7 Design Ideas To Cozy Up Your Living Room

In every part of the Northern Hemisphere; it’s winter. The weather is cooler for everyone, from California to New York and from North Dakota to Florida. Some may be colder than others, but there’s one thing we all have in common: the desire to stay inside and stay warm!  Read more to find design ideas to cozy up your living room.

Living Room Design Ideas

This is the time of year when our homes become our haven. Going out to work is one thing, going out for a walk is another. When the comfort of your living room is the comfort that you crave, how do you know if your living room is up to the task of being lived-in? Whether you are spending a quiet evening alone with a book, or having a bunch of friends over for game night, the living room should be cozy and warm in the wintertime. If you have a fireplace, don’t be afraid to use it as nothing evokes comfort quite like a blazing fire. But if you don’t, here are 7 ways to make up for it.

1) Comfy Furniture

If you are a classic, antique lover, your furniture might reflect that. You might take great pride in the delicate pieces you’ve collected over the years that look great, but don’t allow for comfortable seating. You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a new over sized set, but buying a comfy love seat or an over sized chair can round out the area perfectly. Otherwise, try adding a few large and snugly throw pillows to the sofa you have to make it more inviting.


2) Rugs

If there’s one thing that always gets cold, it’s feet. If you have hardwood floors in your living room, we can only imagine the beauty. But those hardwoods can be chilly! Cozy up the room by purchasing area rugs that are full of shag and swag. Pick a pattern that compliments the décor, or go out and get a wintery pattern that can be rolled and stored in the spring. Meanwhile, grab a few pretty and comfy throw blankets that can be used for warming cold tootsies and hands.

3) The Right Light

If you’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again; the right lighting makes all of the difference. Choose several pieces so that you have an option for the right mood. Brighter floor lamps can be turned on for game night, such as the Calogero Bronze Arc floor lamp by Uttermost that takes up to a 100 watt bulb. Smaller table lamps can set a more subtle and relaxed tone. For cozy lighting, Wildwood makes several wood-based lamps, such as the rustic Georges Brass Bookplate, or an Ana Wood Modern.


4) Conversation Pieces

Though clutter is the last thing that your living room needs, a few pieces that are grouped the right way can make it feel lived in and comfortable. Bonus: they also provide conversation fodder to keep discussions flowing freely. The key is to keep it minimal. If you have a collection, choose only a few of the most unique pieces for display. Family photos in pretty frames can also be perfect, but again, don’t pick every single picture in your album. Stick with the ones that are truly meaningful.

5) Skip Bare Walls

Bare walls are boring, no matter how delightful the color of your paint scheme. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to keep them cozy in the wintertime. If you have large windows, look for thick, floor-to-ceiling curtains in luxe designs that will do double-duty by keeping the cold drafts out and the warmth in. You can also put up some seasonal décor in dark, rich tones perfect for the winter. Artwork is always in fashion, even if it’s just a few well-placed Italian Garden themed lithographs by Chelsea House.


6) Put Up Your Feet

Consider a few footstools to put up your feet and relax. You can purchase a few decorative footstools, but anything can be used for this purpose, as long as it’s sturdy and comfy. Even a milk crate with a pillow on top can be used. Ottomans are always great for your living room, plus they serve as extra storage space for pillows, blankets, or games if you pick one that opens.

7) Remember The Essentials

With the winter blues descending on everyone right about now, be sure that you stock up on non-perishable foods and drinks so that guests have something to nosh on. A few bottles of wine can’t hurt, either! And never underestimate the power of candles. Placed around your living room they can make everything even cozier. However, when sudden winter storms blow, candles can also light the way if the power goes out.

Keep your living room cozy and enjoyable while awaiting the spring thaw. Chances are, it’ll be here before you know it!

Photo Source:  HGTV

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