Apartment Lighting Ideas to Update Your Space

There are several ways you can make your living space different – painting the walls, rearranging or getting all new furniture, etc. However, one of the most underrated methods of home décor is undoubtedly lighting. Some people see its most basic, practical purpose – lighting up the space. However, if you play with light, you can give a whole new dimension to the room. You can use lights to highlight specific areas, bring attention to details and give your home a fresh, cozy feel. Here are some apartment lighting ideas to update your space without much effort. 

Maximize natural light first 

One thing is for sure – natural light is the best light. It brightens up every space, makes you feel good, and creates a positive atmosphere in every home. However, it’s not always easy to let more light in, especially if you live in a rental. However, there are ways to maximize natural light sources and make your living space appear bigger and more pleasant. Here’s what you can do:

  • Remove dark curtains – even though dark drapes and curtains can look stylish and give more privacy, they often block most natural light. It’s better to go for light, sheer materials, and let the natural light come in. 
  • Reconsider your furniture position – see if some of the big pieces block the light from your windows. Also, furniture in dark color visually makes the space smaller;
  • Use mirrors to make the space look bigger and maximize the natural lights. If placed correctly, mirrors visually enlighten the area and make it look different instantly.

Choose bold ceiling fixtures

There are great ceiling fixtures to choose from, so you can draw attention upwards. This will give the illusion of a higher, bigger room and change the perspective of the space. However, ceiling fixtures are a great option only if there are more light sources in the room. If used on their own, they will emphasize the lack of light in the room, especially the natural one. 

Add color to the space 

A pop of color is a fantastic way to give a room a whole new look. One of the best apartment lighting ideas to update your space is to add a floor lamp or pendant light in a color that’s not present in the room but still complements it. Go for a bright color, copper, or gold finish – anything that will draw attention in the best possible way. 

Add a touch of a different décor style

Updating your space can also mean jumping out of your comfort zone. Implementing a floor lamp that’s from a different décor sphere can be a great refreshment. However, don’t go overboard with this. Even though the lamp is different in style, it should have some connection to the rest of the space in terms of color, finish, and size. 

update your space with a floor lamp
Adding a different-style floor lamp can make other pieces in the room pop.

Let the light be the star of the room 

Whatever is your home décor style, you can always find a statement piece that will be the star of the room. Apart from bringing light to the room, a unique lamp will update the space and bring joy to everyone who walks into the room. A statement piece like that can be a great way to personalize your new place after moving in and make sure it shows that you’re the one who lives there now. 

 ceiling light, representing apartment lighting ideas to update your space
Let a unique light piece be the most exciting item in a room. It is one of the best apartment lighting ideas to update your space.

Go smart 

Smart homes are the reality of today’s world. With the development of smart gadgets, smart light solutions also appeared. You can choose different smart lighting options that allow you to automatically dim or change the color, add bias lighting behind your TV and even have a lighted mirror that plays your favorite music in the morning. Be creative and explore the new technologies to find the one that will suit your home best. 

Revamp your old pieces

If there’s an old lamp you wanted to ditch before moving to the new home – think again. You can easily replace the shade, use different paint and create a unique piece for your new home. However, for all the lamps and light fixtures you move to the new house, triple7movers.com recommends hiring an experienced professional to do the work. Handling fragile pieces like lamps, chandeliers, mirrors, etc., requires special care, so it’s best to get help from someone who knows how to do it and has all the tools. 

a person writing on a moving box
Lamps are pretty fragile, so be sure they are handled with care if you need to relocate.

Task lighting is important 

Overall lighting is important, but task lights take your home to another level. These are not only used for décor but are highly practical, too. The most common way to use them is in the kitchen or your home office. You might need lights under your cabinets or a traditional table lamp on your desk. Add task lighting whenever you need focused light to do something. 

Add dimmers 

Being able to change the intensity of your lights is a great feature. You go for bright lights for maximum vision or cozy, romantic low lights whenever you need to set the mood. Install dimmer switches and appropriate bulbs and maximize the efficiency of your lights. 

Analyze your space well – as well as your needs

When you decide to update your space with new lighting options, new furniture, or décor – it should have a specific purpose. Make sure you analyze your home well and see how lighting fixtures would benefit it. Think about the size of the room, furniture pieces, position of windows, etc. Also, think about your needs, too. See what’s your lifestyle like – whether you need more task lights, or you like to spend quiet evenings in a low-lit room, etc. Only by recognizing your needs will you be able to implement some of the apartment lighting ideas and add lights where they are truly necessary. 

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Margaret Holly is a landscaping expert who loves interior design. She enjoys writing occasional blog posts on different home-related topics but spends most of her free time planning a new DIY project in her home. 

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