Colors and Decoration Ideas for Your Home According to Season

Home decoration is something unique and fun that we get to make our own. Keep your home looking welcoming and modern with the latest trends. The great thing about decorating your home is that you can always make small adjustments and create a whole new look. Keep your home looking inviting by decorating a certain way every season.


Time of spring means a time of fresh scents, clear skies, and light colors. When decorating your home for spring, keep your home filled with neutral and pastel colors decorations such as light blue, light yellow, light green, light pink, and other colors within that range. A perfect spring decoration is adding fresh flowers to give your home a flowery spring scent. Popular scents such as lavender, peach, lilac, lemon flower, and other similar scents are great for this time period.

Anything with floral decorations should be brought out this season. Make the most out of your flower decoration to give your home that spring touch. Bring out big flower centerpieces to your home in center tables, the dining room, hang flower paintings, and make other small adjustments. Add plants to your home décor as well. Both real and artificial plant décor whether on the outside of your home or inside they tend to tie up everything together. Spring is all about color. Perhaps change the bathroom set to a much lighter color, get rid of big heavy winter blankets and replace them with other comfortable spring bed set. Create a relaxing setting where you and your guests can enjoy a nice night in. 



Summer days call for barbecues, tanning, and refreshing cold drinks. Set up your home bright colors such as; orange, yellow, pink, navy, lavender, peach with a bit of white. A popular trend that has been greatly used in home decorating has been neon bright colors. These bright colors are great for adding that pop off-color that makes your home look well decorated. During the summer you can change your thicker dark curtains to big thin flowy curtains. Deep clean your backyard and get ready for barbecues and gatherings with friends and family. Dust down and add colorful pillows, blankets to your backyard furniture. Change your lounge pool chairs to brighter colors to match with the rest of your patio furniture. Perfect time to replace patio furniture cushions if necessary and use wood decoration and bohemian style décor. Use wooden decorations, cactus plants, dreamcatchers, bright patterned rugs, and an excessive number of pillows.

Invest in a bar cart for your home and friends! One of the latest trends to add to your home. Include glasses and clean cups to use for when guests come over and want to prepare a drink. Add as much as possible everything needed to prepare a drink to your display. Prepare for fresh and fruity cocktails and other refreshing drinks. Consider outside lighting to make your backyard space extra special. A perfect example would be string lighting to set the summer mood and give your backyard that summer night feeling. Prepare for necessary maintenance expenses if you own a pool. Make sure you keep your pool clean to be ready for you and your guests to enjoy on that first day of summer.



After having fun with bright colors, we get to bring out darker decorations as the weather gets colder. Some popular colors to use for your home during the fall are orange, black, brown, yellow, red, gold and other similar colors. Decorate the interior and exterior of your home with things such as leaf’s, pumpkins which can vary of all sizes depending on what area you are decorating. Use pinecones, and rustic décor. Fall calls for big centerpieces and big vases; a popular kitchen decoration is using vintage vases. Add big centerpieces throughout your home that include flowers, sunflowers, feathers, leaves, wheat stalks, and more. A perfect fall touch is adding big wreaths made from grapevine with fall flowers, pinecones, oak leaf, apples at the entrance of your home. Real estate expert  and founder of Texas Hard Money Loans Sacha Ferrandi explains the importance of decorating your home entrance:

When the front of your home is decorated, it makes your home look more inviting for others. You don’t need to excessively break your pocket to decorate your home. Small modifications such as using big lanterns, stone, hay, and course big pumpkins are all smart fall decoration ideas for the front entrance of your home”.

Bring out the fall scents by using candles to make your home smell like fall. Fall scents are typically warmer scents like vanilla, pumpkin spice, honey, and other similar scents. Make every section of the house cozier by adding blankets; dark-colored blankets or patterned blankets. Perhaps consider changing your bed setting to a darker color or the bathroom set for a fall set. For events, you can modify your chalkboards by surrounded them with leaves. Get your firepit or fireplace ready for those colder nights. Use rustic decorations, colorful fruit bowls, copper, and fall colors throughout your home.




Now for winter, there are multiple styles of decoration you could go for. Some holiday colors are usually darker tones as in red, burgundy, green, gold. Another idea is going for the snowy iced trend which has silver, white, turquoise, and sometimes black. A great idea is to first decide how you are going to decorate your home’s big Christmas tree for the rest of the decorations to go together as well. Adding Christmas lights is a must every year! There is no need to raise your electricity bill by putting an excessive amount of lights on the exterior of your home but enough to make your home look more appealing and in the holiday spirit. Cold weather is a great time to use fur rugs and pillows to keep the home looking warm. Display large Christmas wreaths at your front door, Christmas trees of all sizes for decorations around your home.

Use colorful candles for decoration and to give your home the winter smell. Popular winter cents are typically pinecones, vanilla, magnolia leaf garland, mint scents, and other similar scents.

Winter looks great with metal décor. Treat your guests even in the cold by transforming your bar cart into a hot cocoa/ hot chocolate bar. Include mugs, hot chocolate packets, marsh mellows, mini chocolate and other toppings in small containers that will fit in your cart. Prepare for guests by changing your guest bedrooms bedroom set for thicker and warmer blankets. When it comes to decorating your guest bathroom for the holiday, use curtains and holiday color towels, preferably to match the style of the guest bedroom. Make sure you can distinguish between decorative towels and towels you would prefer your guests to use. Online kitchen and bath renovator expert Wesley Ward explains why your guest bathroom is one of the most important places in your home.

The guest bathroom should always be in great condition with all the necessary items a guest might need. Treat your guests to a great time by maintaining your bathroom organized and appealing since it will be one of the most visited rooms for when you have company”.


Learn how to decorate your home every season of the year without having to make major remodeling changes. By simply making small modifications throughout your home, your guests will feel welcomed and enjoy being a guest in your home.

About the author: Karina Mojica is a contributor editor for 365 Business tips. From sunny Los Angeles; California State University Dominguez Hills she made her way back home to beautiful San Diego. She has a degree in Marketing, with experience in PR, interior design and social media marketing.

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