7 ideas on how to make your home improvement as stress-free as possible

Sooner or later, we all face the need to undertake a home improvement project. Most people admit that those projects can bring on a lot of tension. Multiple factors, from planning and finalizing the budget to finding the right contractors, can contribute to remodeling stress. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

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We know it can be challenging to have parts of your house torn up and lose some of your home’s habitual spaces. However, surviving a renovation successfully needs advance planning. Here are five simple but effective ideas to ensure your home improvement process goes smoothly. 

Common Renovation Pain Points

Any home improvement project creates disturbances to the family routine. Knowing the most common pain points may help people to manage them properly and make the whole process less stressful. Let’s figure out what challenges most homeowners face while renovating their living spaces. 

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  • Money

Spending associated with home renovation is one of the most common reasons for stress and frustration among homeowners. Very few people have an unlimited budget to spend on remodeling, that’s why the money problem is particularly acute. However, it’s hard to know in advance what costs will accrue. Even an experienced contractor who lays out a budget can predict unexpected complications or issues. 

  • Time

The timeline never quite works out. You never know when your workers won’t show, repair parts you ordered will be delayed, or what processes will take longer than they should. People who are starting home improvement just need to accept the fact that such projects usually take more time and cost more than expected. 

  • Dust everywhere 

During a remodeling project, dust is particularly abundant. Silica from drywall, particles from old paint — all of this may be in your home (and lungs). Living in a messy place can be tough, especially for people who are used to caring about cleanliness and having lots of fresh air. Although you can’t eliminate dust completely during construction, there are ways to remove as much of it as possible.

#1 Manage your expectations first

To reduce stress during a home remodel, you should make sure your expectations for the project are realistic. Everybody wants to have a “perfect” space – that’s understandable. However,  not everything you see on television or on Pinterest can be applied to your home in the way that you see it. Instead of focusing on perfection, you can work with what you’ve got. High, unrealistic expectations can only lead to disappointment and frustration when something that was planned changes or fails. 

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#2 Choose the best possible time

Low season, the slowest time for any remodeling contractor, typically falls on winter months due to the difficult weather conditions. The good news is that planning home improvement projects during this time has a lot of benefits. For example, the price of materials is typically lower because of lower demand, some contractors slow down their workload and give discounts. This is also a good time to consider interior projects, such as kitchen and bathroom, as those are not affected by weather conditions.

The peak season, busiest time for most remodeling contractors, happens from May till September. It can be difficult to schedule a remodeling project during this time, as contractors are usually fully booked. This is also the most expensive time because of high demand for workers. To reserve your spot and avoid stress, try to find a trusted professional months ahead of time. 

So, the seasonality is probably the major factor in considering the best possible time for improvement success. Some projects can be left for winter and others should be scheduled when the weather is warm enough. The best solution here is to understand what works you want to be done and discuss the details with a professional.  

#3 Set a budget

First, look at what financing options you have. Then, look at what home improvement project you dream of. Once you’ve figured out how much money you have and how much money your project may require, start blending the two together. 

If it’s clear that you don’t have enough money for your project, then you have two options: cut your costs or to obtain a home-equity line of credit (HELOC). If you’re planning to hire a contractor to do your home remodel, they can help you with professional advice on how to cut costs and establish a realistic budget. In the other case, HELOC may allow you to borrow money up to a certain limit by using your home’s equity as collateral. 

#4 Find the right contractor

The DIY trend has become increasingly popular recently and inspired many people to try themselves at complicated projects best left to the professionals. The problem is that it’s not easy for the average homeowner to perform successfully having no professional experience.  This is why we’d recommend you to rely on professionals if you have a major remodeling project. 

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Ask questions and don’t be afraid to request proof of the contractor’s experience and credentials. Your contractor should provide you with proof of licensing, bonding and insurance before you sign any contracts. It goes without saying that every aspect of your project should be put down in writing. An experienced contractor with a good reputation will offer you a comprehensive contract that clearly explains all the terms. 

#7 Be flexible

There’s no such thing as a perfect renovation. There will always be some alterations, mixups, time and money issues along the way. Accepting that fact from day one will help you stay flexible and, therefore, less stressed. A rigid deadline and too high, unrealistic expectations will only cause anxiety. Talk in advance with your family members about how to find ways to live happily with temporary limitations during the renovation. Stay flexible and keep in mind that it’ll be finished eventually, and your home will be even prettier. 

They say improvement is good, but when it comes to a home renovation, it can also be stressful. If you don’t do the proper planning, a home remodel can go off the rails while you go crazy. To make your remodeling project stress-free, stick to the plan, but be flexible at the same time. Finding this balance is the key to a successfully completed project. 

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