Choosing Different Lamps For Different Places

Choosing Different Lamps For Different Places

This article provides useful information regarding lighting aspects of interior design. It is important to be up to date with the changing trends in interior design and to choose the appropriate lighting for the different places of your abode.



It’s important to give it the proper consideration not only to lamp placement but to all your home lighting. Proper placement not only offers you the efficient lighting you need but also enhances to the beauty of your home. In fact, it is one of the most important factors in designing your home. Proper lighting and the right lamps render beautiful ambiance to your decor. The color and luminosity of each lamp or light fixture can add upgraded ambiance.

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Lighting?

  • General lighting: Seen in home interiors as well as hotel interiors, also known as ambient lighting. Creating a warm atmosphere as a frequent lighting technique which uses up-lights and down-lights.
  • Task Lighting: Generally used in more professional spaces like a home office or work-space. Sometimes referred to as a desk lamp, and is usually three times brighter than those used for general lighting purposes.
  • Accent Lighting: Accent lighting sometimes requires intensity and brilliance. This mode of lighting frequently uses halogen lights. The purpose of accent lighting is to beautify or highlight the architectural elements of the intended space or interior.


While choosing the right light for your space, functionality is essential, and functionality is also dependent on efficiency, cost, and functional purpose of the lamps. Different spaces require different lighting and hence different lamps. Lamps used in the living room would not be the same as what would be used in the kitchen or in the bedroom. Certain factors should be taken into account while selecting lamps for different spaces.

  • Color:  Dark colors make the room smaller than it actually is, and lighter shades make the room seem bigger and more spacious. Color also affects the flooring as well.
  • Direction: Lighting fills the empty spaces in a room serving to highlight certain elements and provide pointed direction of the lighting which is important for specific applications. Chandeliers or table lamps are often used to accent many elements of the décor and can be utilized in the space efficiently.
  • Intensity: Helps in set the mood. This important factor is considered along with the purpose of the room on which the intensity of the light is determined.

Different spaces use different lamps according to the demands and functions needed. With home lighting, there are different kinds of home lamps specifically used in particular spaces. The variable choice of lamps may differ depending on your style and decor. However, efficiency should always be a considered factor.

Lamp Ideas For Interior Design:

Antique Hurricane Lamps – Give A Classic Touch

Hurricane lamps or oil lamps have an honorable place in history. Lighting a hurricane lamp illuminates’ history, but within your own dwelling. The earlier form of a hurricane lamp was invented in 1780. In the 18th and 19thcenturies, these lamps were widely used on ships, transatlantic voyages and in civil wars. In the modern era, with the prevalence of electricity, people infrequently used a hurricane lamp. However, popularity is rising and hurricane lamps are often used to give an antique touch to the home.

Tall And Beautiful Buffet Lamps – Attract The Eyes

Interior designing with buffet lamps are a unique twist on classic beauty. Buffet lamps are a form of table lamps, attractive in pairs. Normally they are tall and slender and often used on a dresser or buffet table. The character and usefulness of these lamps depend on the style of the decor. With narrow and smaller shades buffet lamps focus light downward. They look elegant and traditional. Another ideal location for buffet lamps is in the dining room on a console table to add ambiance.

Serene Bedroom Lamps – For A Relaxing And Zen-Like Mood

Each person has their own concept of style for his/her bedroom. A bedroom is a personal space with a tranquil atmosphere, where you feel comfortable and safe. It must be a relaxing and inviting space. Soft lighting or accent lamps are most suitable to use as bedroom lamps so that a serene atmosphere is achieved.

Here’s A Few Types Of Lighting That Can Achieve That Welcoming Sanctuary:

Bedside Lamps

Bedside table lamps require a smaller area, but they have an incredible accent effect on appearance and mood. Most surfaces in a bedroom are narrower in depth.  Most important when choosing one is considering the diameter of the lampshade which should be a little smaller than the narrowest surface of the table, so that the lampshade doesn’t hang over the table. For this reason, oval and rectangular shaped shades work well for bedside lamps. 

