Choose the Perfect Fabric Headboard for Bedroom

A fabric headboard for the bed is a great way to give big impact to your bedroom and to convey your personal style. With so many options available in upholstered headboards, it may be difficult to make a suitable choice. A variety of factors need to be considered when you are buying fabric headboards such as style, padding, mounting type, and fabric quality and color. Read below and learn how to best choose the perfect fabric headboard for bedroom.

Since the time headboards came into being, its design and specifications have changed greatly. In the ancient Egyptian period, headboards were made of gold, silver, and other precious metals. At that time, the headboard was thought to be a status symbol. But now, the bedroom headboard is typically used as a way to add comfort and style.  Yet, because of its size and prominence, it certainly gives the bed a greater sense of importance (status) – and focus to the room.


Fabric Headboard for Bedroom – Features to Consider

Fabric Headboard Style

Fabric headboard can be availed in a range of styles from traditional to contemporary and chic. As there are so many options available in headboard style, you are sure of finding a suitable one for your needs. For a more contemporary or modern look, choose a headboard with straighter lines and less embellishments.  For a more Traditional look, choose a headboard with curves and nails or pipe trim, or other embellishments.

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Headboard Fabric

Silk, linen, rayon, cotton, chenille, velvet, jacquard, and synthetic fabrics are often used to make the covering for the headboard – almost any material.  There are various options in fabrics. Cotton gives a more soothing touch to your sleep moments. But rayon and silk are good for a beautiful and sophisticated look. The fabric should complement the rest of the decor.


Padding for Headboard

Padding is most important in fabric headboard. If you have previously used an upholstered headboard, you might have experienced issues regarding the padding. Some are sparsely padded to the extent of being uncomfortable while others might be decadently overstuffed. If shopping online, look at the thickness or the padding description – or call to inquire.

Headboard Size

The size of the headboard can be larger than the size of the bed, but not smaller.  Usually, a standard, (non-custom)  headboard is about 3″ wider than the bed.  But sometimes, a very wide headboard may be used that extends beyond the bed and behind the bedside tables – to give a more contemporary look.

Headboard Fabric Color

The color of the headboard should be such that it complements the bed. It must also fit well or blend with the room décor.   In this case, you can compare or match the color of your bedroom wall and then choose the perfect headboard for your bed. Typically, there should be some difference in color or hue between the wall and the headboard fabric color, so that it has more definition.

Headboard Mounting Type

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There are various types of fabric headboard available for sale in the market: wall mounted, strut mounted, and floor mounted. Wall mounted headboards are attached to the walls.  The strut mounted headboards include a separate bar or “strut” that connects the headboard to the bed-frame.  The floor mounted headboard is almost the same as the strut-mounted headboard.  Please check your bed-frame to determine which type of mounting method will work in your situation.  There are various options.

The main difference is that the floor mounted headboard rests on the floor rather that relying on the bolts to hold it at the right height. In deciding the headboard mounting type, what matters here is your personal preference.  See know how to install a headboard, click here >>> https://www.wikihow.com/Fit-a-Bed-Headboard.

Tight Connection for Headboard to Frame or Wall:  You will want a headboard that does not wobble or make noise when someone is sitting or lying on the bed – this can be distracting.

Final Thoughts – Fabric Headboard for Bedroom

A fabric headboard for bedroom is a great way to add style and drama!  Some type of headboard is almost always required to achieve a well designed bedroom.

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