“Adding Texture to Your Home Decor: Ideas for Different Rooms”

A great method to improve your space and create a cozier, more inviting atmosphere in your home is by adding texture. Texture may be applied in a variety of ways to give any space depth and intrigue.

There are several ways to incorporate texture into your home décor, from soft fabrics to rough surfaces. We’ll look at some suggestions in this post for incorporating texture into various areas of your house.

Family Room

Given that it’s frequently the focal point of social gatherings for family and friends, the living room is the ideal area to incorporate texture.

Layer several textures onto your furniture to start.

For instance, place a textured rug under a coffee table


Or throw a plush blanket over a leather couch.

For your throw pillows,  combine various fabric textures, such as linen covered with velvet trim.


Your wall décor is a another approach to adding texture.

For more depth & intrigue, hang a tapestry or a wall hanging made of a textured woven fabric.


Add texture & warmth with a natural element, such as a piece of driftwood or a woven basket.



Layering various textures on your bedding is a good place to start.

Texture is crucial for designing a cozy and comfortable bedroom.

One example is adding a fluffy duvet cover with a chunky knit blanket. 


Woven or textured wallpaper can also provide texture to your walls.


Your window treatments are another way to include texture.

Use a sheer or gauzy material, such as linen or cotton, to give your windows a supple & airy touch.


As an alternative, you can also use drapes with a textured pattern or even a woven bamboo blind.


Even though the bathroom might not be the first location that springs to mind when adding texture, it’s actually a great area to do it.

To start creating a soft and warm texture underfoot, add a plush bath mat or a set of fluffy towels.

Your accessories are an additional technique to enhance texture.

Add a set of textured jars to contain your bathroom supplies or a woven or natural wood tray to hold your toiletries.


There are numerous methods to add texture in the kitchen.

Start by putting a woven table runner or a set of textured placemats on your dining table.

The lighting you choose is another great way to add texture.

To give your kitchen a little extra warmth and charm, add a set of pendant lights with textured or patterned shades.


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In conclusion, including texture in your home design is a great way to make it feel warm and inviting. You can create a unified and fashionable design in various rooms of your house by incorporating various textures. Thus, start experimenting with various textures right now to see how your home design might be improved!

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