Best lighting options for an NYC studio apartment

Since homes in New York are extremely expensive, most people here are forced to live in smaller spaces like studio apartments. But, those kinds of apartments tend to be dark and even dreary if not appropriately lighted. It ruins the interior of the entire apartment and evokes feelings of claustrophobia and depression. Luckily, there is a way to fix that. New Yorkers have the most interesting lighting options since they know how difficult living in tiny, dim studio apartments can be. And we are here to share them with you. So, without further ado, here are some of the best lighting options for an NYC studio apartment.

Natural Lighting 

The best lighting option for your NYC studio apartment is natural lighting. So, even if you have only one window in your apartment, make the most of it. Remove those dark curtains and shades placed on them (for privacy), and replace them with see-through ones. These are not expensive, and you will acquire them even if you are on a budget. Moreover, if you want to be just like a true New Yorker, you can always follow some trending curtain ideas – get inspiration from magazines and interior design sites! Whatever you decide to do, make sure not to cover that window. You would be surprised at how much natural light a small window can bring into a studio apartment! 

A small window.
Never underestimate the lighting power of a small window. After all, natural light is at the top of the list of the best lighting options for an NYC studio apartment.

Ceiling Fixtures 

Every studio apartment must have ceiling fixtures. Sometimes they have a fancy chandelier, and sometimes they have a plain-looking pendant light. Both options are okay if, of course, they bring light into your home. But, if they do not, then you will have to change things up.

Getting a good-quality ceiling fixture will not only improve the lighting situation in your home but will also completely change its look. This is something you should keep in mind if you plan on selling (or even renting) this NYC studio apartment later on. Suitable lighting fixtures will increase the overall value of your home! But, if you plan on taking your expensive, fancy ceiling fixture with you, start browsing through Best Movers NYC; you will need the help of professional movers if you want your beloved fixture to arrive in your new home in one piece. 

Floor and Table Lamps 

If you want to light your NYC studio apartment in the easiest and cheapest way possible, choose a floor or a table lamp. Or both! The best part is that you can move them around whenever and however you want – there is no need to worry about wiring and electricity (unlike with chandeliers and wall scones, for example). Moreover, floor and table lamps are a great lighting option for your NYC studio apartment because they also serve as a decoration. Thus, we strongly advise you to choose some lamps that never go out of style. You can buy matching floor and table lamps, or even those that mismatch. If you want something unique, check antique furniture shops or visit a fancy store specializing in lighting if you want something good-quality and modern. 

A table lamp, representing the best lighting options for an NYC studio apartment.
Floor and table lights come in all shapes and sizes – choose the one that suits your home.

Indoor Twinkly Lights 

Many people avoid using twinkly indoor lights because they associate them with the holiday season. But why not give them a try all year long? Get a single string of twinkly lights and put it over your bed, sofa, or pretty much anywhere. You will see your entire apartment light up beautifully. Moreover, twinkly indoor lights are a great option if you are trying to light a windowless space (yes, apartments without windows are very common in New York). Just make sure to get string lights that radiate either warm or white light. Please stay away from multicolor ones as they will make your head and your eyes hurt. And they are very cheap-looking. 

Big Mirrors 

Yes, you read this correctly. If you place them right across the window, oversized mirrors can be a great lighting option for an NYC studio apartment. It will give an impression that you have another window in your apartment and thus make everything look brighter and more spacious. Moreover, if you choose the right kind of mirrors, you also get fantastic style points! So, give this trend a try – many New Yorkers already have. However, do not transport mirrors alone from the store to your home. If the store does not have delivery options, specialists can jump in to help. You can find professional movers who can help you with this. Trust us; you cannot transport something as fragile as a mirror in the NYC transportation system. 

A studio apartment.
Place the mirror right across the window for the best lighting result.


As you have seen, there are many lighting options for an NYC studio apartment. Which one you will choose will depend on the condition of your apartment, and of course, on your style and needs. If you are not sure where and how to start this project of lighting your home, look for inspiration online. At the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with anything – any lamp you add will be an excellent addition to your home. Just remember – a well-lighted home is a happy home. So, let there be light! 

Author Bio: Angie Sims 


Angie has been working as a professional interior designer for the last 7 years. In her free time, she also enjoys writing blogs on various topics related to interior design, DIY projects, renovation, moving, etc. Angie is also a wife, a mother of two, and a cat owner. 

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