6 Amazing Ways to Decorate Interior With Neon Lights

Are you looking for a way to lighten up your space? Are you a fan of flashy neon club lights? The good news is that neon lights are no longer reserved for signs and clubs; they can be a part of your room decor. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, so whether you are looking for a neon pink flamingo or a sign that says “love,” it is all doable. If you need a bit of inspiration, we have a few recommendations that will show you how to style neon lights in your home.


How to Style With Neon Lights

No matter how big your room is, neon lights are always going to steal the show when they are on. It is hard not to notice them. You can keep them on during the day and evenings, but they cannot completely replace your regular lighting. Consider them more like a piece of flashy decor rather than a legit source of light. Neon lights will bring fun, style, and character to any space, so let’s see what the options for decorating with them are.

Meaningful Words


Most people like neon signs that simply represent one word that is important to them. Usually, those are words like love, family, hello, welcome, etc. These words are short but powerful, and they can create a positive mood in your home, which is why they are so popular. You can hang them in your living room or bedroom. Please pay attention to the font as well, depending on your preference, because it also impacts on the overall effect.

Popular Quotes

popular quotes

Everyone has a motto or a quote that can describe their life philosophy or remind us of the things we went through. Some people like to tattoo those quotes, but if you are not into that, you can order a custom neon light saying, for example, carpe diem, dream on, good vibes only, live laugh love, etc. It can be a great motivation message to hang above your work desk or bed headboard. Besides the font, the choice of color is essential for these phrases, so choose wisely.

Accent Other Objects With Neon Lights

If you do not need any flashy messages around your house, you can use these lights to accent other items in your home. Whether it is a painting that could use some back-light or a piece of furniture, and even your wardrobe. Everything can look more modern once you frame it with neon lights, so it is a great way to enhance your interior design.

Futuristic Design

If you are really into neon lights, you can transform your entire room into one futuristic capsule. Use some vertical bars to decorate your gaming room, man cave, or bedroom. Be careful when installing multiple neon lights, and do not do it by yourself. A professional electrician will know how to connect everything safely and correctly.

Creative Symbols


Sometimes words are unnecessary, and a well-shaped neon sign can do the magic, whether you are looking for a heart, pink flamingo, cacti, cloud, Christmas tree, or something else. These signs can be smaller and serve as an excellent accessory and night light located on your bed table or work desk. But they can also come as a large-scale artwork that can serve as a wall decoration in your hallway or living room.

Neon Wall Art


If you are bold enough and looking for something fresh and modern for your walls, you can use metal signs with lights. They also come in all sizes, but in this case, the bigger, the better. A metal surface can serve as a great background for a powerful message written with neon lights, or for a colorful sign that will completely change the atmosphere of your living room.

How Neon Lights are Made

Have you ever wondered how these lights are made? Why are they so bright and how they can adjust to any shape? What is the difference between them and the regular bulbs? Well, neon lights used to be made with neon gas, but that is now used only for making red and orange colors. Most of the neon lights we see today contain some type of Argon-Neon gas mixtures.

Different colors are achieved by coloring the glass tube from the inside with various phosphorescent materials. The glass used for this kind of light is very soft lead glass that is easy to bend, and on both ends, there are electrodes. Before they insert the gas, they must pump out all the air from the tube.

All tube bending is done by hand, and the tricky part is that these manufacturers are not wearing any gloves, because they have to feel the heat in order to know when they can bend the tube without breaking it. So it is a delicate process, but the result is beautiful every time.

The Bottom Line

Whether it is a cactus or just a “hello” hanging on your wall, you have to admit these signs are real eye-catchers and conversation starters because everyone would like to know where did you find it. Most people focus on their living room and bedroom when decorating with these lights, but you can also add them to your kitchen or bathroom, why not. It is so easy to style with them because depending on the color and the size, these neon signs can completely change the vibe of any room.

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