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7 ways your home is a reflection of your personality

You must have heard the utterly common saying which has now become a go-to caption in the social media world: “Home is where your heart is”. Parallel to this same line runs yet another belief that the condition of your home reflects a lot about your personality.

comfortable living room

In today’s world people for whatever reason give quite an amount of priority to their lifestyle, fashion, the way they look and also the way they present their living space. Keeping this in mind it won’t be a shocker to comprehend the necessity that people today feel to hire professional help to set up their home. The same logic applies to your workplace as well. A corporate workspace is much distinguished from that of a workspace of a blogger. Every house has a story to tell, and it tells it through the way it looks which in turn speaks to the nature of the residents.  From the colors that you use to paint those walls to the wall lights that you insert to give your house a touch of luxury; from the kind of furniture you set up to the way you decorate those empty walls, all these add to the details of your house that makes it a home.

But why do you think your house reflects your personality?

House is one place where we tend to look for peace and comfort. These two things can have a different interpretation depending on the personality of the person. Hence incorporating these two elements in your house will certainly land up being a reflection of your personality. It is for this reason that the interior decorators take a keen interest in your choices and preferences. The concept of a “happy lifestyle” is something modern people have discovered and with time it is only going to evolve.

7 ways your home talks about you:

Color palate: Certainly, we all are familiar with the undeniable connection between color and human personality. Your choice of color palates, the patterns of the walls, says a lot more about you than the eyes meet.

Let’s cover the basics first: Dark color is often associated with a much edgy and bolder personality. It is a sign of a person who is straight forward. On the other hand, we have the soft and light color palates, these people are sophistication personified. They tend to be very particular about the things in their house and the way they are placed receives special attention.

dark color room with pendant lights

Coco Modern Nickel Pendant by Wildwood Lamps

*Some colors in detail:

Coco Modern Nickel Pendant

Red:  Involves people who are all about experiencing new things with all senses.

Purple: They are mostly perfectionists; they love their life, things and home in order.

Yellow: They love maintaining their individuality.

Orange: These are the social butterflies; they demand acceptance and respect from the rest.

Brown: To them safe and comfortable life tops the priority list.

Patterns: At first, it might come across as not a big deal, but patterns explain a lot and definitely plays a vital role. Let me make it easier to comprehend the same. Imagine a man’s bedroom with the glowing solar system on the ceiling or a bedcover with Winnie, the Pooh on it, sounds totally off. Same goes for a kid’s playroom; you would want it to be playful and not some shades of grey, and black. On the other hand, we have the classic strips or the much-sophisticated patterns that we see on those fancy paint advertisements.

Furniture: Oh yes, you need to stop treating them as just a set of underappreciated occupants of your house. Because, reality check, they tell a lot about your approach to life. Why else do you think they are available in so many shapes, sizes and color? When it comes to home décor, buying the right furniture is one of the most difficult tasks. The trick is your furniture should be practical or cosy. The former often comes across as a reflection of a little too practical person while the latter might reflect on your lazy side. A sitting area with a comfortable sofa depicts a person who loves hanging out with friends, you know a party person. While a little too posh one will probably intimidate your guests and make them feel out of place, of course, we don’t want that to happen. So the art of balancing is important, a perfect balance between beauty and comfort, that’s your window.

home is a reflection of your personality

Drawing Space of a Book Lover

Art: Let’s be honest, art is that one thing that not everyone understands, but on the flip side, art understands you. So what piece of art you chose to decorate those empty walls which define whether you are a social butterfly or an anti-social. Usually, the social butterflies tend to choose pieces which appeal to all in general. And then comes the complicated personalities, the ones we all love but struggle to understand, who might go for controversial pieces. Another substitute for wall paintings is a picture. Family photographs tell a lot, for instance, a guy with a wall dedicated to the memories of all the family meet—totally a family guy.

Bugging Framed Wall Art Set of 4The focus of the room:   Yes, every room has a focal point and that tells the tale of your priority in life. So be careful. For instance, if you are a voracious reader then your seating space would most likely have a shelf of few books and a reading chair.

Attention to the details: Tiny details add to the big picture, makes your room an example of an unforgettable experience. For instance, a traveler will surely have some quirky world map or souvenirs as the house accessories. Don’t underestimate the power of the little details; surely it speaks about your personality.

                  yellow couch adds color            


Wall Decor

 Comfort and safety: Honestly, no matter how pretty your house look it’s all a waste without the comfort you will crave after a hectic day. Certainly, it would be a nightmare if it is not secure enough. People bond well over comfort, so it’s imperative that you keep your space clean, lighted up and spacious. It gives a welcoming vibe. Also, keep those locks in check and never forget to keep your garage door service contacts at your disposal, you never know when you might need some assistance.

Life is nothing but a series of choices, same goes with home décor as well. You need to make your house look pretty, chic and fancy but you wouldn’t want to make it look like your fancy and posh aunt’s house. You want it to look like your house. So taking the advice of Marie Kondo says: “Follow your intuition and all will be well.”                                           

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Ross Geller is a working Designer and passionate writer. He enjoys writing about the latest home decor and lifestyle trends all around the globe. He has been working with Elite Garage which provides garage door repair services for some time now. Through his writing, he hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful home and space

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