Ben Nye- The Makeup Artist with Diversity in Mind

Ben Nye Cosmetics is renowned for using the seven following products in seven different shades:

  • Ben Nye Translucent Loose Powder (medium)
  • Ben Nye Translucent Loose Powder (light)
  • Ben Nye Ultimate Makeup Setting Spray (regular, travel size or 1 ounce)
  • Ben Nye Creamy Concealer in Medium 
  • Ben Nye Creamy Concealer in Light 
  • BenNye White Primer & Illuminating Base Wash plus 25 brushes & 0.37 oz/ 10 ml topcoat topcoat cream.”. 

This blog post will be about makeup artist, Benjamin “Ben” Adam Neys, who has been providing makeup services since 1978.

Among his clients are many celebrities. He has worked with Dolly Parton, Tyra Banks, the Kardashian sisters, Joan Collins, Zsa Zsa Gabor.

He has done makeup for the King of Thailand and the late Princess Grace of Monaco.

“One of the most popular makeup artists in Hollywood (he works with Tyra Banks for her television shows), Benjamin “Ben” Adam Neys, is a Masters-in-Arts from Ringling College of Art and Design. He’s been a working actor photographer makeup artist since 1978. He has worked with Tyra Banks and many other celebrities and models.” 

“He’s also a former film and television actor photographer makeup artist, with roles in such films as Beauty and the Beast, Entrapment, Entrapment 

1: Electric Boogaloo, Fade to Black, Blue Velvet, Creepshow

2: Lost Souls as well as such as A Simple Wish as well as such TV series as Hollywood Squares (a Tony-Award winning show) and After the Fall. 

I started working by rubber-stamping (no pun intended) ad cards for my father’s company while watching television commercials. I did this for two years before he suggested that I become an actor or photographer.”

He has created his own line called Ben-Nye Makeup, where he sells his own products and does school trips/workshops for young people on makeup effects.

He is listed in many makeup artist resources. 

“Ben Nye Creme Makeup, Makeup by Creme, Ben Nye Gel Makeup, Gel Makeup by Ben Nye, The Original Translucent Powder by Ben Nye, 12-hour .. ” 

 David Caldecott has written a book in which he shares his experiences in the career of a renowned makeup artist in the entertainment industry. The book is called “The Face Painter: My Life as an Artist”. He has worked for famous people such as Michael Jackson and others. His parents were actors and dancers and since then he wanted to imitate them.

Like Caldecott, his father was an actor and director. The young David has done many projects, but he wanted to be recognized by the public for this work.

“As I walked up to the building, or rather faced it, I felt a sense of apprehension that was familiar.

I tried to push it away, then it came back even stronger.” 

“He [his father] said, “Have you got your portfolio?” I had my books on me and I showed him what I had carried up from the office.” 

“I caught a glimpse of this intense glare in his eyes and realized that there was going be no going back. This was it.” 

“He has genius when it comes to makeup, but the main image remains the same almost every day. He is in his office, in front of his little mirror in which he still looks like Frankenstein, with the white powder over his face and inlaid eyes.”

On Saturday 27 September 2011 (1 am by Madrid time), he went to see the King of Thailand. The king was at that time on vacation in San Antonio de Pertuis, near Monte-Carlo. He had come for vacation for three months. The king stayed in the villa of his friend, the son of the Polish Prince Jozef Poniatowski.

Leaving his house at 6 o’clock in the morning, he had left for Monte Carlo directly. A time that was not chosen by coincidence. “We wanted to get there before 7 o’clock because they said that it had to be done at seven.” 

“The King of Thailand is a very shy person and doesn’t like people to see him with cosmetics on.” 

“And there I was, installing myself in front of him while he tried to put on his costume.”

He had three hours to prepare himself. The king did not move during all this time.

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