Christmas Decoration Ideas That Will Bring Joy into Your Home

With only days away, this is the perfect time to start planning decorations and breathing jolly mood into your home. From the tiniest details like fuzzy slippers to big changes like adding a fireplace, this is the time of year when we decide to change for the better and be better. Festive décor is more than a moment in the year, but rather a statement that will define how we see the upcoming year and its challenges. So, here are Christmas decoration ideas that will bring joy into your house, as well as your lives.


Start with the Tree

Every Christmas starts with the tree and choosing the perfect one that will make your home welcoming and comfy. However, instead of going for classic green, you can try something modern with more panache like a disco tree. Wake up your creative side and glue disco ball ornaments of all sizes together until you create the familiar cone shape of the Christmas tree. Place the presents around it and you will have an original decoration especially if you are hosting a party.

However, who said you can have only one tree? Turning your dessert into a Christmas tree that will be a great treat for both kids and grown-ups. Make a simple sponge cake, add green color into the mix and bake it into a rectangular pan that you will slice into equal cubes. Then arrange it into a 2-feet Christmas tree and decorate it with red and green candy for ornaments and caramel glaze as a finishing touch.


Try non-traditional hue

Just like every season has its colors, Christmas is also marked with red and green shades. But, you can also try some other non-traditional hues and make your Christmas uniquely yours. Pastels are perfect for those who want to tone the colorful vibes done and add some romance to the holiday. Green, pink and blue in pastel hue will make the season gentler and soothing creating an intimate ambiance.

Add sparkle to your tree with rose gold ornaments and bows that will create a modern twist to the traditional decoration idea. And for more sparkle, mix metallic shades like copper, gold, silver, and yellow rose into one wonderful and flashy Christmas tree that will breathe luxury into your home. 


Decorate the front door

The front door is one of the most important décor elements for the perfect Christmas vibe. After all, this decoration will invite guests into your home and welcome them into the festive mood. Add a poinsettia tree by the door and hang evergreen garland around the entrance with some warm lights for the holiday cheer.

A wreath on the door is a classic Christmas decoration for the entrance and you can be really creative here. Try making an eco-friendly wreath from recycled paper that will be a perfect DIY project for the whole family, especially for kids. Or you can put together evergreen branches, pinecones, holly berries and add some ornaments for the colorfulness.


Set the Christmas mood with lights

Christmas is a wonderful time to play with lights and set the mood in your home – from romantic and intimate to the colorful festivity. Use warm lights for the living room to make the ambiance welcoming and homey, while you can hang twinkle lights for the Christmas tree. Candlelight is one of an integral part of the Christmas celebration so use it to add accent to certain areas of your home like windowsill and coffee table.

There are many ways to display string lights other than hanging them on the windows and walls. Place a couple of them in the lantern and hang it in the kitchen, banister and above the front door. Or you can simply put them in the fruit bowl full with ornaments to serve as a centerpiece on the table during dinner. 

Make your porch festive

You can make your porch part of the festivity by adding some outdoor area accessories like heaters. That way you can spend Christmas Eve outside enjoying the snowfall with a hot beverage and your loved ones. Place a few evergreen branches and holly in the vase for the table, while you can decorate the chairs with cushions with Christmas motifs like reindeer and snowflakes. Use clear vinyl panels to enclose the porch and turn it into a second living room where you can have a Christmas party and entertain guests. 


Flowers as decorations

Although mistletoe and holly berries are the main symbols of Christmas, there are ways to include flowers into your decorations. Dahlias, peony, and roses are perfect to create a fresh flower bouquet in red, pink and white shades for the living room or dining area. Use dry branches and kangaroo paw to add some wintery flavor with a modern twist.

Of course, Douglas fir will turn any arrangement into Christmassy decoration especially if you add some pine cones. For a perfect centerpiece, go for a lavish design with different hues of red and make it dynamic with spruce branches and seeded eucalyptus.

All in all

These are only some of Christmas decoration ideas that will turn your home into a merry place for the holidays. Even if you choose to go with the classic red and green look, you can still have some novelty like a Christmas tree made of desserts or pinkish hue here and there. After all, having your own Christmas tradition is what makes the holiday more special and full of joy.


Sarah-Jessica-Smith2Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.

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