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8 Amazing Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

While traveling to a new place, you become very selective about your hotel room. Who doesn’t like to stay in a luxurious boutique hotel? That cloud-like pillows, fluffy robe, and softest mattress felt like heaven.

Why not bring all that expensive looking traits into your bedroom and make your humble abode a luxurious one. Now, you might be thinking about the huge expense attached to it. But, don’t worry, you can decorate your own bedroom like a luxurious boutique hotel in an easier and less expensive way.

This article will provide you with expert guidance to redecorate your bedroom space without any major investment.

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Make a blanket statement

When you visit a hotel, your room always consists of the high raised mattress and a complimentary blanket on it. This throw blanket adds class and luxury in it. You can choose silk, velour, fuzzy wool, velvet or faux fur. Subtle design and pastel colors are great options for any color of walls.

Moreover, the mattress and bed sheets are equally important for style as well as comfort. So, be sure to choose wisely. You can check their reviews on website like Voonky to know what kind of mattress you need.

Declutter your space

Decluttering does not add anything to the room but, it can make your room neat and attractive. A cluttered and dirty room will look like trash and expensive things too cannot compliment it. Hence, clean out the clutter. A luxurious room should consist of objects that look nice in the room and not the cupboard feels. A nice clean room also makes you feel good and stress-free. So, fix space for everything and try to keep everything at its place. 

Style the lampshades or nightstands

Modern hanging lights look amazing in the big bedroom. Don’t think frugal here, and spend a little extra to get an expensive looking hanging light or lampshade because the look will enhance a lot. You can choose from the small chandelier, pendant, drum shaded lamp, square lamp on the nightstand or many more. Just make sure the lights are complementary to other furniture. Also, throw away the faded and old lamps.

Add royalty with canopy beds

Canopy beds will make your bedroom interior look enchanting as well as royal. It looks unique and adds drama to your space. Both traditional and modern canopy beds look luxurious so, you can go with your personal taste, wall decor, and other furniture. If you think the drapes and canopies are adding too much drama and fuss, go with the minimal design.

Power up the room with flowers and candles

You can put flower vase and candles into your bedroom decor to make it look fancy. Of course, it needs maintenance, but it is totally worth it. Pick something that has a gentle smell like hyacinth, peonies, and garden roses. The accentuate smell will make you and your guest fall for the place. Moreover, keep it simple with a few flowers, which are available in the season.   

Trick your eyes with mirror magic

A spacious room looks more luxurious. But, you can use a trick to make your compact room wider. It is one of the oldest tricks i.e. adding mirrors. Also, it will make you feel lighter, larger and airier. This will also make your room brighter as it bounces the light around the room. However, select the size of the mirror and the space in accordance with your room area and actual space. You can add only a few pieces to suit your bedroom interior.

Paint the ceiling

Monochromatic colors or lighter shades look great and spread calmness in the atmosphere. Even try keeping the colors of the wall compliment the furniture design. You can go with pastel colors which are soothing to the eyes and also looks classy. Also, when you are choosing lighter shades for the wall, your flooring and sealing should have neutral colors. If your décor is currently designed in darker bold shades then a good solution is to go with light colored flooring or carpeting. Try replacing as much flooring space as you can with small prints and plain color rugs.

Wall decor for a modern touch

After painting the wall, you need something to decorate it. If not done in the right way, it can spoil your look and aura of your room. Adding a painting of your interest will make the area look modern and classy look. If you are not a fan of painting, add a wallpaper that has images or patter to highlight the wall. Make sure you do this only on one wall to keep it subtle. Paint other walls with complementary colors. Also, adding a full-length wall curtain will make your room more spacious and stylish. Get a mounted curtain rod, which is just an inch or two below the ceiling line, and the drapes hang to the floor. It will make your room more elegant.

The bedroom is the place where you come after a long tiring day. It becomes your comfort zone. Also, your bedroom should make you feel relaxed. Hence, take some time and design your bedroom with some inspiration from the above notions. The above-mentioned ideas is a sure way to make your room look luxurious. If needed, spend a little extra to not compromise on any part or object. 

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