Contemporary Bathroom Ideas and Photos

Read below and find a number of bathroom design ideas and photos for Contemporary and Modern Bathrooms and Powder Rooms.

Modern Rustic Bathroom in Warm Cream and Beige

Transforming the look of your home can be easily achieved. With this modern rustic bathroom in warm cream and beige, you can add more personality to your bathroom. With dark brown cabinets, the floor tiled in a combination of warm cream and beige, part of the wall and the entire ceiling in tiles of varying shades of cream and brown, a rustic bath tub and lamp stand, the look of your rustic bathroom is complete. Adding plant life by the corner brings in a strong natural element.


Source: Houzz


Contemporary Bathroom Ideas in Silver, Gray, and White

This vanity area has a lot of Traditional style elements – but, they are put together with a Contemporary attitude. The silver walls lend an industrial, sheet metal feel. Also, the solid white frame color makes the Traditional mirror look more Contemporary – it becomes more of an abstraction of the traditional, ornate, gold wall mirror. Black accents tie in well with this classic color scheme. Find similar Ornate White Mirrors.

Powder Room design by San Francisco Interior Designer lisa rubenstein – real rooms design

Contemporary Bathroom in Shades of Brown

Too much beige can be boring, but a palette of milk and dark chocolates promises more excitement. This bathroom’s cocoa walls offset a darker ornate wood mirror with contemporary cutwork that brings exuberance to the neutral tableau. The monolithic vanity, offering the soul of re-purposed wood, adds texture and visual interest. The polishes silver wall sconces and abstract painting bring lightness and a dash of polish.

Contemporary Bathroom Ideadesign by Minneapolis General Contractor Hendel Homes, Rick & Amy Hendel

Contemporary Bathroom in Neutrals with Round Mirror

The word is ”radiant” with a very monochromatic color scheme and soft white wall sconces that gently illuminate the room. Polished chrome faucets and glass sink enhance a similar magnificent round Danum Round Mirror  that features small beveled mirrors all around it’s perimeter. The combined effect give this bathroom an almost Zen-like tranquil quality.

Design by San Diego Interior Designer REGINA KURTZ

Bathroom with Decorative Tile Design

Combining floor-to-ceiling tile with white rugs and window treatments creates a minimalist design that can turn a home bathroom into a modern Swedish spa.

This room is all about clean lines and uniform surfaces, and the bright lamps and natural light make the walls and floors gleam next to the black accents. And of course, the two touches of flair, the red wood vanity and black floral design, pop right out of the wall. Find similar round black wall mirrors.

Design by Los Angeles Furniture And Accessories






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