Contemporary Living Room Ideas & Photos

Find design inspiration for your home with these Modern and Contemporary Living Room Ideas and Photos.


Coastal Style Family Room in Neutral Shades

This dreamy cottage is full of light and style. The white painted white tongue-and-groove wood paneled walls and ceiling lend a casual yet sophisticated backdrop. This sets the tone for a decor that spans both upscale furnishings and tropical touches.
Natural elements maintain the island vibe in the company of a tailored ivory sofa and mirrored chest. The greenery, for instance, is is used as sculpture, and the light fixtures of wood and delicate shell mirrors act as nature-themed jewelry for this tropical-inspired room.
Coastal Family Room design by Charleston General Contractor Brown Contractors Fine Custom Homes

Contemporary Living Room Ideas in Pale Blue and White Provides Serene Ambiance

Contemporary living room in pale gray-blue walls and white furniture and accents gives this room a quiet and serene ambiance. The dark tables give the room depth and richness. The natural fiber rug provides texture. Some natural fiber rugs can be harsh on bare feet. If planning on lots of “bare foot” traffic, a wool or other type rug may be more suitable. The chrome table lamps and table adds a Modern touch.


Source : Better Homes and Gardens


Contemporary Living Room in Green, Yellow, and White

Bold emerald, glorious grass green and delightful yellow come together to create a living room that is fresh and invigorating. The gold sunburst mirror anchors the focal point of the room above the white sofa with its tropical striped pillows. Upholstered seating with its botanical and geometric prints add dimension and eye appeal. White lacquered cabinets flank the sofa and are topped with a mix of carefully selected accessories. Green ceramic table lamps provide ambient lighting and help break up the wall of white. Never will this space be anything but bright and radiant, even in the dreariest of winters.



Contemporary Style in Gray, White, and Silver

Gray has been a very popular shade over the last few years. Here, the darker shade of gray is used as the background color for this contemporary living room while white and silver serves as accents. With the cushion in lighter shade of gray and the throw pillows in varying shades and designs of gray, it ties in the color scheme .

The round mirror framed mirror also adds an element of sparkle and anchors the wall behind the couch. Find similar round mirror called Cyrus Round Contemporary Mirror.



Contemporary Living Room with Eastern Flair

Contemporary Living Room with Eastern Flair (perhaps Middle East). Love the use of the Traditional floor screen /wall panel behind the couch and the mix of Modern and Traditional elements. The Traditional wall panel and the rug unify the design. Find Black Lamps for Living Room .

living room 5 2 2

Source : Traditional Home


Contemporary Living Room in Beige, Black, and White

Spacious and comfortable living room mixes it up.  Including both the architecture and the furnishing, this beige, black, and white space is Eclectic in style. The french doors with window muntins, the fireplace, built-in cabinets, and coiffured ceiling are Traditional.  The couches, chairs, and rug are Contemporary, but the table lamp on the right appears Traditional. The drum shade gives the lamp a more Contemporary flair. The black table and fireplace – along with the painting – focus the eye toward the center.

Including both the architecture and the furnishing, this beige, black, and white space is Eclectic in style. The french doors with window muntins, the fireplace, built-in cabinets, and coiffured ceiling are Traditional. The couches, chairs, and rug are Contemporary, but the table lamp on the right appears Traditional. The drum shade gives the lamp a more Contemporary flair. The black table and fireplace – along with the painting – focus the eye toward the center.

Source: Houzz – by Paul Moon Design, Seattle Architect

Contemporary Style in Beige and Blue

Open and Spacious Living Room with Dramatic Cathedral Ceiling. Open-concept plan with expansive, clear view of the pool area. The white beams draw the eye up. What a great place to have a party.

Source: Houzz , by Orange County Design, Dolphin Terrace


Eclectic Living Room in Black and White

This Contemporary Eclectic living room in black, white and gray uses a few colors and bold patterns. Modern and Traditional styles are mixed: The love seat and wing-back chair are Traditional while the black couch and acrylic coffee table are Modern.


Source: Tiffany Eastman Interiors


Contemporary Living Room in Shades of Gray Inspiration

This living room expresses a mix of contemporary and traditional styling in shades of gray and white. This monochromatic color scheme has yellow and dark brown accents. The 3 sets of double doors with transoms above provide a strong architectural feature and let in lots of light. While gray is a cool color, the other textures and patterns provide warmth and drama. View Similar white Lamps.


Source:, Interior Designer, Martha O’Hara Interiors


Contemporary Living Room with Rustic Ambiance

This interior living room focuses on maximizing the views to the exterior courtyard from a glazed wall. The dark framing of this wall adds depth to the room. Various other spaces also focus on the outdoor court. While many of the elements are modern, there are also several traditional and rustic features that make this space somewhat contemporary and eclectic. Yet, the clean lines and free flow of space express a modern sentiment. The living room has various shades of earth-tones with pale blue accents. Energy efficient materials including recycled wood were incorporated.

