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Adding a Personal Touch To Your Home with Family Photos

Decorating your home with family photos is a perfect way of showing off your treasured memories. Personal and meaningful photos can also create eye-catching decor that’s completely unique to your home and family.

You’re no longer tied to the posed photographs in mismatched frames or outdated photo collages. With smartphones and affordable cameras, photography has become an art form accessible to everyone.

You can incorporate family photos around your home in a huge number of different ways. Choose to create a standout feature piece in a room or subtle accessory to your existing decor.  

Try one of our family photo projects to use your printed or digital images, old or new, transforming your home, even on a tight budget.

Where to Use Family Photos in your Home

You’re in no way limited to where family photographs can be used to decorate home! Whether you want to restyle your living room, bedroom, kitchen or a hallway, photos of your friends and family make are perfect.

You can stick to more traditional rooms like the living room or go for something a little more out of the ordinary.

Whatever you decide, try to fit in with your current style, choosing the right photo display for the available space.

Remember, you have the flexibility to go for color photos, black and white or a mix of both in your project.

Family Photo Wall Murals

Photo wall murals allow you to use a single photograph or a collage of you to create a striking feature wall.

Photo wall murals are perfect for showing off a once in a lifetime event like a wedding or perhaps a beautiful image from a family holiday. Once you’ve selected your image, you can crop out a certain section for your space. This means you can choose a landscape or portrait design to fit into your space.

A photo wall mural shows off your high-quality photo in all its glory, provoking happy memories from a special day.

Photo wall murals are best-suited to a living room or a bedroom as a feature wall.

Custom wall murals are available through Icon Wall Stickers.

Create Photo Wall

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Photo walls are a popular home decor trend seen in homes in 2019. They allow you to add a number of photographs, art, and accessories to a wall to create a beautiful feature piece.

You have a great deal of flexibility when creating a photo wall as you can choose the shape and format to display the frames. You can also pick the type or types of frames and their colors.

Consider using mix and match frames with different styles and colors. You could also go for a uniform frame in different sizes if this is more suited to your space.

Before you start, have a plan of the layout you would like for the photos. You could use sticky notes to mark your wall to help ensure you stay on track. This will help with the organization and general appearance of the end result.

To mix things up, you could try accessorizing with a mirror or wall art. Just make sure your frames and accessories work well together to avoid a cluttered and disjointed look.

Photo walls can be used on a full wall or a small section in a room. This means they can be adapted to suit any space.

Use Photo Shelves

Using shelves works in a similar way to creating a photo wall, combining framed photos in a design of your choice.

It’s best to choose narrow shelves with a divot or a lip to prop up your pictures rather than using the stands on the frame. Narrow shelves are less obtrusive and you can add them to any area, even above a seating or in a hallway.

You could go for a single shelf on a wall or try arranging several if you have space. If you pick plain black or white shelves you’ll have greater flexibility with the types of frames that you can use.

Photo shelves work well in a living room, bedroom or a hallway.

Instant Photo Decor

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With the resurgence of products like vinyl records and classic games, nostalgia hasn’t ever been more popular. A great way of incorporating this retro feel is with family photos captured on an instant camera.

You can use photos captured on a Polaroid or Instax camera to create a cool and quirky design in your home. Photos can be clipped to string or fairy lights, stuck in shapes like squares or hearts as well as added to a clipboard. Choose a design you’re happy with to create a striking design.

A great idea for capturing instant photos is taking a camera along to a family event such as a wedding or a milestone birthday celebration. This can also give you a fun and memorable activity for the day. Be sparing when choosing your photo as film packs can be expensive!

Instant photo home decor is great for a bedroom, a kitchen or a hallway.

Final Thoughts

Adding family photos can act as the finishing touch, turning a house into a home. Use your pictures alongside your other artwork and decor, matching the existing styles and color themes. This will help you create the best results in your home for a reasonable price.

Make sure you choose only the best photographs when creating your designs, especially with older printed images.

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