Pendant Lights

Commonly used as bedroom lamps. They can entirely change the atmosphere of the bedroom by adding drama with either simple or glamorous sense of style. Today’s pendant lights combine form and function in stunning and varied styles, finishes, and sizes. High-quality lighting companies like Uttermost and Wildwood are always coming up with unique and innovative styles to cater to the fashion conscience homeowner. The expectations of consumers are high. Choose from a beautiful array of rich gleaming finishes and styles, such as glass pendants, or drum pendants with an abundance of texture, or a sphere style if you’re feeling chic or for a contemporary look. 


Add style and elegance to the bedroom. Though they are largely used in formal areas, they are regarded as a great option for bedrooms as it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. They are  multi-functional lighting fixtures. They offer a warm welcoming glow to hallways, foyers, dining rooms, fireplaces, bathrooms, and any bedroom. These, like most lighting fixtures, provide both light and style.

Stylish And Modern Floor Lamps

The designs, style and even structural aspects of floor lamps have changed over the years. Choosing floor lamps depends on the style, flexibility, and quality necessary. Modern floor lamps come in many shapes and sizes. Floor lamps produce ambient light which creates an intimate setting. They can be used in darker corners depending on the purpose as well as a decorative accent in various places.

Floor lamps which are made up of many various materials with delicately designed shades are a great alternative to a table lamp. They are the perfect choice for smaller rooms where a lamp on a table won’t fit, giving you more room on your desk or bedside table for other necessities.

Here’s A Few Less Common Contemporary Floor Lamps:

The lamp looks like a banana tree. Made with a circular marble base and hand-turned brass leaves, the banana lamp is impressive and attractive. Banana Lamps are a great option for making a room look memorable. These lamps have the same design of larger banana bronze sculptures, referring to pop art and popular culture simultaneously. Named after beloved cartoon characters, the lamps come in three different versions. Made of glass and resin, Huey, Louie and Dewey feature authentic-looking banana peels which boast a golden finish exterior. Use them to create focal points in a larger room.

A magical floor lamp which has LED inside perforated tubes which are attached to narrow stems. Inaho (means rice ears), designed by hideki yoshimoto who won a design award in 2013. Inaho emits a golden light, and the fiber tube makes it look like ears of swaying barley. There is a sensor device that can detect the movement, and when people walk by, the carbon fiber lamp tube automatically swings towards them looking like it’s swaying in the wind.

Made with an elegant design to provide perfect lighting at a perfect angle. The Duke Floor Lamp features Matte Black with Brushed Brass accent shades. Each lampshade is adjustable with a counter-weight, with up to three arms.

Simple And Exquisite Living Room Lamps For A Lively Atmosphere

Living rooms are the most trafficked area in your home. They are used for many different purposes including entertainment and family get-togethers. Hence lighting for living rooms should be appropriate for the space to look great, and at the same time accommodate all functions.

Here’s A few Types Of Lighting For Living Rooms:

Table Lamps

Lighting sets the stage for any space, and creates the mood. Dramatic, or romantic, and no-nonsense, but always fashionable. Table lamps accomplish this and more. With a soft glow to a dark corner, or accenting a mantel, or showcasing a work of art. They can make a room feel cozy, and they can define reading or conversation areas. And of course, they provide the necessary light.

A beautiful table lamp design can represent the merging of art, craftsmanship, and science. Gorgeous well-designed table lamps are for every room in your home and comes in whimsical to classic, from minimalist to industrial. When changing the lighting in a room, it changes the whole look and feel of your decor.

Wall Sconces

To add a little ambient light to the living room, wall sconces are a greater choice. Wall sconces can be a beautiful compliment to your homes décor. They are stylish fixtures that blend glass and light while adding design and  character  to a wall.

Wall sconces are multi-functional and right for any room. Like most light fixtures, they provide light and style. They can also be paired with other lighting such as a chandelier or table lamp.



Lighting not only provides light, but it has vital importance in uplifting our mood and creating inviting spaces. Selecting various lamps according to the needs of the specific space reflects the changing trends of interior design which not only focuses on beauty but also on efficiency. Lighting influences your life in every aspect. Thus, make the living space lively through careful selection. Find beauty and inspiration from classic lighting that has withstood the test of time

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