Cascading Showerheads for Your Home

In the early 2000s, the Environmental Protection Agency set new standards for water usage inside and outside of homes and buildings. This gave people a more stringent limit of gallons per minute (GPM) they could use during a shower.

Some people found that these types of showerheads were too harsh for their liking or that they didn’t work well with their existing plumbing setup. A solution was needed, and an innovative company got to work on making a new type of Showerhead called the cascading showerhead.

While the EPA’s water flow standards left many people disappointed, this innovation has made life easier for homeowners looking to make their showers more enjoyable once again.

The cascading shower head has a unique design that is a far cry from the previous models that had a single flow of water. This new showerhead has a sidewinder-like design that showers people with multiple streams of water instead of just one. The combination of the multiple streams of water and the gentle shape makes for a completely different experience than what most people imagined when they read the EPA’s GPM requirements.

The water pressure can also be regulated by either tightening or loosening the hose clamp on the sprayer so it will work with any level of normal faucet water pressure. This is great news for many homeowners in older homes that have low water pressure in their showers.

The cascading showerhead is not just for homes with low water pressure but also works well with older or new standard plumbing setups that have a single showerhead. The upgraded shower won’t be overbearing for the average homeowner that still wants to get a nice massage from their shower after a long day at work.

While the popularity of the cascading showerhead has remained high since its introduction in 2005, it has recently had some competition from other showerheads on the market. There is a new type of showerhead called the multi-stream showerhead that is now available to help those people who want the best of both worlds.

This new showerhead has a unique design that has two separate streams of water. This makes it perfect for those with two different types of plumbing setups and also works well if people want to vary the pressure that each stream gets.

While we don’t know how long it will take for this kind of showerhead to catch up to the popularity and success of the cascading shower, it’s likely safe to say you won’t have to wait too much longer.

Some older homes may not be able to handle the higher water pressure from these showerheads. If you have a problem with your water pressure already, you’ll need to find another way to increase the strength without getting a new showerhead.

The best potential solution is to upgrade your water main and/or look into getting a whole house filter installed. These two upgrades will help give you more control over how much water pressure is coming into your home and will allow you to take advantage of the cascading showerhead without risking clogged drains and other plumbing problems.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, there are some self-installable kits that can make an immediate impact on how powerful your showers are.


The multiple streams of water make the cascading showerhead a must-have for people who still want a nice, long massage from their shower after a long day at work. Because this showerhead is only sold by one company, there aren’t any additional costs or hassle to make sure you get what you need. The gentle design and multiple streams of water also make it great for those with older plumbing setups that can’t handle high water pressure.


The high price tag may be hard to swallow for those who still want to save cash by skipping out on upgrades that could mean the difference between getting one or two showers a day. Although the cascading shower head is easy to install, it may not be appropriate for some homes. If you have plumbing issues or older plumbing, make sure to do some research before putting this kind of showerhead in your home.


The Cascading Showerhead provides a nice massage for those who want an enjoyable shower experience that is all their own. This new-age showerhead has multiple streams of water that are gentle enough for people with older or standard plumbing setups. Although it’s hard to argue with the success of this showerhead, there are still some upgrades that are needed for most people to take full advantage of the cascading design.

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