Source: *

Contemporary Living Room in Green, White, and Natural

Small contemporary living room uses a bright green to add a dramatic touch. White wall trim and furniture adds a feel of freshness. Natural woven rug and window treatments add lots of texture. The wall color appears to be a medium-beige or taupe-beige. This is a space that could be duplicated for a fairly affordable price.


Source : Better Homes and Gardens


Contemporary Living Room in Neutrals with Old World Charm

Interesting mix of Contemporary and Traditional elements. Looks like this could be a room from an old country manor. The dark beams draw the eye up to the tall vaulted ceiling. This room does not use any strong colors. The palette is creams, golds, browns, and black for the most part. I would prefer a rug to further define the sitting area and add a little more color.


Source : Better Homes and Gardens


Wall Picture Collage for Contemporary Living Room

Wall picture collage for living room integrates with TV and creates focal point.  Here, the colors are limited to black and white. Best to lay out the arrangement of pictures on a large piece of paper and then transfer location of nails to wall before putting holes in the wall.


Source : Better Homes and Gardens


Make More Contemporary a Traditional Living Room Using Bold Colors

Almost everything about this living room is Traditional – except the way color is used. While bold, rich colors are often associated with Traditional style, they are not typically used in this manner. This room has tall ceilings and lots of light. The green on the ceiling brings the visual height of the space down. Red and green combination is repeated with the window treatment and the rug.


Source : Better Homes and Gardens


Contemporary Living Room in Light Blue, Cream, and Beige

Luxurious sophistication can be seen in every element of this well appointed room. The modern artwork, with its bold and modern brush strokes, fills the focal wall and catches the full light of the adjoining large picture window. A mix of darkly stained period furnishings are balanced with light colored upholstery pieces to soften the ebony and golden metallic finishes.

Blue ceramic lamps with a brass bases pick up the hues of the geometric pillows and enhance the subtle hush of blue in the tufted, low arm high back chairs. They provide just the right amount of light and ambiance for quiet reading or late night conversations.



Contemporary Style with Rustic Ambiance

Rustic, informal details make this contemporary living room warm and inviting. From the pine plank and beam ceiling to the woven grass chairs, textured carpet, warm golden brown color scheme and distressed console table, a comfortable environment with a welcoming ambiance has been created. The uniquely framed mirror brings depth to the space while the green art sculpture adds a dramatic accent of color to an otherwise neutral color pallet.


Contemporary Living Room in Neutrals with Fireplace

This modern living room features the clean, simple lines of contemporary furniture and interior design, while using themes of flowers and trees in the fabric and art to maintain a softness you’d want as a backdrop to relaxation. With soft neutrals and highlights of light green, the space feels like a grassy meadow, complete with a shining sun at the mantle. The bright, geometric ottoman stands apart, creating a bold accent. The sunburst mirror above the fireplace emphasizes the focus of the living room and is similar to the Raindrops Mirror – 63″ Diameter.

Design by Toronto Interior Designer Meredith Heron

Contemporary Style in White and Cream with Black Accents

Clean lines and sleek simplicity does not mean sparse and uncomfortable. This home owner has designed a room that is open, airy and welcoming. Each piece was carefully selected and revolves around the principle of less-is-more. All the details, from the graphically striking black and white throw pillows to the classically shaped white porcelain lamps, serve a needed function as well as add to the overall design. The resulting space is perfectly suited for hosting a small gathering of friends or relaxing and putting your feet up after a long hard day. It is a room that wants to be lived in and used.



Contemporary Living Room in Beige with Orange Accents

The art of interior design is taking a mix of items that at first glance might seem disconnected, but when placed together, create spaces that are chic and comfortable. This room captures this technique perfectly. The sofa fabric is a textured neutral that is adorned with pillows that add color and whimsy. The orange ceramic lamp on the round side table adds a touch of the unexpected with its high gloss and organic shape. The room is completed by adding personal touches including favorite books and mementos collected from travels abroad. It is truly a livable space.



Contemporary Living Room with Square Wood Mirror

Comfortable furnishings in this casual contemporary living room invite you in as it incorporates the outdoor living space. Neutral beige in the upholstery and wall color as well as various shades of blue, repeat colors of the outdoors. The large square mirror with its chain hanger becomes the focal point of the room as it helps to bring balance to the high ceilings and its rustic wood finish adds warmth to the interior.


Modern Living Room in Chartreuse Green, Black, and White

Modern Living Room in Chartreuse Green, Black, and White. Eye-catching colors and patterns make a bold statement. While the overall ambiance of this room is Modern, many of the patterns and accessories are Traditional. Not sure if this is a real or faux animal skin rug. If faux, it is one of the better imitations.


Source : Better Homes and Gardens


 Modern Living Room with Dramatic Lighting

This Modern Living Room is a good example of the how lighting can effectively add drama and interest to a space. The recessed lighting has been carefully place to highlight the stone wall feature. I prefer that a rug be added and that the couches be placed closer to the coffee table (hard to put down your beverage). Also, the picture on the left wall appears very small for the space and should be place lower.

Source:, Designer: Other Metros, Ugljesa Kekovic


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