Add a Touch of Modern Luxury to Your Living Space

If Pantone’s new choice for the color of 2019 is anything to go by, then we are in for a year of delicious elegance. Living Coral epitomizes not only our love for vibrant, energizing tones, but also our growing awareness and appreciation of natural elements in our lives, our homes included – natural and eco-friendly lighting, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, all combined with unparalleled allure and elegance. However, in addition to using Living Coral as your accentuating tone for you bedroom, for instance, there are other equally powerful ways to be in line with this nature-loving, luxe-imbued trend.

Whether you decide to redo a single space in your home such as your living room, or give your entire house a makeover in the spirit of modern luxury, the following methods are the best to go by. These design suggestions will give you the means to turn any space into an oasis of absolute splendor.

Add a Touch of Modern Luxury to Your Living Space

Let there be light

With the ability to make your rooms feel unburdened by clutter, lighting is a key component in any modern household. How you treat every corner of your rooms will let you turn an ordinary bay window into a reading nook with a sleek floor lamp, or use accent fixtures such as track lighting to put your artwork in the spotlight of your living area. Today, we have a wide selection of LED-based illumination systems that allow your home not just to appear elegant, but to be imbued with long-lasting beauty of this energy-efficient solution. But most importantly, make sure that your entire home is bathed in natural sunlight as much as possible. Floor-to-ceiling windows have become a go-to choice for modern homes, while placing mirrors strategically on the walls can add further brightness and expand your existing space.

Add a Touch of Modern Luxury to Your Living Space

Empower purpose through tech

Every modern society thrives on innovation. Take, for instance, Australians: their homes and behavioral preferences clearly reflect their focus on purpose and increased functionality, without sacrificing an ounce of style in the process. Simply put, they love tech! It’s no wonder that setting up a custom home cinema in Brisbane and other metropolises in Australia is a trend that will not wane. It gives a home not only that modern feel through cutting-edge tech, but also allows to enhance the purpose of your living space. The same approach can be used in a myriad of different ways, including your kitchen appliances, your home audio systems, and of course, AI-driven solutions such as Amazon Echo that truly embody the meaning of a smart home today. As for aesthetics and atmosphere, self-dimming lights are a perfect way to ensure serenity and functionality in any room.

Add a Touch of Modern Luxury to Your Living Space

Go for lush texture

A little can truly go a long way when it comes to luxury, especially when you focus on all the versatile ways you can tease your senses. For instance, a simple sectional can be transformed into a focal point of your room with the help of an effortlessly placed fur throw and a few velvet pillows. Place a large rug with a curious color pattern, and you’ll seamlessly add an accent hue to liven up your room, while you’ll also permeate the space with warmth and comfort. It’s important to keep in mind that certain fabrics such as satin with its subtle gloss make for an ideal way to add more opulence to your bedroom. As for your windows, sheer fabrics and soft silk can immediately elevate any nook of your home, just make sure that your curtains are season-appropriate, so as not to go for too heavy materials during summer, or light and breezy for the winter.

Add a Touch of Modern Luxury to Your Living Space

Look to Mother Nature

Yet another way in which we can let our homes exude a stronger connection to nature is through the use of natural materials. Exposed brick juxtaposes your clean white walls, while naked hardwood floors can saturate your otherwise tech-filled room with a touch of the outdoors. If you’re not much of a fan of rustic design solutions, then even a few plants dispersed across your rooms can give it the natural details you crave. Moreover, stone finishing in the form of flooring or even your benchtop serves as a wonderful contrast to all the soft accessories such as your rugs, curtains, and throw pillows. On the other hand, a stone sink in your kitchen and your bathroom can elevate the look and feel of your home with little effort or any dramatic design changes.

Add a Touch of Modern Luxury to Your Living Space

Play with your palette

On one hand, we have the Living Coral as an example of how such a vibrant, empowering hue can become an irresistible addition to any design plan. On the other, some would prefer to keep things clean and simple with timeless pastels such as beige or grey. The beauty of it: both can be elegant when used strategically to create the perfect, luxurious atmosphere. If you’re aiming for that perfect tone to give your bedroom a makeover, then rich hues such as plum can give you the elegance and the tranquility you need. Then again, for those who prefer to stay true to white and creamy colors, wall molding can add the perfect balance with some depth, without ever changing your room color. 

Add a Touch of Modern Luxury to Your Living Space

Even though preferences and trends may change, certain luxe ideas never go out of style. Use these contemporary, yet timeless ideas to permeate your home with luxury, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy your space more than ever before.



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