Add a Visual Appeal To your Home Through Bathroom TV Mirror

Interior designers often find it challenging to reconcile entertainment and style. Clients want sleek styles in their homes but are not ready to do away with their favorite music and movies. The introduction of a whole new subsection of AV products committed to providing subtle entertainment solutions has been the answer to this issue. A bathroom TV mirror is one of the best selling products that have resulted from this development. When the TV is turned off, it looks like a framed mirror and acts as a beautiful decoration. A dynamic image appears when the TV is turned on allowing you to watch movies, shows, and sports on a clear screen.

Most Common Applications of Bathroom TV Mirror


Mirror TVs are commonly used in bedroom, bathrooms and living rooms. When used in the bedroom and family rooms, they are put in those areas for stylistic reasons. A  Bathroom TV Mirror offers both stylistic and practical use of the technology. You can watch your favorite show while in the bathroom without having to introduce bulky equipment in the room since this is a natural hidden strategy.

Size normally ranges from 19 to 65 inches. They can also be used in kitchen applications. The larger sizes as used as a part of an amusement center in your bedroom. You can choose the color of the frame according to your personal preferences, such as wood or metal. A thick frame will better hide the TV and is also good for decorative purposes. You also have the option to provide your own custom frame if you cannot find one that appeals to you provided by the manufacturer.


You will want to use a flat wall mount in order to get the full hidden TV effect. It also makes it easy for you to hide a large part of the TV behind the mirror. In such a position, it is easy to maintain the illusion of a mirror without having to invest in a frame.

The technology offers the same audio quality as a traditional flat screen TV. You might also want to add a surround sound or a sound bar if you want to achieve the highest quality sound.

In terms of image quality, these TVs offer the latest 4K Ultra HD technology. But they are a little bit more prone to glare because they are encased in a mirror. If you want to get the best image quality, you can dim the lights in the room and then use blackout shades.

Most of the major manufacturers offer TVs designed for bathroom use so they can handle the humidity associated with such an environment. They also come with waterproof remotes to change the channel or adjust the volume. But confirm first if a TV is designed to function in an outside environment or in a humid condition. If it is not, this can greatly reduce the life of a TV and also make the warranty void. Talk to your technology consultant regarding the specific uses.



IP65 waterproof rating: These televisions are practical and safe to use in all areas including zones with a wet environment. There is a unique low voltage system incorporated and this is a key factor in ensuring a safe and an exceedingly reliable television that can be used in a wet condition such as a bathroom.

Concert quality sound: you can now enhance the quality of your entertainment with waterproof speakers that can be placed in high moisture areas. These are normally mounted into the ceiling.

Waterproof remote: the ultra slim controller gives you absolute control of your bathroom TV. You will also get to learn of other additional functions that can be used with other devices too. You can touch the remote control with wet hands even if it is fully immersed in the bath.

How to Buy a Fully Functional TV


Never compromise on the quality of your electronic gadgets. Take your time to survey all the available models before you decide on purchasing a mirror TV. Ensure you select a trusted brand so that in case any issues arise after your purchase, you are assured of a warranty or free technical services offered.

You also want to go for the one that makes optimum use of your living space. These TVs come in different sizes and it is only reasonable to select a TV with a proportional size to the size of your room.

You can adapt the color of the TV to suit your rooms’ décor. For instance, the classic black color matches well with a kitchen cabinet. A silver mirror will suit in a bathroom and add to its beauty. The master bedroom will look amazing with a pearl white mirror TV.

The TV is slimmer and lighter than the plasma TVs and LCD. It can also be easily mounted on walls. You can also select TVs that are waterproof and thus function in a wet environment. You can also opt to use it as a bedside dresser or hang it above the fireplace.

Change Your Homes’ Appeal


Although these TVs can be costly, they can definitely change the visual appeal of your home. You will be able to flaunt your aesthetic sense while being tech savvy. The pictures are dynamic and double up as a mirror. The TV can be set according to the requirement and also gives you the power to adjust the display duration between images in sequential order. The images are replaceable and you can do so in only a couple of minutes. The process of replacing images is quick and simple.

Another main advantage of this technology is that it uses low power consumption since it is the advance electronic rectifier that controls the source of energy. It is resistant to vibration and therefore suitable to apply for transportation such as trains and buses.

You will surely discover an endless list of the benefits once you purchase it.


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