Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Room

In 2019 color trends were dominated by an edgier set of options that incorporated metallic s and pungent colors into bold room designs. Today, the mood has shifted to a palette that is more thoughtful, not just of a room itself but of the lifestyle lived within it. Colors and combinations begin to focus on fighting back against the incessantly fast-paced modern lifestyle while simultaneously attempting to embrace the heavily tech-influenced environment that we all live in.


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As 2020 unfolds, a fresh new set of colors, tones, and styles have arrived, and they offer options for everyone from the laissez-faire interior designer seeking a relaxing living space to the bold decorator searching for that powerful statement that lines up with their empowered personality.

Current Wall Decor Trends

As with all decor options, the colors that are currently “in” are always changing. Colors that may have been universal staples a year or two ago may suddenly be on the outs, replaced by trendy, new alternatives.  From dramatically different paint colors to completely alternative wall-decor options, here are a few of the current trends percolating throughout the decor world as 2020 picks up in earnest.

When it comes to color palettes, everything from strong reef corals to moody gray and white combinations are options. The latter can lend itself very well to something like a trendy open-concept bathroom design, while the former can be the perfect way to infuse a more commonly used living space with a splash of color that screams “this space is intentionally meant to invigorate you!”

Other colors that are picking up steam include darkly intimate greens, terracotta’s and clays, warm blues, pastels, and a variety of neutrals and earthier tones. Many of these colors zero in on a broadly-focused down-to-earth palette that invites nature into your home. Balancing this out, though, is a persistent interest in grays and whites which continues to enable a sharp, smooth, modern vibe that can reinvigorate nearly any living space.

In addition, wallpaper continues to be a viable option to introduce gradients and texture — and by extension dimension — to an otherwise smooth, flat space. Accent walls also continue to provide the perfect option to give a powerful statement without overwhelming a room with a strong color. However, with this latter trend, as always, it’s essential that you choose from colors that coordinate well. Consider the mood of the room and choose accent colors that are either complementary, analogous, or triadic in order to ensure that the room flows properly.

Wall Decor Items to Consider

Along with keeping up with the trends, it’s important to keep several basic wall decorating rules in mind:


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Be Holistic in Your Room Design

When choosing colors, remember what the final product will be like. Will you be incorporating an overhead light to illuminate the room or will you be using table-top lamps to create pockets of isolated brilliance? Will there be significant natural lighting in the space throughout the daytime? These considerations can significantly impact the colors you ultimately choose for the walls.


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Consider the Longevity of Your Design

It’s important to also consider when you’ll need to revamp a design. Using a powerful metallic wallpaper may not last into next year before it becomes dated. A tastefully white or gray wall, on the other hand, may continue to be relevant for years to come.


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Remember the Power of Color on Mood

The colors you choose won’t be temporary like a shocking crimson red dress or a powerful jet-black suit. Both of those items can be removed within hours of putting them on. Your walls, on the other hand, will last for months and possibly even years without “changing” their appearance.

With that in mind, take the time to carefully consider the mood that you’re going for as you choose each color. Grays, for instance, can recede quietly into the background of a room, thus allowing other elements to stand out. A striking floral-patterned wallpaper, on the other hand, can take complete control of any space it inhabits.

If your goal is to make a statement, try to incorporate bold colors in order to give your room the voice and lungs to make itself known. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a calm, hygiene-inspired retreat to relax and unwind, you may want to embrace a warmer, earthier vibe that is gentler in nature and helps to add to the de-cluttered feel of a room — an essential element of creating a stress-free environment.

Choosing the “Right” Paint Color

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a decision like choosing the paint colors for your walls. Few decisions are so seemingly harmless and yet have the potential to have such far-reaching consequences. After all, painting with the right and the wrong color can make all the difference in your willingness to host others in your space or your ability to relax at the end of the day.


However, it’s important to remember that wall-decor doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing process. All colors can be worked with, and it’s always possible to steer into a color that you’ve chosen in order to create an optimally decorated space, even if it doesn’t end up looking quite like what you initially envisioned.

The important thing is that you go into the process informed and open-minded about where the painting (and wallpapering) journey will take you. From there, you can adjust to each surprise as it unfolds and ultimately see what kind of room you end up with once your decorating journey comes to an end.

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