Colorful lighting ideas for your entire home

Lighting plays a vital role in your home as it adds life to everything it touches. Light adds the mood to a simple setting. You can make a room dull and gloomy, cozy and comfortable or bright and energetic all by controlling the flow of light. The light should reflect the essence of the place and elevate the interiors to make your home look fabulous. It should make you feel comfortable when you enter and give you the feeling of home.



There are various options available for lighting your homes. You can explore modern designs or choose elegant antique finishes to decorate and light your house. You can also brim your home with bright colors through fancy, modern lighting ideas that can be fun and energetic. So, here are a few interesting lighting ideas for your home to make it look bold, unique, and vibrant with colors.

1. A bright king and some colorful pawns:

Having a bold center chandelier or lighting piece can be a great way of decorating your living room. Such lighting pieces bring focus to the center of the room and accentuates the main furniture frame in this area. You can go for a traditional, majestic chandelier piece. You can keep the look subtle with soft colours for the bulbs. You could also mix a few colorful pieces for bright and colorful center lighting. Modern lighting fixtures also give you options such as dimmer switches and beautiful designs that can be well utilized using colorful lights. This type of lighting ideas can be suitable above your kitchen counter.



2. Ceiling, hallway and cabinet lighting:

Lighting fixtures are a standard part of modern lighting. Ceiling light fixtures are available in various designs and colors. You can use this to introduce colors to your homes. Alternatively, you can embed small lighting fixtures around your homes near the kitchen, in the hallway, near the swimming pool, or portico. The fixture lighting adds subtle color to space. Using bold colors such as purple, green, red in a room with simple interior palates such as off-white, gray, or white can create a gorgeous vibe. You can also use such lighting around your cabinets and in your hot tubs to make it more fun.


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3. Hanging glass lightings:

A creative way of adding colors to your home is to choose beautiful bottle lighting available is bright colors. While you can spot this is many DIYs, these beautiful bottles or jars add a gorgeous touch to the décor. This type of lighting can be particularly good in the balcony, near your garden, portico or above your kitchen counters. You can use a combination of a few colors or choose a single colour and light the space using it. You can also paint these bottles with designs and textures to add special effects to your lights. This type of decorative lights can be used as night lighting choice in the living room or hallway to add an artistic touch to your home.



4. Floor lamps and sconces:

Sconces are the most elegant lighting fixtures you can add to your interiors. They have great utility and add soft lighting to the room, making it a fantastic lighting element. This type of light can be suitable for your hallways or bedrooms to keep the place looking warm and cozy.


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Using sconces to add colors to your homes can be a fun experiment. You can choose areas of your home, such as near mirrors, to add such lighting for a dramatic effect. Floor lightings can also be used to accentuate your interior palate. You can use patterns and textures for your furniture and use a complementary colour of bulb for your floor lamp. Bend this across your main seating area, and you will see a gorgeous, brightly lit nook. One can also use a flat extension cord to place the lamps in dull corners of the room to brighten them up. These cords have a longer life than ordinary cables and are cost-effective.



5. Light up with windows and mirrors:

You can utilize your windows and mirrors to add colors to your home lighting. Choose mirrors with artistic work in beautiful colors. Use focus lights to reflect these colors into the room. This type of decorative lighting can be useful in your living room or hallways. Similarly, you can use the natural sunlight entering your home and add some colours to it. You can use colored glass for your windows or look for glass painting fixtures for your window. The sunlight will now bless your house in glorious colors every morning. You can add a few lights around the windows and let it reflect from the window panes during the night for a fabulous night effect.



6. Lantern your home:

Lanterns are yet another way of adding light to any corner of your home. They are decorative elements to your interiors and can blend in well no matter where you place. You can create different looks in the same room using lanterns at different times of the day. Choose lanterns with beautiful design and textures that go with your interior theme and palate. This way, the natural lighting in the morning will enhance the beauty of the decor of this room. Add a pop of color to your interior during the night using colourful bulbs in your lanterns. This way, you can create two different settings with just lanterns placed in the room. You can also use strings of lanterns with colorful bulbs in the garden, balcony, or near the pool area for fun lighting.


The most important point to remember while choosing colorful lighting designs is to stay clear of overdoing. When rightly used these colors can enhance every curve in your home and help you embrace the beauty of any space. Don’t mix too many colors and don’t add them too close. Instead of brightening up the place, they would mix to create an uncomfortable mood.  Use these colours instead to pop some energy near-neutral spaces in your house to utilize them well. Also, choose colours that compliment your interiors. The lighting should be appropriate for both day and night-time, so be careful while you pick the colours and fixtures to create lovely lighting for your home.

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