Biophilic Design 101: 4 Ideas to Get Nature Indoors

In case you weren’t aware of the concept, biophilic design is all about the love of nature. It is based on incorporating elements such as light and vegetation, as well as natural shapes, colors, and materials into home design. If you think that it calls your name, just keep on reading. Here are four amazing ideas to get nature indoors and incorporate biophilic design into your home. Check them out and enjoy!

Start with a bedroom transformation

When it comes to transforming your home into a green oasis, you should definitely start with your bedroom. First of all, make sure that there is as much natural light as possible. It will boost your energy levels and help you start a new day refreshed and revitalized. Also, your curtains should be made from lightweight fabrics such as voile, muslin, linen, or cotton. These will allow the natural light and fresh air to come in when you open the windows. 

room decor

As for the color of your walls, you should go for shades that invoke tranquility and bring peace of mind. For example, light green is always a great idea, as well as warm beige and sophisticated ivory. If you want to incorporate a biophilic vibe into your bedroom, natural fabrics must be your top priority. This means that your bed sheets and pillowcases should be made from silk or cotton, whereas wool is the perfect choice for carpets and rugs!

Take your kitchen design to a whole new level

Your kitchen should be the next step in your biophilic home transformation. The lack of natural light may be a problem here, so try to change that and install at least one window. It’ll completely transform your kitchen and give it a new life. Also, replace your old tiles or wallpapers so that the new ones perfectly correspond to this natural theme. All shades of green are beyond welcome here, and the same goes for gorgeous pastel colors that will make your kitchen look much bigger and brighter.

decorative flower

As for your cabinets and countertops, we must say that everything is quite straightforward here as well. You should take wood, stone, and marble into consideration. The combination of wooden cabinets and stone countertops will do wonders for your new kitchen design. Just don’t forget to complete the fantasy with gorgeous flower arrangements, as freshly picked flowers are more than welcome. So, if you live in Australia and you want to get stunning bouquets delivered to your address, opt for flowers delivery in Sydney and complete your kitchen décor in the blink of an eye!

Don’t forget your home office either

If you’re one of those people who work from home, your home office should be the next room in line for transformation. First of all, redecorating your home office in accordance with biophilic design rules is likely to boost your productivity, improve your mood, and even increase memory retention. You can do it if you add enough house plants that can reduce your stress levels and help you unwind.  Besides that, plants also produce oxygen, which makes them natural air purifiers. If that’s exactly what you need, add several potted plants to your office and you’ll see a fantastic improvement.

potted plants

This room needs a lot of natural light as well, which is why it should have a big enough window. Needless to say, artificial light fixtures can’t compare to sources of natural light. Just bear that in mind and you’ll figure out the essence of biophilic design. Curtains are a must here if you want to cover your window for more privacy. Of course, pick a style made from natural, breathable materials and you won’t make a mistake. As for the walls, we reckon that green is a fantastic choice as it brings deep relaxation. So, if you frequently feel stressed out, paint your walls green and you surely won’t go wrong!

The living room is a must, too

Last but certainly not least, your living room is a space that craves transformation, too. Obviously, you should change the color of your walls, which was the case with the previous rooms as well. Just stick to the same color palette and you’ll do a great job. If buying new furniture is not an option, you can add some cute blankets and decorative pillows and change it up like that instead. Trust us when we say that it’ll make a world of difference. 

living room

On the other hand, your carpet should probably be replaced – especially if it already is worn out. If that’s the case, get a brand new carpet made from wool. Apart from looking great and matching your interior flawlessly, it’ll also feel very soft under the feet. Just like walking on clouds would feel like! Needless to say, indoor plants will bring another dimension to your living room. They’ll add a touch of green and improve the quality of the air, which is an amazing health benefit, right?

As you can tell, there are so many ways to get nature indoors and introduce biophilic design ideas to your home. If that’s your top priority these days, just stick to our tips and you won’t fail to make it happen. All you have to do is to follow our guidelines and you’ll succeed!

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