6 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Create A Clean Environment Inside Your Home

If you’re a proud owner of an apartment or a house, you know that it keeping it clean can at times turn out to be more difficult than you have anticipated. (Especially if you have pets or kids. Or, pets AND kids.)

Heck, even if you don’t have those two lovable pests, keeping your place tidy and clean can be a challenge.

That said, one of the best ways to push through a particularly nasty home cleanup session is – not to have one in the first place.

Genius logic, right there.

The idea behind this immaculate line of thinking is to minimize the amount of trash and clutter you, your family members, and pets accumulate on a day-to-day basis, and with it, reduce the number of times you’d have to pick up the broom and the vacuum cleaner, as well.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what you can do to make your home-sweet-home a clean and sanitary environment where you’ll be happy to come to after a hard day’s work.

Right then folks, without further ado, here’s the deal.

6 Ways To Create A Clean Environment Inside Your Home


1) Don’t Allow Dirt to Enter Home

As we’ve already mentioned in the introduction to this text, prevention is half the cure, so if you’re looking for a way to make your house clean without having to invest too much effort into it – prevent outside dirt and other pollutants from entering your home.


Now, in order to get rid of this source of pollution, so to speak, you might want to install some doormats. These can be placed both inside and outside of your front door, so you can maximize their effectiveness. Ultimately, it pays off much more to simply clean these two (if you do get two at once) every once in a while, than be forced to clean your entire house, instead.

Other than that, brick floors are great for attracting dirt themselves, so even if you and your guests do enter the house with your dirty shoes on, chances are – most of it is going to come off right away.

2) Avoid Toxic Chemicals


This one may sound a tad counter intuitive, but plenty of the chemicals used in conventional cleaning solutions can present a health risk for your family members and your pets. Of course, these are not polonium-kind of toxic, but they can cause allergies and other minor symptoms if you don’t rinse your floors after mopping them with water and chemical solutions, for example.

Instead of these cleaning solutions, you can opt for natural ones such as the age-old vinegar + water grout-cleaning concoction, or a baking soda-based one, to name a few. If you don’t have time for this, you can always hire a team of people providing professional cleaning services, who can do the cleaning for you. 

3) Aerate Your Rooms Often

Have you ever seen a bunch of particles floating in the air when you’re sitting in a dimly-lit room and there are a couple of sun rays seeping through?

Well, those are all dead skin particles and other pollutants that will inevitably end up on your floor, unless you do something concrete to get rid of them. The easiest way to get rid of most of these without having to pick them up from off the floor would be to simply open your windows. The air draft will suck them out on their own. 


Also, having live plants in your home serve as natural air filters, and many plants are very effective absorbents of unhealthy pollutants emitted from your carpet, furniture, and electronics. So clean up your indoor air quality and go “green” in your home by filling your home with Boston ferns, rubber plants, spider plants, and palm trees.

4) Consider Installing a Kitchen Backs-plash


One of the toughest rooms in the house to clean would certainly be the kitchen.

Since it has to do with food preparation and disposal of food scraps, if you don’t take care of it well, it can become the cockroach central and the hub of all sorts of foul unsanitary infestations quite quickly.

The first step for accomplishing this would be to install a kitchen backs-plash – the part of your wall that is directly connected to the working surface. This way, no food scraps or liquids can fall behind your working surface and so create a potential mess you can’t reach.

5) Keep Your Basement Dry


Since the basement of the house is below the ground level, it has a special knack for attracting moisture, cold temperatures, and mold. From here, all of these nasty things can creep up to your ground-level rooms, which then creates a bigger problem.

Remember, insulating your basement and keeping it dry is not only going to protect the basement and its contents – but the entire house.

6) Avoid Rugs or Install Outdoor Rugs


It’s not a secret that rugs represent the item in your house that tends to attract most of the dust, dirt, and other particles over time – and thus needs to be cleaned the most often.

So, if you want to get rid of this annoying practice, you have to options: 1) get rid of as many rugs and carpets as you can, and 2) use tough outdoor rugs instead of the indoor ones. Outdoor rugs can take a proper beating, so to speak, and still look good afterward, so you won’t need to clean them as often as you’d need to take care of the indoor ones.

All in all, ensuring your house is clean and well-maintained at all times isn’t nuclear science. As long as you follow some common-sense solutions, prevent most of the dirt from entering your house in the first place, and opt for natural cleaning solutions instead of the conventional ones – you have a pretty good chance of keeping your house clean and sanitary at all times. Mankind has made great advancements in the development of ways to create better air quality for indoor spaces. Today, modern conveniences are taken for granted, and some of these conveniences can introduce harmful chemicals, germs, and dangerous safety risks into the home. Take more care to create a safe haven in your abode.

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