Choosing the right lamps for your modern style home

Having a contemporary style home that you can remodel and renovate from time to time is a goal for many. However, having a blank canvas to make beautiful is quite the same as having a base that you can ruin. The pressure to remodel your home to your family’s and your liking is present. Luckily, there’s a lot that you can do to make this process run more smoothly. A great piece of advice would be to create different focus points, divide them, and conquer. Lighting is an essential part of interior design since it affects how you look at everything inside your home. Choosing the right lamps for your modern style home is a fun project; you just need to be familiar with the basics.

Basic isn’t necessarily bad

While having a uniquely styled home is a great thing, sometimes you don’t need to steer clear of everything you find mundane. Most things that are classic are classic for a reason. Beautiful lamps that add dimension and individuality to the space are fabulous, but you can also choose some classics such as floor lamps that’ll fit your home just right. This is a great option, especially if you’re planning on adding quirky details and pops of color to your rooms. If that is the case, you can use ordinary lamps to ground the space and bring it back down a bit. Once you realize that everything in your home has a purpose and should work together with surrounding elements, you’ll feel freer to explore.

A modern room with a floor lamp that's the right choice and fits well.
Choosing the right floor lamp for your modern home can make the space pop.

Start choosing the right lamps right now

Don’t wait until you’ve decorated your whole place to choose a suitable lamp. Instead, make sure you consider both your bulkier furniture pieces and your decorations at approximately the same time. This way, the overall style of your modern home will be cohesive. If you’re looking for home decoration ideas, there are certainly some improvements you can make right now. Adding a dash of light in an otherwise monotonous room can make all the difference.

Create the perfect base 

Although having various lamps can make a difference and level up a home, there’s usually a base that other lighting fixtures are built upon. For example, chandeliers are a great way to make any room brighter. However, before you choose suitable lamps, consider what your ceiling lighting situation is. If it’s striking and in your face (like crystal chandeliers can be), think about toning down your lamps. On the other hand, if you don’t have ceiling lighting installed, you should go all-in with different types of lamps to create a balance.

A crystal chandelier that stands on its own. If you have a statement piece like this, you really don't need to choose the right lamps for that room.
Although adding suitable lamps to your room will make it stand out, it’s unnecessary in some cases.

A crystal chandelier that stands on its own. If you have a statement piece like this, you really don’t need to choose the right lamps for that room.

What kinds of lamps should you take into consideration?

Although a basic floor lamp will get you where you need to go, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t explore other options. Here are some basic and some not so basic types of lamps to choose from that might be right for you:

  • Table lamps
  • Buffet lamps
  • Crystal lamps
  • Hand-blown glass lamps
  • Bedside lamps

Don’t disregard the tone of your lighting

The tone of your lighting could make or break the whole situation. The lamp design needs to fit your space, and so does the light that it emits. Be careful while choosing the right lamps for your home and explore various kinds of light bulbs too. The best thing you can do is create a balance when it comes to the brightness level and the warmth/coldness of the tone.

You can use a bunch of yellow-toned light bulbs when choosing the best lamps for your home to make it feel warmer.
If you have a cool-toned room and would like to warm it up a bit, there is no better way to do it than by using lighting.

Renovating a new home after relocation

If you’re relocating and need to remodel your home from the ground up, that can be stressful. However, it also offers plenty of options to be imaginative and creative. Think about trying to reverse the usual technique. Instead of picking out the grand statement pieces and styling them later, choose the suitable lamps, art, and all the nick nacks and then add the more essential items to create the complete picture. If this is the approach you want to take, then you shouldn’t rush your movers from to bring in all your belongings. It will give you some time to think and envision your new home. 

Placement is key

While choosing the right lamps, you should also think about their placement right away. Take every detail into account. It is a great way to make the most of what you’ve purchased for styling your modern home. Think about the shadows, what you want the lamps to accentuate, and how they’ll affect the room’s overall atmosphere.

Use mirrors to your advantage

While on the subject of placement, you should think about using mirrors to your advantage as much as possible. Place a wall mirror in a darker room and then use it as a reflective surface for all the lights you have. It won’t only make your space brighter, but it’ll also make it seem larger. Using mirrors as reflection surfaces in different ways is a trick that never gets old.

A mirror that's placed next to a lamp in a dark room to make it seem brighter.
Using mirrors and lights to brighten up a dark room is a classic trick that never gets old.

Choose the right art to go with your lamps

Try to make all the details complement each other. This type of attention to detail will make your home stand out. For example, when it comes to wall decor, you should choose wall art and pieces that go nicely with the lights. Accentuating art by using a bunch of little led lights is also a great way to make an otherwise dull painting come to life.

Don’t be afraid to be playful while styling your modern home

Keep in mind that modern and luxurious doesn’t automatically have to mean dull and monotonous. Try to be playful and original while accepting and honoring the boundaries of interior design. It’s a little trick that’ll get you the best of both worlds. After choosing the right lamps and putting everything in its place, you should feel right at home. There’s no point in respecting the decoration rules if you don’t make your home reflect your personality. 

Author bio: Susan Johnson is a furniture designer who’s spent most of her career advising people on the most important statement pieces in their homes. However, in the past few years, she’s become much more invested in styling spaces focusing on details and lighting. This way, she says, the rooms get a chance to come to life.

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