8 Luxurious Kitchen Trends in 2020

Whether your home is modern or traditional, an exceptional kitchen design won’t look outdated anytime soon. Always remember that a true luxury kitchen is built to last for a long time. When it comes to kitchen trends, lighting as well as hardware is more significant than ever, due to the fact that they are the kitchen’s actual jewelry and often outlast their time in the spotlight. From back splashes to mill work, design styles, and color palettes, there are a plethora of trends for the kitchen design that are most famous on the house this front in 2020. 


Are you planning to revamp the kitchen this year and search for what is trending in the contemporary kitchen market? If yes, then go online and browse through the new innovative and fashionable modern kitchen designs. 

In case you are the modern house owner as well as are searching for the inspiration for redesigning the kitchen, have a look at these 8 top kitchen trends – 

1. The return of the Butler’s Pantry

Cabinetry on the kitchen island can provide you with the best idea in terms of storage, as can the large pantry with a well-organized compartment to make sure that everything has its place. The pieces which include multi-level rises and pull-out shelves also optimize the storage. In case you have the square footage, the butler’s pantry is an exceptional problem-solver. The butler’s pantry can be attached to your kitchen as well as include some extra appliances such as the dishwasher one can run while you are entertaining the guests in the nearby kitchen. 



Considered as one of the most amazing kitchen designs, the latest trend of eliminating upper cabinets gives the kitchens a more spacious look, however, it also produces storage concerns. But now as the conventional butler’s pantry has returned with a bang, keeping the clutter out of sight as well as adding the extra prep space has just become easier. 

2. Bold and Dark Kitchen Designs

Using bold and/or dark designs and colors in the kitchen is the current huge trend this year which can be executed in a range of different methods. Splashes of dark color find their way into the list of latest kitchen trends this year through tiles, accessories like kitchenware and vases, as well as accent walls. You can add the darker finish to the kitchen cabinetry, like dark wood veneer or for choosing the bold counter top like black granite. 



Moreover, white might still stick around into aspects of the kitchen as after all, white or any other light colors are important for driving the brightness of your house, and will continue to remain famous. 

Usually overlooked as just the ‘accent’ color, black cabinetry, work surfaces, and walls are having something of the moment. This color becomes inviting, luxe, and lovable with the textured woods offering homely, rustic charm. 

3. Add the pop of vibrant colors

Utilizing color in unexpected places such as hoods and appliances is one of the most preferred latest kitchen trends. In case you love color, it is a fun way of incorporating the same as well as making a daily appliance look like custom and special. A lot of people who wish their kitchen to complement playful, coastal, and outdoor settings also choose this option. Keeping the same in mind, you can go for a proper color scheme along with a lively appliance to match. 



The turquoise fridge and stove set a cheerful tone. The exposed beams and warm wood floor blended with white cabinetry generate a welcoming, fresh aesthetic and this is the major reason why it is one of the most relevant elements for modern kitchens. More house owners are planning to implement color in the kitchens, and adding colorful appliances is the best way for accomplishing the task. 

4. Ambient ~ Task & Natural Lighting

Good quality lighting makes the luxury kitchens impressively functional as well as illuminates the best features. The high-end kitchen will have 3 levels of lighting i.e., Task lighting, Ambient Lighting, and Accent lighting. Task lighting is direct at the work areas and generally includes the under-cabinet lighting as well as spotlights or the ceiling fixtures over the prep areas. 


In recent times, modern kitchens also prefer ambient lighting which is the usual lighting from the chandeliers, along with tiny ceiling spots where mandatory. The sector of advanced lighting designs also includes efficient, unobtrusive, and bright LEDs. Accent lighting is added below or above cabinets as well as behind the glass doors. This type of lighting also highlights the decorative features as well as adds the soft glow while other lights are off. In 2020, lighting is known for setting the tone for the kitchens. 

5. Integrated kitchen appliances

Completely integrated appliances are the top luxurious kitchen trend that is followed intimately by the specialty appearances for particular lifestyles. Customers searching for high-end appliances to achieve luxurious kitchen design prefer to opt for integrated kitchen appliances. Their wish lists have microwave drawers, speed ovens, coffee machines, and convection steam ovens. Are you also sick of the appliances often sticking out like the sore thumb? Attempt to integrate them into the kitchen with smart built-ins and paneling. 



This kitchen design trend paves way for a new world of designs as now the appliances can stand alone as an amazing statement piece or silently recede into the surrounding cabinetry. Refrigerator drawers and microwave are conveniently incorporated into the kitchen island, a uniquely simple design for those families which have kids. If you want, you can also add steam ovens that cook the meals instantly as well as are the healthy option to microwaving. 

6. Warm Finishes

There is a place and time for a white and grey kitchen, however, warm finishes are gaining popularity with time and that is why they are regarded as the most preferred luxurious kitchen design. If done well, the old-school wood cabinetry can turn out to be fresh and modern. Pair it with the natural soft counter top, such as the honed quartzite, as well as tumbled stone floors. Orange or Terracotta is increasing in popularity and customers are also enjoying this transformation into the warm. 


Along with being inviting, it also brings a warm depth into the kitchen. Please note that it still gives a modern look due to simple, modern cabinetry as well as chic accessories. After all, it is a team effort. Do not worry as black kitchens, white kitchens, light wood kitchens, and blue kitchens are still loved when blended with the best plumbing products, however, there is something critically good about the almost cherry-wood accented kitchen. 

7. Open Space Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are designed for facilitating an interactive, informal lifestyle where everyone can get together for work, socializing, and entertaining. The concept of open space kitchen can also make the residential kitchen or small space one feel a lot larger. Tearing down the walls is a simple method for tricking the eye into thinking that the person has got more square footage as compared to what you do, which is what a majority of people are searching for and thereby it is the most famous trend this year. 


Opting for open space kitchens, and then making them well-equipped with the best plumbing products, through integrating the living room space and kitchen, is turning out to be more and more appealing. Open space kitchens are high in demand while sharing the same living areas and views. The features such as double islands as well as the second dishwasher make entertaining a lot simpler. 

8. Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

In case you are planning to redecorate your kitchen by getting one of the best kitchen sinks, it is suggested to go for installing the farmhouse one. These types of sinks are often deeper and larger than the other models, as well as they look better in the most open-design kitchens. The Farmhouse sinks have been in the market for a while, however, their fame is growing at the start of 2020. In case you do not know this already, these sinks, also called apron front sink, have the deep basic that is used for holding a huge quantity of water.


In earlier times, one had to walk to the water source as they did not have the running water, so the farmhouse sinks permitted them to save their water for laundry or washing dishes. Thereby, these sinks made their routine household chores a lot simpler. 


Be it for planning the renovation for creating a kitchen of your dreams or for deciding to purchase a house with the luxury kitchen sinks, always aim at top-quality design for the kitchen which lasts. Irrespective of the latest kitchen design trends this year, your project of kitchen remodeling must reflect your style and taste. With the help of the above-mentioned design choices, the kitchen can signify a person’s style both functionally and aesthetically, as well as can plan the kitchen redesign as per his/her individual design needs and desires.

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