7 Quirky Interior Design Ideas On A Budget

If your home is looking tired, dated, or is simply in need of a revamp, we’re here to help.

While redecorating your home can be an incredibly costly venture, it doesn’t always have to be. Using a number of DIY and upcycling techniques, as well as a dash of design innovation, it can be easy to redecorate your home – regardless of what your budget might be.

From making the most of old books in the living room to utilising concrete blocks in the garden, join us as we explore seven fantastically quirky ways to redesign your home on a budget.


Source: Underground Crafter

  1. Pillow Pocket

Under the sofa? In the drawer? On the mantelpiece? Argh!

There’s nothing more annoying than scouting around looking for the remote all the time, so why not make life easier for yourself?

By cutting the pocket out from an old pair of trousers or jeans, you can easily sew this back onto one of your throw cushions. This, in turn, will provide you with a handy storage solution, meaning you’ll never have to wonder where the remote is again.


Source: Bees & Roses

  1. Concrete Chairs

You may think of concrete blocks as simply dull, grey slabs but they can, in fact, offer a whole lot more. In your garden especially, concrete blocks can be used to create great looking, long-lasting outside furniture like sofas, chairs and tables.

Utilising the square holes in each of the heavy blocks, it can be relatively straightforward to design sturdy outdoor furniture that doesn’t cost the world to produce. Simply stack each block on top of each other and use thin bits of wood to create an almost bridge-like structure. Then, use comfy cushions and blankets to complete the look.


Source: Making Lemonade

  1. Lantern Lighting

When it comes to the overall appearance of your home, lighting is absolutely key. After all, it sets the mood and atmosphere, so you want to make sure it works in your favour.

One quick and easy way to improve your home’s lighting comes through simply purchasing some cheap fairy lights and a large glass lantern or two. By placing these lights into the lantern, you will give the illusion that you have caught a fairy, creating a lamp-like effect that gives a particular elegance to your home.


Source: Mike Garten

  1. Perfect Printworks

While it may be tempting to cover your walls with bespoke artwork and photographs, doing so comes at a fairly hefty price. Therefore, rather than buying someone else’s art, why not use some of your own?

If you are a keen traveller, or have photos you absolutely love, show them off in your home. Head down to a local photography shop to get your photos digitally enlarged and printed off. Then, add some rope and two strips of wood along the top and bottom of each print to create a quick, homemade frame.


Source: Not On The High Street

  1. Basic Bench

Benches can be brilliant storage solutions, providing a surface to place stuff onto as well as space underneath to keep shoes and other items. In other words, they don’t only look good, they also do good as well.

Plus, they don’t have to cost a fortune to make at home yourself. By simply attaching hairpin legs to a piece of laminated shelf pine, you can create the perfect shoe-tying spot as quickly as it takes to screw in four screws.


Source: Andrew McCaul

  1. Book Balance

While on the theme of building DIY stands, if you find that you have too many books for your bookcase, don’t just shove them away in a box up the loft – use them!

Whether they’re a collection of dusty encyclopaedias, or a kid’s collection you no longer have need for, by stacking each book on top of the other, you can create your very own twisted book side table with ease.

To assemble it, simply find a tabletop slightly larger than the books, paint it, and then nail the first book to its underside. Then, drill a hole the size of a dowel through each of the book’s centre, using glue to connect each book to the other. To create the twisting pattern, simply turn each book slightly as you move your way down.


Source: Sofia Clara

  1. Living Ladder

If you’re struggling to find space to store your hats, towels, blankets or plants, then look no further.

Building your very own DIY ladder will not only provide you with a practical storage solution, it will also give your home a cool industrial vibe.

Quick and easy to make, simply nail a few bits of wood together and then paint to the colour that best suits the look you’re trying to achieve. Easy-peasy.

Annie ButtonBio: Annie Button is a Portsmouth based writer and recent graduate. Annie likes to share her
experiences and knowledge through her blog posts and has written for various online and print
publications. When she’s not writing Annie enjoys relaxing with a good book.

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