Choosing The Right Wall Art for 12 Interior Design Styles

For a room to be cohesive and aesthetically beautiful, selecting the right wall art for the interior design theme is crucial. A room’s color scheme, textures, and general feel can all be brought together by the correct wall art, boosting the design and atmosphere of the room. A focal point, art can enhance a space’s aesthetic appeal and personality. Adding depth, dimension, and a range of scales can also help a space feel more balanced. An interior room can become a full, elegant, and welcoming setting when the wall art is well chosen.

Here’s a guide to choosing the right wall art…

For 12 of the most popular interior design styles;

  1. Mid-Century: The 1950s and 1960s are a major source of inspiration for mid-century design. Choose traditional abstract art with vibrant colors and organic shapes, as well as graphic prints or old posters, to complement this look.
MPLONG Wall Art 3 Pieces Of Framed Decorative Paintings Abstract Simple Orange White Blue And Other Color Blocks Wall Art Canvas Prints Wall Decor Gifts Size 16″ x 24″ x 3 Panels

2. Minimalist: A pared-down look, straightforward lines, and neutral hues are key components of minimalist design. Select monochrome artwork, black and white photographs, or abstract art with a single focal point and neutral tones.

SERIMINO Framed Abstract Wall Art for Living Room Minimalist Geometric Boho Wall Decor Navy Blue Beige Line Art Painting Pictures Mid Century Modern Gallery Prints for Bedroom Bathroom Aesthetic Room

3. Eclectic interior design style: Eclectic design is all about combining many textures, materials, and styles. For a lively and eye-catching impact, you can combine bright, bold pieces with abstract art or even make a gallery wall of different types and sizes.

HAUS AND HUES Eclectic Wall Art- Vintage Posters For Room Aesthetic, Cottagecore Wall Decor, Butterfly Poster, Gallery Wall Art, Artsy Poster, Downtown Girl Aesthetic Room Decor, (Framed Black)

4. Industrial: Raw materials, exposed brick, and an unpolished appearance are the hallmarks of industrial design. To match this look, try using metal wall art, antique signs, or photographs with an industrial feel.

HHGO 3D Character Wall Art Decor, Modern Industrial Style Bronze Sculpture, Wall Art Decoration for Living Room Bedroom Office Gym Bar, Black Bronze (Color : Black, Size : 120cm*85cm)

5. Farmhouse: The rustic appeal and vintage-inspired furnishings are the hallmarks of farmhouse design. To enhance the theme, choose wall art with pastoral themes, farm animals, or even old botanical prints.

BIGKJYBC 3 Pieces Thicken Farmhouse Wall Decor Rustic Wood Round Wall Art Farmhouse Hanging Decoration for Living Room Bedroom Home Indoor Outdoor Office Apartment Wall Decor Size 11.6*11.6in

6. Art deco: Bold geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and opulent materials are hallmarks of art deco style. Choose graphic artwork or prints with metallic or gold elements, old posters or prints, and abstract patterns.

Woodrose Framed Wall Art Collage Print Gallery Set Art Deco Nouveau French 1920s Women Fashion People Illustrations Modern Relax/Calm Multicolor for Living Room, Bedroom, Office – 8″x10″x4 Black

7. Boho: Natural materials, brilliant colors, and a variety of textures are all essential elements of the bohemian style. To compliment this design, choose tapestries, mixed media art, abstract art, or vibrant items.

SERIMINO Framed Abstract Wall Art for Living Room Boho Wall Decor Navy Blue Orange Terracotta Pictures Modern Nordic Minimalist Artwork for Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Paintings for Home Decorations

8. Coastal: The goal of coastal design is to evoke a carefree, beachy atmosphere. Select wall art that features ocean or beach views, abstract prints in cool blues and greens, or even pieces that are inspired by coral or seashells.

2 Piece Coastal Coral Canvas Wall Art Print Set, Beach Home Decor

9. Asian: The minimalist aesthetic, natural materials, and clean lines that define Asian design. For a quiet and calming impact, choose nature photographs, Asian-inspired prints or artwork, or even simple calligraphy.

Framed Art Print, ‘The Kiss (Le Baiser / Il Baccio), 1907’ by Gustav Klimt: Outer Size 14 x 17″

10. Rustic: Natural materials, earthy colors, and a comfortable, domestic atmosphere define rustic style. To match this look, choose landscape photographs, vintage posters or prints, or even tapestries.

LUDUHU Love Poster – Sanctuary Vintage Canvas Print Wall Art, Rustic Vintage Sweet Home Quotes Wall picture, White Home Sweet Heart Painting, modern Family Wall Decor (F,Oversize 40x20inch)

11. Traditional: Elegance, timeless lines, and a tasteful aesthetic are the hallmarks of traditional design. To match this aesthetic, choose traditional artwork like oil paintings or even old prints.

The Oliver Gal Artist Co. Traditional 30 in x 45 in, Rose Gold Luxe Bouquet, Large Canvas Wall Art, Living Room, White

12. Transitional: A transitional aesthetic combines historic and contemporary design elements. To go along with this design, select landscape photography or abstract art with subdued hues and geometric shapes.

SIGNFORD Framed Canvas Print Wall Art Mid-Century Palm Leaf and Geometry Symbols Abstract Shapes Illustrations Modern Boho Nature Colorful Chic for Living Room, Bedroom, Office – 16″x24″x2 Natural


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