Apartment Decorating Ideas for Young Professionals

So college is finally past you, you have your first professional job and it’s time to pass down to your younger siblings the futon, apple crate ‘’tables’’ and lawn chairs that have been your living room furniture since moving out of your parents place.  On to your first real apartment with some apartment decorating ideas! Now to furnish it.


Apartment Decorating Ideas

As a single man or woman you want your first ‘’real’’ apartment to make a statement about who you are and what you are. You also would like it to be a symbol of how far you’ve come and where you’re going.

Most young people moving into their first professional apartment are on a budget and they’re wondering just how much they can afford. Keep in mind what you need and want—buy your big needs first such as furniture, a good bed, and a television first.

The décor will finish your apartment and make it a home. Remember, part of the fun of your first real apartment is furnishing it piece by piece over time. You don’t have to do it all at once.


Table and Floor Lamps

For the living room, buy a few table and floor lamps.  If you’re not sure of your style just yet, buy something a bit neutral in style for right now since it will go well with whatever style you finally settle on. Then for other rooms such as, perhaps, the bedroom buy some less expensive lamps to use until you can afford to replace them with better quality lighting fixtures.  The Uttermost brand offers a lot of designer lamps in the mid-price range.

Wall Art

You don’t have to buy super expensive art right away. Buy a few pieces of inexpensive art to use for now and have fun taking your time looking around for just the right pieces. Reward yourself for your first raise, or other milestone in your job or career with a quality painting.


Wall Mirrors

It sometimes pays to buy quality wall mirrors right from the start. A mirror, if well cared for, will last your entire life and can be used in various rooms over the years.


Wall Mirrors are are useful and add style in almost any room.  You don’t have to go overboard and buy an incredibly expensive designer masterpiece – consider such brands such as Decorative Crafts, Dimond, Chelsea House and Uttermost.

You won’t be sorry. Choose something moderate in price or whatever your budget will allow.


Buy good rugs that coordinate well with your furniture. Good rugs will last for years and in the long run cost less than continually buying cheaper, less well made rugs. Look for wool, which was once the standard and is still one of best.


Before shopping take time to learn as much as you can about decorating your space from magazines and good websites. Even on a budget you can decorate your place to look great if you search out the secrets. Remember don’t get stressed out, decorating can, and should be fun.

Also don’t go into more debt than you can handle. Get one or two good pieces paid up before you go on the next. In the meantime do things that will make your apartment look great that doesn’t cost much, like a new coat of paint. offers a wide range of high-end and affordable table lamps, floor, lamps, and wall mirrors by top name brands in contemporary and traditional styles at discount prices. Visit Today!

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