7 Wall Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Are you trying to improve your living space, but you do not know how to start? Are you tired of your blank and boring walls? We have excellent ideas for you and your walls. Why walls? Well, just because they represent the biggest surface for experimenting and playing with decorative elements. Having empty walls is ideal, it is like you have a blank canvas, and you can start from scratch.


But, on the other hand, if you are not experienced with decoration and DYJ projects, it can be a bit terrifying at the same time. People are often afraid to make changes, and they would rather settle for clean white walls and miss out on all the fun of playing with interior design. Today we are going to try and convince you to play a bit because after all, those are your walls, so even if something does not turn out the way you planned, you can start over again.

7 Tips for Creative Wall Decoration

Here we gathered a few easy things that anyone can do with a bit of time and effort. Our suggestions are here to inspire you, and you do not have to follow them strictly, they are not rules. Feel free to change them, do something different, or add a personal note. At the end of the day, that is our ultimate goal, to show that anyone can be an interior designer for a day.

1. Art Creates Art


Source: Unsplash

If you appreciate and admire art than this could be a very quick solution for all your interior design troubles. If you have a large blank surface, you can go bold and place a large-scale artwork almost over the entire wall. It could be an abstract painting or a landscape; it is up to you. However, if having one giant picture over the wall seems a bit overwhelming, there is another option. You can curate your own little wall art by arranging paintings and photography of various dimensions into one group.

2. Find The One That Stands Out

Who says that all the walls have to be in the same color? Pick one color that will be only on the center wall. Or, even better, put on some wallpapers. Wallpapers are excellent because they come in so many patterns, designs, so there is no way you cannot find something you do not like. You can also transform two walls or even the ceiling, why not!

3. Check The Latest Trends

Trends tend to change quickly, so we do not always recommend following them blindly, but they can be a good source of inspiration. Hence our next suggestion is to use creative metal art wall pieces. We are sure you have seen them. Writings, initials, wire sculptures, hanging pots, pretty much any piece of home decor can be found in metal nowadays. So if you think something like this could complement your interior, go for it.

4. Kids Friendly


Source: Unsplash

Anyone who has kids knows what a struggle it can be to convince them that drawing on the walls is forbidden. Well, it might just become allowed. A giant blackboard over the wall could be a dream come true for every child and its parents. But, do not worry, doodles and cave-like drawings will be only in the lower zone, where kids can reach. Other parts of the board can be used for creating drawings, notes, inspirational quotes, plants, etc. Overall, it can look really cool and unexpected, and at the same time, it would be a fun activity for the entire family.

5. A Hat Person

If you are into hats and have plenty of them, you probably have the problem of storing them. You cannot keep them all in their boxes, and when you pile them over each other, then you always forget about the ones at the bottom. However, if you have an extra wall, you can hang your hats on the wall. It would be one beautiful and useful wall-installation. Arrange them nicely so that they are all on display, and admire your collection every day.

6. Globe-Trotter

If you are into traveling and you have already lost the count on how many countries have you visited so far, what is better a better wall decoration that a giant world map. It does not have to be the map of the entire world; it could be a map of the United States or some other country. You can personalize it by pinning the places you have visited, or buying the one where you can scratch the states you have been to.

7. Bring In The Plants


Source: Pexels

A bit of lush greenery can turn your home into an urban jungle. You can use traditional hanging pots, or if you are into DYJ, use old light bulbs or glass tubes instead of pots. The overall result will be very modern, fresh, and contemporary. You can plant various succulents, colorful flowers, or go for a total green look with indoor plants, it is up to you.

The Bottom Line

We hope our recommendations were inspiring. You can also combine some of them, for example, hats and plants, or plants and pictures, etc. It all depends on your style and references. It is important to start. Even if you do not have the idea about the final look of everything, you will figure it all out along the way.

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Pamela Lezama is an interior designer. Her skills and passion enable her to help people in making their dream house into a reality. She’s writing tips on home decor that are sure to add style to everyone’s home and refresh their space.

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