Create a More Attractive Entryway In Your Home

traditional-hall-1-6-cA lot of homeowners overlook the importance of creating a warm, welcoming and all-around attractive entryway into their home. When you’re busing trying to come up with color schemes and furnishings for all the other rooms in your home, this area may get neglected.

However, the entryway, also known as the foyer, is the first place guests see when they visit your home; therefore, you should spend a little extra time and energy on decorating it.  Something as simple as adding a console lamp to your foyer will add both style and functionality when it’s done properly.

Dedicate an Area For The Foyer

Typically, the foyer is considered the area attached or in the living room where people immediately enter your room through the front door. Decide where you want your foyer to be and focus your decorating efforts there.


Unless you want to decorate your entryway with a large free-standing lamp, you’ll need to place a table against one of the walls.  Just find a small hardwood console or buffet table.

Add a Lamp

With your desk set up, you should now find a lamp to decorate it with. Generally, any table lamp that matches the rest of your living room decor will work fine in a foyer. With that said, there needs to be more emphasis placed on the style than functionality. Remember, guests will see the foyer first when they enter your home, so you want to take advantage of this fact by decorating it with stylish and attractive furnishings.


In addition to a stylish entrance table lamp or two, you can also add flowers, vases, candles or anything else you see fit in your home’s foyer. Have some fun and think outside the box. Don’t be afraid of using multiple furnishings to achieve a unique look that compliments the rest of your home.

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