A Guide on Decorating Your Utah Residence

Whether you live in a house or an apartment in Utah, designing and decorating a residence is a considerable challenge. From choosing the right furnishings to picking out a color theme, you need multiple factors to make a property seem like a home. Well-known designers have made the process more convenient by providing advice online and opening their own home and lifestyle businesses. However, there are still other recommendations that you need to be aware of to construct the house of your dreams. 

While there are certain practical aspects (such as financing and sizing), designing the house on your own can be both enjoyable and fascinating. Whatever your preferences or sense of style, there are a few key aspects you should be aware of to steer clear of some significant stumbling blocks on the creative journey. With that said, keep reading for our ideas on how to style your Utah property like an expert.

Invest In High-Quality Furnishings

High-quality furniture has the prettiest appearance, alongside the most comfort and functionality, making it more expensive but well worth it. Even though certain shops may be able to entice you with absurdly low pricing, the quality of their products can be hit or miss, ruling out a confident purchase. On the other hand, the retail prices of some brands may make your heart beat faster, but the quality you experience is unquestionably of the highest caliber. Additionally, furniture isn’t the most affordable item to purchase in general, so if you’re going to commit the cash, you may as well invest more and acquire something that will persist and keep its elegance for years.

Also, a luxury sofa bed may be among the most practical pieces of furniture. Quality sofa beds are updated, so they go well with the rest of a room’s aesthetics while also adding a functional aspect by establishing an additional sleeping area. But if you’d want to avoid purchasing one, choose a luxurious sectional instead of a couch bed.

Adding Art Is Never A Bad Idea

To determine the aesthetic and feel they are looking for, seasoned interior designers advise DIY decorators to browse for inspiration on sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat. It is much simpler to discern between and sort through the numerous art and décor options when there is a strong foundation in place already. But whichever type you choose, the artwork is unquestionably valuable.

When it comes to interior art, there are many different options available, from paintings to enlarged photography of wildlife or sceneries. In addition to embellishing your property’s walls, include some figurines or miniature works throughout the residence as well. And last but not least, you can’t possibly go wrong with some stylish bookcases, mantles, and nightstands.

Rugs Are A Must

Unless you have some form of beautiful carpet running through the residence, rugs are absolutely crucial when trying to complete your space. According to interior experts, rugs are one of the most dynamic decorations. They settle a room while also elevating it with various colors, textures, and designs. Moreover, they give the space some depth while effortlessly and cohesively binding the area together, giving even the grandest rooms a homey and welcoming atmosphere.

There are many different rug types and styles available when designing a space. If you require something more contemporary, a solid carpet with minimal weaving is a decent option. But on the other end of the scale, Oriental rugs are known to have elaborate designs and are relatively more classy and ageless. Even though these can be expensive, look into less costly ones of the highest quality and design.

Don’t Overlook Curtains 

Even though they may appear redundant, especially if you enjoy a lot of ambient daylight, curtains and window coverings significantly impact the sophistication and beauty of your room.

High and wide-hung curtains let in more light and can even enlarge the appearance of a tiny space. Moreover, the best part is that you can still do this with a little window. In order to get an elongated effect, place your curtain rod as high above the frame as possible.

Of course, curtains may be purchasable in various locations and shops. However, you must decide on the design, shade, and fabric you want before shopping. 

Also, while exploring with patterning is definitely welcome, you don’t want to go crazy and create a cluttered-looking area. Therefore, begin your hunt for the ideal window coverings after knowing what will go best on the property.

Contrast Is Key

While some degree of color coordination is always advisable, skilled designers have a talent for combining different patterning and shades in ways that makes them harmonious and complementary. They believe that contrasting and complementing may result in a space with plenty of patterns that is fashionable and dynamic.

Before attempting to merge a lot of random patterns or colors in one place, it’s crucial to choose a theme and feel that you are looking for, whether you’re opting to mix and match the colors of your walls and your furnishings or you merely want to make a vibrant gallery wall. 

If you lack creativity, go online for suggestions on incorporating various textures, styles, and shades to create a sophisticated yet comforting setting in your house.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want the house to appear overcrowded or filled with random decoration, plan in advance and have a clear idea of what you want your home to look like after the decoration. 

While looking at overly cluttered walls or racks, a storage room or warehouse may come to mind, which is probably not the design you want. Therefore, make a mental image of the scene you want to set in each room in conjunction with confirming the space you have to work with. In order to prevent overspending, it’s also a smart move to review all of the artwork, sculptures, and furnishings you currently own.

And now that you know almost everything there is to know for professionally designing a residence, you can start off with your own Utah Real Estate!

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