomes difficult to keep a track of things in there.

But these little lidded jars will help you avoid all that mess and hassle. All you have to do is place similarly categorized items in each of the jars and put them in the drawer in an organized manner.

This way it will be very easy to find things and the drawers will be neat and spacious. You can save a lot of space in the kitchen drawers in this way to fit other necessary items.

Get the jars that come along with a transparent lid instead of an opaque one. That way the moment you will open the drawers you will be able to see the items in each of the jar form the top.

Use magazine holders to hold the cutting boards

Use magazine holders to hold the cutting boards 

The cutting board is one of those items that you use every day to prepare for the meals but it does sometimes become a matter of hassle to keep it in a convenient place in the kitchen.

Cutting boards are bigger sized items in the kitchen and eat up a lot of kitchen top space unless you have a separate cutting board holder, which we all know, doesn’t come cheap.

Not everyone is willing to pay that much money to invest in an expensive kitchen rack to hold the cuttingboards. But what if we told you that you can make your own cutting board holder with only a few bucks.

Get some magazine holders and hook them inside the kitchen cabinets and use them as your cutting board holders. They are great for supporting the cutting board and doesn’t block the workspace once you are done working with it.

Use hooks to hand any item you can in the kitchen

Use hooks to hand any item you can in the kitchen

Adhesive hooks are a simple and clever way of organizing the kitchen effortlessly. There are so many things around the kitchen that comes with the option of being hung in the hooks around the kitchen.

From cleaning towels to large sized ladles and spoons or spatulas, you can hand them all to avoid your kitchen from getting messy and crowded. You can stick these hooks on the inner side of the kitchen cabinets or cupboards and hang the beater hooks or hooks for kneading doughs.

You can hand your kitchen apron and bags in these hooks as well.

Reuse the baking powder jars

Reuse the baking powder jars

Never throw away the empty baking powder jars. These are one of the most amazing things to store tiny bits and bobs and other useful items in the kitchen.

Instead of keeping that large packet of flour open in the display try to use these baking powder jars as a smaller and more compact sized container for the flours.

Fill them up with flour or any other food that you purchase in larger quantity and store it in them. That way you won’t have to face the hassle of taking the huge packet of flour out every time you need it and it will save tons of space plus give an organized outlook to your kitchen.

Use a large cake pan to store all your spice containers in

Spice jars always tend to get scattered in separate cabinets around the kitchen and it becomes so inconvenient to find them from the different place while cooking.

Not only does it messes up the kitchen but also makes it difficult to cook with ease hence it is ideal to keep all the spices in a single place where you can easily find them all.

Accumulate all the tiny spice jars and put them all in a single large cake pan. That way all the spices will be in a single place plus the small containers looks so much more organized and cute stacks in the cake pan.


It is nearly impossible to work with ease if the kitchen is messy and have all item scattered in different places. These tips will surely help you to improve your kitchen outlook and give it a chic and organized appearance plus make it more spacious.

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